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Ed Sheeran: Ed Sheeran



  • Rocky : Love your work, man.

    Ed Sheeran : Thanks.

    Rocky : Especially the rapping.

    Ed Sheeran : Really?

    Rocky : No, I'm only kidding.


    Rocky : No, leave it to the brothers, that'd be my advice. Gingers and rap, sounds a bit crap.

    Ed Sheeran : Well, you may be right.

  • Ed Sheeran : Nice to meet you.

    Jed Malik : You look like Ed Sheeran.

    Ed Sheeran : I am Ed Sheeran.

    Jed Malik : Oh, right. Well done.

  • Jack Malik : [after Ed's asked Jack to be his opening act]  Um, how long do you need?

    Ed Sheeran : About thirty minutes maximum. Any more than that, people start getting a bit restless. You know, "Bring on the ginger geezer."

  • Ed Sheeran : I do have a suggestion though. Um, about the song. The title, Hey Jude. Jude is just, it's a bit old fashioned. That was the kid's name, right?

    Jack Malik : What kid?

    Ed Sheeran : That the song's about.

    Jack Malik : Oh, the kid, the kid, the kid. Yes, the sad kid.

    Ed Sheeran : Now, let me just give you this advice, right? Song title. I won't charge you a penny for it as well. Hey Dude.

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