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Evil Bong 777: Is this the end of Evil Bong?
Platypuschow2 July 2018
The very fact that Evil Bong has made it to seven movies (8 if you include Evil Bong vs Gingerdead Man) is outstanding. But remember the abysmal Witchcraft franchise lasted to 16 films and never made a single good one.

Evil Bong hasn't either truth be told, but for the most part they've been just about watchable however dumb they may be.

And dumb they are. To clarify this tells the story of our heroes including an elderly pervert, a hippie girl, a clown, an evil bong and a minature man made of marijuana manage to escape sexy hell but are now on the run for their lives from the evil Lucy Furr.

The jokes mostly miss but there are a few passable ones in there, it all looks pretty terrible but has that Full Moon charm about it and it only has a one hour runtime.

Part of me hopes that this is the final film, not because they're that bad but because I'd rather Evil Bong didn't go down in the annuls of history as an embarassment that didn't know when to die.

777 isn't the worst, it isn't the best but is certainly for an aquired taste and this guys "Taste" is very much tired of the franchise.

The Good:

Consistent with cast/characters

Lots of references/props from other Full Moon stuff

The Bad:

Mindy Robinson

Going a bit overboard with the T&A now

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Las Vegas shows have gone downhill

If nipples are covered it doesn't count as topless

Full Moon must have a working partnership with someone in the porn industry
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Guilty pleasure at it's finest
roccomannott2 July 2020
I loved Evil Bong 777. This would come as no surprise since I'm a longtime Full Moon fan. The characters, the corny dialogue, the special effects. It's all B movie magic!
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Yet again Mr. Band makes me hate him even more
biscutbuu6918 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Full Moon Features has put out some solid stuff over the years honestly. The Puppet Master films are classics, Intruder is good, Demonic Toys is fun yet bad so are the first few Evil Bong and Gingerdead Films and to an extent Charles has made some really great low budget horror over the years. After watching his effort from 2014 Trophy Heads I thought it was a step in the right direction and I really hoped that it would mark the return to form for Full Moon. This hope was shattered once I watched Evil Bong 420, which while it was horrible it had its moments (although the Gingerdead Man is more common than the titular villain). I expected High 5 to have its moments just like 420 did. Sadly there was nothing redeeming about High 5. Then I catch wind that not only is Evil Bong 6, oh excuse me I mean 666, in the works but that Charles Band is planning on making 20 Evil Bong Films. This has officially made me lose all remaining hope I had for Charles and for Full Moon (Note there wasn't much hope remaining anyway). So because I hate myself I sit down and watch Evil Bong 666 (clever title guys, really). Upon sitting down and watching it what do I find? A movie that is worse than High 5 but for one simple reason. While High 5 was in all honesty one of the worst movies I've ever seen, it made me feel something it gave me a lot to talk about in terms of how terrible it was. 666 on the other hand isn't so bad its infuriating, its so bad its boring. So here we are now, again, with Evil Bong 7 (on I mean 777, funny gambling joke guys) and again, not surprisingly at all this series continues to bore, irritate and make me want to die. The terrible weed jokes never end and even to a stoner they aren't funny in the slightest. Rabbit is the only character that has remained in the series and I honestly miss the stoners from the first Evil Bong movie. Ebee is there but she isn't really an antagonist anymore, there is nothing going on and nothing to laugh at even in a so bad its good way. The Gingerweed Man is here too but he is just so boring at least the original Gingerdead man had some personality and a few decent puns but this new guy is boring. The attempt to crossover with Killjoy continues to confuse and just annoy me. The acting is awful and its not like I need good acting to enjoy a movie I don't but I gotta mention it. The script is so unfunny it will fail to even make the most stoned of potheads laugh. The cast is all horrible, even if they all seem like they had fun with the film. The puppetry is bad and so are all of the practical and computer generated effects. Its consistently boring and just not really worth anyone's time even the biggest bad movie fan or stoner comedy junkie. The only even half decent moment in the film is a scene early on with a horrific life size Elvis Marionette and even that scene is some short lived weird erotic nightmare fuel. I found myself audibly groaning at how cringe inducing and beyond mediocre the film was, not even the nudity (It has less than the last one in the series) was appealing. To top it off, just like the last couple entries in the series the film ends right when any normal film, even with a budget this low, would be reaching its highest point of conflict so the conflict is dead on arrival. Easily one of the worst in the series, tied with Evil Bong 666. Quite possibly the worst horror comedy I have seen in a while. For the love of god please stay away from this.
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It does a great job of consistency and continuity in terms of look, feel and caliber of acting. The bad part is these are pretty bad
kevin_robbins13 May 2021
Evil Bong 7 (2018) is the final installment in this series, for now, and is available for free via Tubi. The storyline involves our heroes out of hell and looking for some rest and relaxation in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Lucy Furr is stuck in Sexy Hell and wants her revenge on Evil Bong for not getting her a date with Lucifer in Evil Bong 6. This movie is directed by Charles Band (Puppet Master) and stars the same cast of characters from the previous pictures. The storyline is always awful but fun in its creative way. It does a great job of consistency and continuity in terms of look, feel and caliber of acting. The bad part is these are pretty bad and running out of clever "high" ideas. Taking the venue to Vegas didn't help. Overall I'd give this a 3/10.
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If you're reading this I hope it's not too late...
trentjones-640681 May 2021
Warning: Spoilers
What ruins the movie:

Too many unnecessary scenes... This film is 70 minutes long, and is a sequel to Evil Bong 666... Rather than progress the story in any sort of way from our last film. This film opts to be a full 70 minute mess of a movie.. (which is very disappointing, considering the beginning of the film explains how this film was intended to be a sequel)

Instead we get 10 minutes (yes, 10 minutes!!) of a puppet show featuring a "puppet" version of Elvis Presley having sex with a stripper (This scene was very uncomfortable to watch, but so was the whole film)...

After this scene our protagonists go to a hotel.. This becomes the main point of our film... What happens in this timeframe you may wonder...

A dragged on timeframe of Rabbit attempting to hook up with a transgender female (hilarious... Only it's not), we get a timeframe spent of clown girl trying to have intercourse with Weedie (again.. the jokes here fail to land in any way.. but Weedie cheats on the clown girl with a hooker.. which is the only 10 seconds of comedy in the film), and Eebee gets Misty high and turns her into a goth (this is supposed to be funny!!)...

Finally in the last act of the movie Lucy Furr transports through the portal from sexy hell back to Earth, she chases our protagonists into a building and gets transported back... The End! (Not joking...) This was disappointing as Lucy Furr, was one of the main reasons Evil Bong 666 was watchable in the first place... Unfortunately though she only gets approximately 10 minutes of screen time. Which gives us a film built off terrible characters, a terrible plot, terrible acting, terrible comedy, and a terrible ending...

What was good about this monstrosity:

Nothing... Absolutely nothing...
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Girl in TV
tekken-4160719 January 2020
As a bong watching tv she sees a woman in front of whom the breasts of a monster are laid down in 31:00 minutes
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