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80% revisiting old characters and scenes, no real story, predictable action...it feels spiritless
sumtim3s00n5 June 2022
This movie consists mostly of us watching previously known characters doing whatever theyre doing now, meandering nowhere plot wise, while getting in random tight spots . For some reason they believed fans want to see a repeat of 1st movie and its characters instead of a new quality story and interesting content. Also EVERY SINGLE tight spot they find themselves in with dinosaurs is same formula.

Its always exactly as it has been in every Jurassic film. Big problem all of a sudden, slow moving dino watching someone or breathing around them, then dino gives chase, uff! They barely escaped but escape they did!

It is so dull and predicatable.

Meanwhile we meet two new types of characters, a) those who are just inherently evil b) those who do evil stuff but are really good and moral. You can tell them apart easily by looking at what theyre wearing and whether its a rich straight white guy.

The story is dumb and their evil plan so on the nose it is humorous. Zero imagination when writing the script. The length of it fits on half a napkin.

After 80% of the movie is finished and we have gone over the revisiting our "favourite" Jurassic characters and our classic Jurassic scenes phase, the predictable ending occurs.

And you realize the movie was as a wonderful and full of quality content as a dino fart.
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A generic, lifeless adventure movie that happens to have dinosaurs
FeastMode10 June 2022
If I were to list out all the things this movie focuses on, dinosaurs would be fifth or sixth, behind multiple storylines that range from bland to useless. I'm baffled by how little focus is on dinosaurs. And I don't just mean they are barely onscreen. The original Jurassic Park barely had any for the first hour. But everything leading up to that, the story, dialogue and themes, were all focused on dinosaurs.

That's not the case with Dominion. The majority of the storylines are tangentially related at best, completely unrelated at worst. Imagine watching Taken but Liam Neeson has to watch out for dinosaurs... that's one storyline. You could replace dinosaurs with any scary creatures and it would make little difference to the plot.

On top of that, they did a poor job of balancing so many storylines with different characters. Or maybe it's because every single one is uninteresting. And the moment when the different characters come together falls completely flat. I compare it to Stranger Things, when the stories converge and the crew is finally together, those moments are so impactful and exciting. They feel earned and elevate everything after. In Dominion, you don't feel any kind of magic.

Some parts were so bad they made me cringe or roll my eyes. But that wasn't the case for the majority of the movie. So why such a harsh score? Because this movie, which is the definition of a popcorn flick here to entertain us, is unbelievably boring. I had 8 hours of sleep last night and drank a Red Bull, yet I was struggling to stay awake. I had to un-recline.

All of the action scenes are forgettable. Literally. It's only been a few hours and I can remember maybe a couple cool moments. And one thing I couldn't believe, the climax action sequence is straight-up copied from one of the previous movies. I won't say which one, but I'm baffled they went this route. It's even sadder when you realize it's worse than what it copied in every way.

As for the dinosaur effects, at times the animatronic dinosaurs look like toys. And the CGI dinosaurs look a bit off. I don't think it's poor CGI but something about it doesn't feel right.

I am so disappointed this is what they gave us for their self-proclaimed "epic conclusion of the Jurassic era." Especially after Fallen Kingdom left us with such an exciting cliffhanger, the chaos that awaits the people of the world when dinosaurs are unleashed upon them. That's not at all what we get.

I loved the first Jurassic World. And while the second is highly flawed, it's still entertaining and filled with tension and suspense. I felt none of that with Dominion. (1 viewing, opening Thursday UltraScreen 6/9/2022)
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Astonishingly bad, long and boring
stevelivesey6723 July 2022
Bad script, bad acting, stupid story, a new dinosaur every 5 minutes, too long, no suspense, Chris Pratt doing the hand thing, $160 million dollar budget for this, so many pointless dinosaur fights AND you took 2 and a half hours to tell me this garbage story.

Frankly embarrassing to everyone involved.
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Things I learned from Jurassic World: Dominion...
bass-player-blues16 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
-Dinousaurs that only survived in warm climates can apparently thrive in cold winter climates

-Between the time-span of the last movie several dinousaurs have quickly evolved into partial birds

-You can effectively lasso an 8000lb Parasaurolophous on horseback

-Velociraptors can get perfect traction running uphill in the snow

-Velociraptors will chase you on a motorcycle at 50mph for several miles without tiring or considering going after the many pedestrians on foot along the way

-Baryonyx; a dinosaur most paleontologists conclude hunted fish with it's long arms will devour a grown man

-The "Bird Raptor" dinosaur can swim 50mph underwater and has perfect vision for hunting underwater even though it probably couldn't swim at all

-A system put in place specifically to extinguish all of your contained giant locusts only serves to make them escape and continue to live on fire as long as it looks cool for the audience and is convenient to the "plot"

-Mosasaurus a giant predatory aquatic reptile is affectionate towards whales instead of eating them when it serves the "feel good" ending

-Instead of doing proper fan service to the series, completely abandon the Jurassic Park universe and instead copy Star Wars, The Bourne Identity, Mission Impossible and X-Files then throw dinosaurs in there for good measure!
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Sorry It Was So Bad
Hitchcoc23 June 2022
Before I went to this film (because my Grandson is nuts about this series of films) I read one newspaper review. It wasn't glowing, but it was positive. Unfortunately, this is a mess. Others have already talked about the issues I have. Granted, this is an empty headed summer movie, it could still have been done with some serious thought. I was hanging in there throughout with a new dinosaur attack every three minutes, and velociraptors going at fifty miles per hour and not getting tired. Humans being assaulted time after time and yet showing no fatigue. I also didn't see a scratch on any of them. But the best of all was the promise made to a baby dinosaur and his mother that precluded saving the world from famine. Not to mentioned the coincidences of everyone showing up in just the right places. I still don't understand how they got into that facility so easily. The return of the original cast was not helpful other than Jeff Goldblum's sarcasm. Anyway, it's all been said. This is a poor movie.
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They forgot why we loved Jurassic Park
josiahliljequist12 June 2022
When I go to a Jurassic Park movie, I want something above all else-hyper realistic dinosaurs in cool environments, seeing them frolic in natural habitat, defend territory, battle other dinos for dominance, hunt humans, and the like. From the opening island scene with the brachiosaurus to the T-Rex reveal in the rainstorm, dinosaurs were front and center in the original Jurassic Park, inspiring a sense of grandeur and awe. The dinosaurs were what mattered, and everything else was peripheral-even the plot to get off the island. We all wanted another glimpse of the T-Rex, or were anxious to discover where the raptors were lurking.

So that was the first one. Now in this sixth installment, not only are dinosaurs relegated to a commercialized product that's seen on every tv screen in the movie, but they're demoted below the humans, genetics, and even mutated locusts in terms of importance. In a two and a half hour movie, one would expect dinosaurs to fill almost half that time, and yet they pale in screen time comparison to all the human characters. Instead, the director tried to insert cameos of the legacy characters in forced interactions and honestly cringey dialogue, shifting the focus away from the real meaning in the Jurassic Park franchise-awe for dinosaurs. The wonder is now gone.

I have given it six stars in respect for the franchise and the limited appearances of some of my favorite dinosaurs, but I'm sad to see that the director forgot what made Jurassic Park so special in the first place.
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"You made a promise.... to a dinosaur?"
Popcorn_Media10 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Colin Trevorrow was so preoccupied with weather he could squeeze all his ideas into a film, he didn't stop to think if he should try and squeeze them all into his film. The narrative is so overstuffed it would fill a Mosasaurus, the action frustratingly lacks any kind of tension, horror or real threat to the main characters and the occasional call backs seen in JW and JW:FK are now as subtle as a sledgehammer to the face. That's not to say its a bad film, there's some excellent character moments with the original cast and Jeff Goldblum is brilliant, injecting some much needed humour into this otherwise pretty dry sequel. Being a huge JP fan, this could simply be a case of high expectations getting the better of me but the lack of exhilaration and awe upon leaving the cinema is painful.
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"Your screenwriters were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should."
Mister_Anderson10 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Honestly, I could have adapted any number of great Dr. Malcolm quotes from the other films to title this review, but this one perhaps sums it up best. (Be warned. I have a lot to say, so if you dislike long reviews, skip ahead now.)

Here's where I'm coming from:

1. Loved Jurassic Park, of course.

2. Enjoyed Lost World but disappointed by its missed potential.

3. LIKED Jurassic Park III (that's right, I'm the guy).

4. Admired Jurassic World for recreating some of the awe of the original with a slight twist.

5. Frustrated with Fallen Kingdom's disjointed structure and simplistic characters but its cliffhanger ending left me optimistic for the future.

6. Dominion... Well, another Malcolm quote sums it up: "That is one big pile of s**t."

The Jurassic World trilogy unfortunately has been one of diminishing returns. The first (JW) was a reimaging of the 1993 original (not unlike The Force Awakens was to A New Hope), but with an understanding of modern cynicism and apathy. An early line of dialogue summed up the theme: "No one is impressed by a dinosaur anymore." Genetically creating a new scarier hybrid dinosaur was an interesting angle, as it kept the scientific focus of the original but provided a meta commentary not just on the JP franchise but on all Hollywood monster movies. While it was no masterpiece, Colin Trevorrow gave a new idea to ponder alongside the dinos, which neither Lost World nor JP III did.

Fallen Kingdom was very messy. Since JW resolved its plot quite well, new storylines and characters were created out of thin air, and logic was pretty much thrown out the window. John Hammond had a partner? The island houses an active volcano? Human cloning going back years? Claire now works for PETA for dinosaurs? The last surviving raptor is John McClane? A Freddy Krueger like dinosaur was created that hunts children in their beds for the purpose of...military combat? Yet, for all of Fallen Kingdom's problems, J. A. Bayona at least gave us some new atmosphere and ended on an intriguing note. By releasing the dinosaurs into the mainland, the door was left open for a number of interesting directions to take the final film.

What's baffling about Dominion is how it manages, at great effort, to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory (pardon the pun). It was supposed to be the franchise's grand denouement. The set up was there--a fastball down the middle --and instead of a homer they hit a long popup to left field while the audience waits with increasing disappointment for the inevitable catch. I didn't care to research what went wrong with Dominion's planning process, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were multiple scripts with different ideas, and Trevorrow (back in the director's chair, and again one of the writers) decided "let's use them all!...except for the one that examines the logistics of dinosaurs living amongst humans...that one can be trashed."

As other reviewers have discussed, dinosaurs are merely tangential to Dominion's messy plot. For much of the 2 1/2 hour runtime, it's easy to forget about them, since instead the film decides to focus on...the human characters (and locusts?). Aside from the original, the JP movies have had a consistent problem with its human roles, most either being annoying, doing inexplicably stupid things (even the good guys, Nick Van Owen, anyone?), or just being plain boring. It's the last one that hurts Dominion the most.

In JW, Owen (Pratt) and Claire (Howard) were stereotypical but capable leads with some humorous interactions. Fallen Kingdom stripped away most of Owen's charisma and gave Claire's personality an unwelcome 180. In Dominion, Owen is now Generic Action Hero, and Claire has made a full transformation from Take-Charge Corporate Executive to a worried mother (over a child who isn't hers) who screams and panics a lot with Dr. Ellie Sattler (Dern) when encountering bugs. So much for women inherit the earth. Maisie (Sermon) also returns from Fallen Kingdom. Sadly, instead of focusing on her grappling with being the first human clone, they've reduced her to an unlikeable angsty teen who serves as a MacGuffin for the others after she's kidnapped by the bad guys for reasons not entirely clear.

Bringing back the original cast is pointless if you give them nothing interesting to do. Dr. Grant (Neill) is perhaps the saddest case. In the 20 years since we've last seen him he is still digging up dinosaur fossils and apparently has done nothing else with his life. He has fallen from an intelligent, capable leader to a clueless figure who mostly follows others around looking as confused and bored as the audience. Dern as Dr. Sattler fares the best; she is given the most to do and tries to inject life into the nonsensical plot. Goldblum as Dr. Malcolm is a welcome return, but our favorite nonconformist chaotician would NEVER go work for a genetics lab. Near the film's end he provides an amusing commentary on the movie's absurdity (e.g., his deadpan to Pratt: "You made a promise to a dinosaur?")

Two more returning roles need mention. One of the more interesting things JW and Fallen Kingdom did was bring back Dr. Wu (B. D. Wong), making him a brilliant but self-indulgent geneticist. Wong sold it very well and it seemed like a natural progression for his character. He felt Hammond never gave him the respect he deserved (like Nedry), so he became determined to make bigger and greater accomplishments (i.e., hybrid monsters) than his former boss, unabashedly and at any cost. It was an interesting heel turn, making Dr. Wu (while never a major role) the most believable human antagonist of the series. Instead of resolving Wu's villainous arc, Dominion inexplicably reverses course and strips him of his hubris. Looking ungodly sick, Wu gives a mea culpa to Maisie for his creation of...giant locusts. No mention of his regret for recklessly creating the hybrid killing machines in the last two movies. Another good set-up from prior movies wasted.

And then there's Dr. Dodgson (Scott). JP enthusiasts will remember the character's cameo in the first JP as the competing geneticist who hires Nedry to steal the embryos. And true fans know he played a more prominent role in the second novel. It seemed like an inspired choice to bring back Dodgson, a villain who connects to the plot of the first film and, by proxy, to its three returning heroes. Yet, in his interactions in Dominion with Sattler, Grant, and Malcolm, they never learn of his involvement in JP. Indeed, even Dodgson doesn't seem aware that they were involved in JP, although his character should certainly know that. But for a quick shot of the infamous muddied Barbasol can in his office, you could completely forget who he is. He acts more like an eccentric Steve Jobs with only one foot in reality than the cutthroat scientist he should be. "We've got Dodgson here!"...yet "nobody cares." Nedry was right.

If you've read up to this point (congratulations), you'll note I've barely mentioned the dinosaurs. Say what you will about the other movies, but at least they were all about the dinos. Many had distinct personalities that made them terrifying. One of Fallen Kingdom's mistakes was recrafting the sole surviving raptor (the villains of the first JP) as the hero, and raptors are no longer scary. Dominion goes further. Now the raptor (Blue) has reproduced (don't ask) and is a doting mother. There's no menace, and, further, Blue is sidelined for most of the film.

Yes, there are dinosaurs, including other types of raptors. Dominion takes Fallen Kingdom's lame concept of laser-guided raptors and embraces it, resulting in a motorcycle/cargo plane chase through Malta that, while visually impressive (and welcome as the first action sequence 45 minutes in), belongs in a Bond or Bourne movie. (Dominion hops across several genres.)

Where these never-before-seen dinosaurs came from is unknown. No more than 50 were released in Fallen Kingdom, and these new species were not among them. No explanation...moving on. Some new dinos in Dodgson's "animal preserve" (*cough* new park) seem interesting, although we don't know anything about them. To the film's credit, there is a tensely shot sequence involving Claire hiding in a lake from a spine-chilling carnivore. It's the closest Dominion comes to recreating the quiet fear of the original, and it's due to the movie deciding to slow down and take a welcome breath.

Though why this lake is liquid when another lake in the same general area and time is frozen over enough to walk on shows a lack of continuity. It feels as though the creative team became entirely overwhelmed with the snowballing plot threads and characters that inconsistencies like this became commonplace. Trevorrow reportedly was pleased Covid delayed the film's release a year because it would allow them more time in post-production, yet with the uneven editing and overall breakneck pace, you wouldn't know it. They had extra time to edit together a cohesive, understandable plot and failed to do so.

But Dominion's biggest sin is that it simply isn't scary. Aside from the noted lake sequence, there is no terror, no dread, no sense of dangerous awe. A new apex predator bigger than the T-Rex is supposed to frighten us. It doesn't. When the paths of the JP leads and JW leads finally merge while cornered by the big dinos, they act like they're in peril, but we don't buy it. We don't believe any of these stars will die (they don't), and we're not invested enough in them to care anyway. The characters lack agency, and it's boring. Dominion mostly swaps quiet scenes of terror of humans using their wits to face off against dinos (e.g., JP's T-Rex escape, raptors in the kitchen) for interchangeable dinos fighting each other in yawn-inducing brawls.

During one of these, Dr. Grant notes aloud: "This isn't about us." How true, and how sad. Dominion fails to exert dominion over itself.
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Absolute trash
schroederagustavo8 June 2022
This movie attempts to exploit the nostalgia of the original characters and it fails miserably at every level. The action, the editing, the direction, it's all terrible. The movie has no focus, too many characters that have nothing to do and nothing to do with each other. The only positive thing I can say about this movie is they did use plenty of "real" props for some of the dinosaurs, so it's not like the actors are always looking at a green screen. However, everyone just feels kind of disconnected from the movie. Like everyone involved knew the script was trash and the movie would just be a cash grab because they knew idiots like myself would go and see it. Oh well. Just Hollywood doing what they do best.
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Wayne Knight said it best three decades ago: We got Dodgson here, and nobody cares.
I don't know whether this is a fabled memory, but a few years ago I think I read an interview where director Colin Trevorrow said that the story of Dominion was always his ultimate go-to, that Jurassic World and Fallen Kingdom were the stepping stones to there (almost as if it was gathering the right build-up with characters, fan anticipation, budget, and technological advances). For every reason imaginable, I believed him. Where Fallen Kingdom ended, you had endless opportunity to explore the world with dinosaurs running amok and causing mayhem. Final shots of Fallen Kingdom included the T-Rex at a zoo, the Mosasaurus attacking surfers, a velociraptor overlooking a suburban California, and pterodactyls towering above a tourist-populated Las Vegas. It was all there; think The Lost World's San Diego epilogue but on a grander scale with more dinosaurs. Throw in the military, philosophical conversations regarding their eradication versus their survival, advance some more characters, and you have a bona fide fun summer blockbuster.

This didn't happen.

No matter what my actual opinion is of the film hereon out, I can't help but be letdown with disappointment that Trevorrow either deluded himself into believing this was the kind of conclusion that fans yearned for ala War for the Planet of the Apes (which has a much more compelling protagonist that makes it work despite its story misdirection) or J. A. Bayona pulled a Rian Johnson and put him in a corner with the concluding chapter that he had to rectify and had no actual written plan of his own. And it's not that there isn't a medium where this story doesn't work just fine. I can imagine the main plot elements being adapted from, say, a novelization or a comic series. Hell, there was even that Battle at Big Rock short that was done which could have told these elements on their own, or at the very least introduced them. Instead, they threw in extremely disjointed story bits for this final chapter that seemed to have no source of origin. They felt like they were the contrivance meant to unite our two character groups, and nothing more.

Dominion starts off very okay. It shows that it can slow down, have a genuine heartbeat, provide pathos for the existence of our reptilian brethren, trot the globe to see how they have integrated (or not) with our species, and reintroduce characters new and old (with possible internal conflicts) to show how they would pave their globetrotting paths. They even fix some of the poorly written aspects of Fallen Kingdom such as maturing Franklin's character, giving better use to the laser-targeting attack system, and giving Maisie a more believable backstory. All of this is supported with fantastic animatronic work and much improved CGI blending with it. I thought the visuals were mostly a knockout and supported the onscreen setups.

Not only that, but Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum kindled a similar flame to their interactions in JP1 and you sat forward to watch those moments. I caught myself smiling quite a few times during those exchanges. Jeff Goldblum was especially used well as he was able to inject entertainment and comedy through his dialogue where the film otherwise was flat with on its attempts. They were not small cameo appearances and served crucial roles to the film. You buy where they are in their lives, and even though TLW and JP3 are retconned the actors clearly tapped into those experiences for their performances to accentuate their statuses.

Speaking of buy-in, I would have given this film a long leash on a lot of things they could have done or did with this movie. We hit the point where we can embrace the ridiculous in several places. Want to make Blue become Owen's pet and attack guard? Go right on ahead. Want to modernize the action and give our protagonists more ability and skill that you might see in the Fast & Furious franchise or with our human Marvel heroes? If the dinosaurs get their large share of the action as well, I'm on board (the Malta scene is a perfect example of this). Want to pay homage to the previous films as you conclude your franchise? That is what I expect. I also expect them to diversify this on a tonal level where need be as to not become too stale, and I think I was feeling that here. Hell, there is nearly a half-hour duration where not a single dinosaur is shown or brought up, and if it's in anticipation for what is to come while building character or story then I will let it play out.

The problem really arose both when the movie decided to abandon the broad, peregrinating experience and confine its setting. Dominion is the saga's epic conclusion and did not need to put on this hat. This was a major rug pull from what was anticipated, and soured itself spending an excruciatingly long time on something that left little entertainment, tension, or dinosaurs. When they do show up, the moments become a little one-note. Our good guys have plot armor such as raptors that can run at vehicle speeds but can't catch up to running characters, or when they are cornered they just get roared at or ran/flown/swam past until they find their way out of the situation, or when they know they can stand around and trust that a carnivore won't eat them because reasons. Bryce Dallas Howard got the best/most suspenseful dino encounters at this stage of the film and they actually work extremely well, but for a near 150-minute movie these are few and far between, and for this franchise you really have to sit and ask yourself if there is a chance that she won't survive any of these instances.

A lot of this could have been made better if our Rexy got some great moments, but even she was backdropped and upstaged too often to matter, or when she does come on screen it seems to be a rehashed occurrence from something of old. She looked and sounded good, though. I want to restate how good the dinosaurs actually looked here, and I want to commend the visual effects departments for what they were able to do in that department. If there was a niggle I'd have here, it would probably be in the weight of the raptor movement which felt too light and jittery. That probably only makes sense in my head, but the rest looked really good. If knowing that I would have to wait 21 years after 2001's Jurassic Park III to finally get the sequel with visuals that really soar, I would gladly take it. I just wish it was with a better film, or at least with a film that I would want to rewatch over and again. Instead, this left an aftertaste that makes me want to instead go and watch Top Gun: Maverick for a fourth time. Outside of demo material, I don't even know if I will be a completionist and get this on UHD a few months down the line. Normally one shouldn't fault a film for letting their own speculation become expectation, but in this particular instance I very much believe that you can. All signs and promotions hinted toward a different kind of movie and story, but despite the good parts it did have, this was too much of a misguided, ineffectual whimper.
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A Bad 3:00 AM B-Movie Dressed in a Big Budget
syd990716 June 2022
I'm going to make this short...Jurassic World: Dominion is like cleaning out your refrigerator and dumping a bunch of stuff in the trash. Only in this case, they decided to dump the "stuff" on the screen in this film. Jurassic World: Dominion has a lot of story arcs with no real connection or depth. People are popping in, popping back out, then popping in again, boring us with trite laughable dialogue and no real character development; you don't really care about any of these people. Just when you think there might be something to a scene with the familar charcaters, CUT TO another scene with no set-up. This film is like watching a 3:00 AM B-movie that is so bad, it does its job by putting you back to sleep. And let's talk about the dinosaurs, velociraptors and various man-eating prehistoric creatures...nah, it's not worth it because other than the penultimate scene where the biggest and baddest were going at each other, they were simply an after-thought. Go figure.

Everyone connected to this film tried to do too much and it didn't work as far as the storytelling is concerned. As I said before, they emptied the refrigerator and threw in everything in this film and it left a bad taste in my mouth because there was just too much "stuff."
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Is anyone else tired of Chris Pratt and that damned hand?
661jda10 June 2022
It's just amazing that no dinosaur hasn't bitten it off yet. In what promises to be the conclusion to the series, all the main cast members of the previous shows are here. "Alan Grant....... Ellie Sattler", I actually liked the new characters. DaWanda Wise and Mamoudou Athie better than the old ones - they are the only ones that come out of this unscathed. The special effects are, as expected, first class although really? A Gigilomopoloposaurus??? - they just keep getting bigger (the dinosaurs AND the names). Not sure that it's worth the Hollywood Blvd/Times Sq ticket prices ($20+) , but it's an okay way to spend a summer afternoon. I think tho, I'd wait til next weekend when the crowds will be 65% less.
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Jurassic World Dominion
theredsky16 June 2022
Easily my least favorite movie in the Jurassic Park saga. Absolutely horrible on ever level and a fundamental misunderstanding at what makes this saga so interesting. Trevorrow had no clue what he was doing with this movie. He was told to make the final film in a six movie saga and said to himself "Hmm let's not focus on the dinosaurs in this FINAL FILM". How do you not understand what people want to see these movies for. You need to actually focus on the dinosaurs or you are not gonna keep peoples attention and I feel that is what happened here. Instead the film focuses on giant locusts? Why is this so interesting that you need to sideline the dinosaurs for it. I didn't want to see an espionage story about kidnapping, locusts, and clones. I just want to see what the world would be like if dinosaurs took over which we don't see either. The main issue that happened in the previous film that CHANGED THE STATUS QUO is barely focused on besides a few scenes. It's baffling why they would do this. Not even the original cast can save this. Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill seem like they are having fun but the dialogue they are given is horrendous. The dialogue in general is bad but they got it the worst. The whole cast generally doesn't seem to be trying besides Neill and Goldblum. Everyone felt very low energy and if they didn't want to be there. The villain gave the worst performance in the film. They just let that guy spitball all these awkward lines and just didn't know when to say cut. The film feels relatively low stakes as well. It doesn't feel like a finale at all but more like a bad epilogue. Fallen Kingdom feels more like a finale than this and that movie is BAD. There isn't any build up to the final dinosaur battle as well. Apparently it was set up in the prologue that they released a year ago but they decided to cut it from the movie. They decide to cut the scene that shows the conflict between different species of dinosaur. Yeah great job guys. It doesn't help that this film is mindlessly boring as well and it doesn't deserve its 2 and a half hour runtime. This is a train wreck of a film that you shouldn't watch even if you like the original film. It's a waste of your money.
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As generic as Hollywood 'blockbusters' come. And I've seen a lot of 'em.
Jurassic World Dominion feels like it became a self-parody during the first act of the movie. Sure it's nice that they're referencing the past movies in kind, but the lapses in logic, the annoying deus-ex machinas at play, the apparent brainlessness of some of the characters and the dinosaurs becoming part of Earth's everyday socioeconomic hemisphere: it was a wasted opportunity and felt like a misleading tease from Fallen Kingdom.

There was potential here: uniting two generations of Jurassic Park casts, uniting the dinosaurs in their fight for survival, and maybe even showing the fallout of such a situation where dinosaurs now actually co-exist alongside people.

The Jurassic franchise has definitely exhausted all possibilities at this point in time: but I think we KNOW Universal's are least considering another sequel to this 'conclusion'.

What next? Jurassic Stars? Where they take the dinosaurs literally to outer-space or something? At least that'd provide some more ironic entertainment and become a midnight movie phenomenon.
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As Ian once said, "that's one big pile of s#*%".
MovieWarfare15 June 2022
I loved the first Jurassic Park (1993) film and still think it's an amazingly enjoyable movie. Unfortunately, every entry after is never as good or even downright bad. Jurassic World Dominion is the final entry in the Jurassic World trilogy and the one that unites the cast of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World together. To see the return of the main trio from Jurassic Park was the biggest reason I was looking forward to this film. Does Jurassic World Dominion stick the landing or is it just a big pile of s#*%?

One thing that the Jurassic World franchise has done better and better is the visuals. Jurassic World Dominion has no doubt the best visuals and cinematography of all the films so far. There are some pretty great shots of dinosaurs without a doubt. There are also some pretty fun action sequences. For example, in Malta where dinosaurs are chasing Chris Pratt and Bryce throughout the city. The part in Malta also explores the black market of Dinosaurs and that was pretty interesting. One pretty annoying issue with the Jurassic World franchise is the lack of animatronics but Dominion uses a lot of animatronics. I appreciated it as it made the Dinosaurs feel a bit more real when they were being interacted with.

My biggest reason for watching was the OG cast and it was great seeing all of them together again. Laura Dern and Sam Neill are great together as Ellie Satler and Alan Grant respectively. Both of them don't phone it in and it feels like the same characters we last saw 21 years ago. My favourite is Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcolm and he just steals every scene he is in. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard also return and they are fine. The movie introduces some new characters and one of them is Kayla played by DeWanda Wise. DeWanda is great and a real standout in the film thanks to her charismatic performance. Kayla ends up being a fun character to watch thanks to her coolness and natural reaction to all the craziness happening.

Unfortunately, the rest of the movie is very difficult to like. My biggest annoyance is the plot. There are two plot lines, one with Chris Pratt involving a kidnapping of Maisie (the clone daughter from the previous film) and another with the OG cast which just features them snooping around a big corporation. One of the plotlines is more exciting and interesting while also resulting in thrilling dinosaur action. The OG cast plotline is just so boring, goofy and just dumb. It's a shame that the OG cast was done dirty like that. The movie feels like two different movies shoved into one leading to two different stories with different tones. The main story also features this plot device concerning locusts and it's just really stupid.

The movie also features a sort of new human villain in Dodgson played by Campbell Scott. I say sort of new because he is technically playing the same character that was briefly in the first Jurassic Park film albeit it's a different actor now. He is just a very underwhelming villain. He is just not that interesting or threatening. They also have a new dinosaur villain in the Giganotosaurus and it also sucks. It barely has any screen time and is not even as scary as any of the previous dinosaur villains. There is also another new character introduced called Ramsay played by Mamoudou Athie who I think does a good job in the role. What makes his character is his supposed relationship with Dodgson which is mentioned a couple of times. However, it is barely explored yet for some reason is put into the film like it is an emotional or important element and it was just baffling.

Maisie returns from the previous film and has become incredibly unlikeable. I'm not a big fan of bratty kid characters, especially ones that cause the deaths of dozens of innocent people. Her character is written poorly and I do think the actress gives a pretty weak performance which doesn't help. The movie is also way too long with its runtime being 146 minutes. A majority of the runtime is just boring human stuff with maybe 15-20 minutes of some dinosaur stuff. The original Jurassic Park cast and the new Jurassic World cast don't even meet until the final act. Once they meet, it feels very anti-climatic and unnatural, it just sort of happens. I'm gutted that the movie wastes an interesting idea in exploring the consequences of dinosaurs being released into the world and how the world deals with it. Instead, this idea is just brushed over within the first 5 minutes. The film doesn't do anything original and just does dinosaurs on an island again! The movie doesn't even spend time dealing with the message that the film starts with which is can humans and dinosaurs coexist? The film just ends with this magically being answered and resolved with no explanation how?

Overall, what a massive disappointment. While I didn't particularly enjoy Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018), the movie ends on a fascinating note that could've made for an amazing 3rd film. Regrettably, Jurassic World Dominion ends up being more interested in being a cheap, cheesy, B movie action thrill and even then it doesn't do that great either. I'm devastated that the so-called Avengers of the Jurassic franchise is just a very mediocre and underwhelming dinosaur movie. I ended up feeling like it was time for this franchise to go extinct. As Ian once said, "that's one big pile of s#*%".
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No respect for popcuture and cineastic art - please, let the modern Hollywood go extinct
patrickfilbeck10 June 2022
Colin Trevorrow has managed to make himself the Ryan Johnson of the Jurassic Park franchise with this film and the vanity with which he promoted and defended it. Jurassic World: Dominion is a soulless film, without a shred of understanding of the magic of the original. This made-for-its-own-good movie has no originality on its own terms, no respect for the fans of this once-grand dinosaur movie series, and not an ounce of artistic merit to the film genre. On top of that, this film is also dumb from start to finish and full of holes in the story. It's a good thing Trevorrow is also responsible for the screenplay and apparently spent years looking forward to this finale, because according to his own statements, he knew from the start to which end he wanted to lead the Jurassic World trilogy.

The film begins by leaving out its own story plots from the last two films. For example, how the dinosaurs were able to spread across the planet is left out, or it is assumed that you accept that this is explained via the illegal and legalized trade in the animals. The dinosaur scenes at the beginning are quite nice, but ultimately just a two-minute montage of big dinosaur scenes. The animal rescue comes across as a naive idea in the context of the film and additionally as a silly attempt at a cross-reference to the actually problematic treatment of animals in our society. The character development of Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) is just thrown at you, Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), on the other hand, is so on the mark in his already shallow and cliché-laden development that as a viewer you can definitely handle the fact that he is now foolishly riding horses, severing individual dinosaurs from their herd for "rescue". Secondary characters are introduced, only to be used as vehicles for the unfolding silly story without any depth of their own. The story surrounding the characters in the Jurassic World series quickly devolves into a globe-trotting, bad James Bond knock-off with a focus on the use of firearms, car chases and silly, superficial short cons. It goes to some Arabian countries, to a stupidly hidden black market for dinosaur goods, to a reservation of the company of "Dogson!". We've got Dodgson here" - Dodgson (Campbell Scott), who for reasons not told somehow managed to become one of the biggest tech moguls in the world. Just as somehow, by the way, he has also managed to recover the nostalgic cream can of Dennis Nedry's dinosaur DNA theft and keep it on his shelf. Their story then just jumps from action scene to action scene, where the "heroes" of the story, staged in a very modern way, survive every adversity. Apart from gunshots and dinosaur attacks, they survive a plane crash, numerous accidents and explosions unharmed. This plot, which undercuts any suspense, also leads to no fear or adrenaline buildup at all around the characters, which should actually serve to help viewers identify with them. Trevorrow makes himself the king of despondency here and destroys the legacy of the original film and its two original and respectful sequels.

By the way, the motivation for the cloned girl Maisie Lockwood (Isabella Sermon) is simply thrown overboard. Yes, that's how this trilogy was planned by the would-be visionary Trevorrow. Instead of the comprehensible cloning of the lost daughter, it is now the daughter herself who clones herself. The motivation, of course, is to save the world from disease and natural disasters. Oh, no, the motivation was the desire to save one's own new self from a deadly disease from which one suffers. Or was it? Didn't Trevorrow write a scene in which it's made clear that Lockwood didn't know about her disease when she cloned herself? Well, at least Trevorrow is so self-convinced that he doesn't care about consistency in the plot even in the context of just one film. The director and filmmaker never seems to have read an ethics book either, because the cloning action is consensually presented as a moral heroic act. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) would have to perceive this as a slap in the face, but what do the philosophical underpinnings of the original matter if a film is just poured on with cool sayings and action scenes without paying attention to the plot or the development of individual highlights in the film.

The plot around the characters of the original resembles chicanery for the fans of the franchise. The dream team of Alan Grant (Sam Neil), Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) and Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), which worked so well, is suddenly a group consisting only of references to the grandiose start of the series, which becomes more insufferable, shallow and uninteresting by the minute. Their plot around the locust plague, which at least at the beginning seems like an interesting idea before it too is told into the barrel, is at least a tad better than the action movie scenes around Pratt and Howard. But again, it's overflowing with plot holes, dumb lines, and a dynamic between Grant and Sattler so unpleasant it could make you sick. Laura Dern, by the way, plays her role so badly that she makes Ellie Sattler the most unpleasant character in the film, but since her Star Wars appearance, she's been practiced at helping destroy classic franchises.

BD Wong's character development, by the way, is among the dumbest in film history. From an over-motivated and morally disinterested character in Jurassic Park, to the self-convinced and morally still subterranean leader in Jurassic World, to the morally now completely disintegrated dinosaur trader from Fallen Kingdom, we now witness here a Henry Wu who at the beginning of the film is still responsible for a biblical-capitalist plague of locusts, but at the end of the film is sneaking through a cornfield like a reformed science hippie, enjoying the redemptive feeling of moral poise. Incredibly stupid.

Unbelievably stupid is much else in this film as well. The overpopulation of different dinosaurs that you get to see for a few seconds attests to a lack of understanding of the magic of the original and a lack of appreciation for the genius of how the dino scenes were handled there. The sprinkling of modern wokeness is still within limits, but where it does appear it is, as you might expect, just plain silly. The waste of potential from the old films is obvious here. The Dilophosaurs are wasted, the Carnosaurs are so scary that a couple of betting-addicted dino-fight viewers just keep watching a dino-human fight while a few feet behind them the Carnosaurs wreak havoc. The Dimetrodon, which by the way are not dinosaurs, are barely shown, just as no dinosaur can be viewed even once with enough time and calm, instead they become animal horror creatures with nothing on them but brutal aggressiveness. In the end, there is yet another stupid dinosaur fight that seems like an even dumber copy of the stupid finale of the otherwise watchable first part of the Jurassic World trilogy. The T-Rex pretending to be dead is perhaps the dumbest dino scene in the entire franchise. Let's not forget that Dearing and Grady's love for their adopted daughter is so strong that they simply make the girl stand very, very close to a velociraptor at the end of the film, because Grady is, after all, friends with this primeval predator. In order to shoot such nonsense, one must have a completely narcissistic alienation from reality.... One could go on for a long time listing the numerous plotholes, stupidities and the impudent lack of understanding of what made the original so fantastic, but that would probably take readers of this review just as long as this bloated action nonsense has running time. But one thing needs to be mentioned: The recap of the plot and the outcome for the planet presented at the end of the film is over-politicized, naive, unscientific garbage that you can either laugh your head off at in cynical fashion or cry yourself to sleep in lonely despair over humanity. Dinosaurs coexisting in harmony with the rest of nature, triceratops performing their savannah march with elephants, geese flying fearlessly with pterodactyls, blue whales swimming in peace alongside a mosasaur, and herds of wild horses, mingling with other racing dinosaur herds are certainly realistic and the ultimate goal that a human race should have in the context of a specially created species extinction by genetically manipulating the evolutionary rhythm of Earth's history.

As a conclusion, it remains to mention once again that Trevorrow could impressively prove his complete lack of cinematic understanding with this film and that Star Wars: The Last Jedi now has to share the Olympus of destroyed franchises with Jurassic World: Dominion. Nothing short of a disgrace to cinema history. Tragic.
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OblanskHiggs6 June 2022
I absolutely hated this film... legacy characters used as bait for box office numbers, a horrible plot that makes the incredibly long runtime absolutely insufferable. The actors aren't at fault, the visuals are good (as you might expect from a movie this expensive), but the script is atrocious, and "the epic conclusion" is not very much a conclusion, the main issue is not solved, and everything that was wrong in the previous films is just elevated in this film, absolutely terrible film, don't watch it.
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Too long, some neat set-pieces
petra_ste4 June 2022
I will say this for Colin Trevorrow: unlike other Hollywood writers/directors, who seem to be actively spiteful towards the classic sagas they are writing sequels to, when Trevorrow says he is a fan of Jurassic Park, I believe him.

That's why Jurassic World Dominion feels, for good and for ill, like the world's most expensive fan film, cramming in nearly every dinosaur known to man and every character, meme and in-joke from the previous five movies (button up your shirt, Malcom! Get your hat, Grant! Oh look, Nedry's old Barbasol can!).

I'm betting that if the great Pete Postlethwaite had not passed away we would have gotten Roland Tembo rappelling from a helicopter to shoot an Oviraptor in the face.

The movie is at least twenty minutes too long - Hollywood seems incapable to make a non-bloated blockbuster today, even Bond movies have the running time of The Thin Red Line - and it doesn't have a shred of the wit and intelligence of my beloved first Jurassic Park, but I did like a few set-pieces (the Therizinosaurus, the frozen lake...) and it's always nice to see the awesome Sam Neill back, so I guess the fan bait worked to an extent.

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See the Original
lesliecurtin13 June 2022
This is my least favorite of all the Jurassic movies. The original was excellent and fun. This was an excuse to have a reunion. The movie can't stand on its own. I watched it with someone who had never seen any of the previous Jurassic movies. He didn't get it. I thought we were passed films that allowed the stars to keep their makeup on after swimming through algea covered ponds. Not even camp enough to be fun.
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The biggest disappointment of 2022!
Sleepin_Dragon19 June 2022
Wow, foiled again, a movie from my youth gets a long awaited follow up, it has a great cast, with some familiar faces, a big budget, so there's action galore, and some wonderful music, but a plot..... a plot that could have been written by a random stranger walking past the studio.

How on Earth is it possible for such a film to feel so vacuous, so empty, this film made me feel nothing, other than boredom. £40 that could have been used on so many other things.

It's not ok these days to simply try and dazzle us with some awesome visuals, there needs to be some sort of plot, but there just isn't one, in simplistic terms it asks if man can live with dinosaurs, but of course you know what's going to happen. Some of the visuals are great, epic, some scenes though....did they run out of time?

Chris Pratt, didn't do it for me, the old cast tried, but it felt hollow.

Like the dinosaurs themselves, this franchise should have been left in the past. 3/10.
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Avoid Like the Plague
thesar-210 June 2022
Life once found a way. Now, I hope it loses itself.

Jurassic World Dominion has its positives, namely the fantastic Legacy character's wonderful return and, well, that's it. I enjoyed their presence, especially Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum - the latter who had the best lines, as always. The rest...yeah, I sincerely hope this is the last Jurassic Anything.

All throughout this movie, the word "Dumb" just kept popping up in my head. Dumb script. Dumb dialogue. Dumb luck with all the hilariously impossible coincidences. Too many Dumb references to this series and other Steven Spielberg classics. And the two Dumbest characters in the franchise are back: Clone Girl Maisie who hates all mankind for her decision in the last entry and that screaming boy, Franklin, though, THANK GOD, he doesn't scream in this one like all the scenes he ruined in the last one.

With a huge missed opportunity to expand on the actual title of Jurassic World, this hopefully last chapter just has society dealing with dinos killing people and the economy while debating if they should be extinguished. But, never mind that, this series has always been around greed and the ineptest baddie of the franchise with the most hilariously bad security detail is up to no good and only our 1,500 heroes in this movie can stop him!

While the second half is monstrously better than the first half, I still couldn't wait for this movie to be over. Sure, it's better than the two worst sequels: III and Fallen Kingdom, but not by much. Like the Terminator, this franchise should've stopped at #2 in The Lost World.

The movie's absolutely boring, even with multiple action scenes and there are literally no stakes. In fact, I was always hoping throughout the first two acts, they'd have the balls to kill off any of the characters. As much as I would love to see the Legacy characters make it - forgetting about the new Jurassic World characters, never liked them much - at least the movie would've taken chances.

I'm done with this series. Like Transformers 4 and Pirates of the Caribbean 4, even if they make another one (like they did with those franchises,) I won't be watching another one. This was just crap.


Final Thoughts: Easy listing of the Series. Hint: Only watch the 1st three listed below.

1. Jurassic Park

2. The Lost World: Jurassic Park

3. Jurassic World

97. Jurassic World Dominion

98. Jurassic Park III

99. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.
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Wow, that movie was about as dumb as they come!
nicolasroop13 June 2022
The new Jurassic World movie has got to be one of the worst big budget hollywood film I have seen in quite a while. The old returning actors are not enough to save the clunky dialogue or the absolutely pointless story here. As a conclusion to this trilogy, it fails in a majority of areas. Worst of all, in addition to being sloppily put together, is it's beyond derivitive. I honestly feel like I've seen the majority of these story tropes used in a vast catalog of other, much better films. Also, it has one of the worst villians I've seen put to screen. His acting and the dialogue for his character was about the equivilant of a 3 year old throwing a tantrum. Beyond annoying and even more unrealistic. The special FX weren't even anything awesome, just more of the same. However, I do have to give it up to the team that did the creature designs for the practical FX, those were more impressive. I would recommend waiting for streaming, it wasn't even worth seeing on the IMAX as the majority of scenes were not worthy of the scale. 1/2 a dino out of 5.
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Are we serious?!
SamuSixx10 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Truly a shameful film made in a hurry and without a plot that is linear or otherwise makes sense. Since Jurassic World in 2015 the Jurassic saga has gone to die, with dinosaurs that were better made in 1993 and with characters that try to retrace the steps of the main protagonists of Jurassic Park but fail to even be iconic for the film itself. Somebody has to stop them, they are ruining a saga that was never supposed to be revived again, it was over in 2001 and I still ask myself now, "but was it really needed?" I sincerely hope that this is the last chapter, although I'm afraid not, because really how can you put locusts as the villain of the movie... ARE WE KIDDING? I would have expected anything, but locusts don't. Then there are some characters in particular Henry Wu who in the previous 2 chapters was the villain who created monsters and here instead he wants to save everyone but for no good reason, they don't explain why Wu became good from one moment to the next and this angers people no end. Let's not talk about how they evolved Maisie Lockwood's character because I really found her ridiculous. One of the worst movies of this year, someone needs to stop this CRAZY.
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Get the hat!
reddiemurf814 July 2022
4 yrs have passed since the events of Fallen Kingdom. Dinosaurs now roam the modern world and people have somewhat adjusted to that fact. For the most part, the apex predators have been rounded up and kept contained by special organizations. However, there has been quite the demand in the black market for dinosaurs of all kinds. Illegal breeding sites are everywhere.

One of the organizations that prioritized rounding up the apex predator dinosaurs is Biosyn, a global leader in most every industry, from biological science, to engineering, to improving food crops. Biosyn has set up a sanctuary research facility (in the middle nowhere) where they house most every species of dinosaur on earth. There they study dinosaur dna in hopes of finding uses for all kinds of human diseases and deficiencies.

Throughout the heartland of the U. S., an anomaly has begun to occur. Something has begun destroying crops everywhere,, with the exception of very specific crops (or shall I say,, specific crop producers). It has the scientific world baffled, and worried that if this continues the entire world's food supply will disappear within a generation.

One scientist in particular concerned with this anomaly is Ellie Settler, who is en route to visit the Biosyn research center and get some answers on what they are doing to combat these problems. Her only problem is needing someone that she trusts to back her up. So who can she call on but her old flame and partner in the game of science Alan Grant!

Owen and Claire have retreated to Owen's cabin in hopes of keeping Maisie hidden from the world, knowing that certain people would do anything to get to her, study her, etc. Now 14 yrs old, Maisie is very much at odds with how she came to be in the world, and wonders who her mother (Christine Lockwood) really was. She's also very tired of being kept hidden from the world, and has a habit of wondering away from their homestead.

Also,, Blue has set up a nest not too far from the cabin,, and has given birth,,,

I don't want to say much more,, I will say that I think the negative reviews are not completely deserved. Is the movie a groundbreaking, perfect example of a film? Well, no. Neither were the last two! Imo, it's fun, and I didn't see the direction they went in coming (at least not most of it). It's a straight 7 rating imo. I will also say that this needs to be the last (but we know how that goes).
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Jurassic World Damnation
ivobg26 September 2022
It's by far the worst of the 3 "worlds".

So predictable and boring, that I wanted to stop it at the middle. The story line was empty and the acting was weak. Even the old faces brought in were unconvincing, I didn't saw any sign of their old passion. They acted like "aah what the heck, okay, I'll do it for the money". None of them was convincing. As well as all the other younger actors - they're lacking talent, charisma and emotions. Even Chris Pratt wasn't looking any enthusiastic, just a boring facial expressions like they dragged him by force to play in this.

The whole idea of "living together with dinosaurs" was lame. Those "hand-signals" were also very lame already, now everyone were doing them like everyone trained these creatures. The giant locusts that doesn't eat specific crops, was also very lame addition.

The CGI was very weak. How it's possible with all the technical and digital advantages nowadays, the dinos to look worse than the ones in the original Jurassic Park 30 years ago? Most scenes were happening at dark, so they can probably mask their CGI failure?

Editing was also very bad, as well as the soundtrack. The music ruined every action scene. There wasn't enough scary scenes, only a couple moments when you could feel the fear in those people. They were acting as they face kittens. As of dinos are harmless creatures and humans can control them by eyes and hands. Gimme a break...

In general - this whole movie was weak and bad, and it doesn't worth the 2 and a half hours. I won't recommend it to anyone.

My rating: 2/10.
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