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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action, some violence and language

Sex & Nudity

  • A couple of short kisses. Lovers are smooching in a car.
  • Dr. Malcolm says he once had a dog that humped his leg a lot.
  • Owen and Claire kiss
  • In reference to a man affirming his love for his wife, a woman states "I get it, I like redheads too."
  • The female pilot has a midway shirt with a jacket. After a dinosaur chased her she removed the jacket and we see much of her midriff throughout the second half of the movie, at times her cut off shirt is only covering to the base of her chest. The main adult female character is seen mostly in a low cut top revealing the upper portion of her chest.

Violence & Gore

  • Extended scenes of threat and peril, with humans pursued and attacked by dinosaurs, sometimes including jump scares.
  • People fight dinosaurs and insects with blades, tasers and weapons.
  • Not very bloody but extremely intense throughout.
  • Heads are bitten off.
  • A Pteranodon snatches up a dove at a wedding
  • Animals (locust and leach) get roasted on a fire. Short but scary
  • The Giganotosaurus eats a burning Locust. Not graphic.
  • Dinosaurs chomp people up and shake them around making them go all floppy.
  • There are cuts on people faces. Mild blood
  • People get in a car crash
  • Kidnapping, fighting and crashes are involved
  • A Mosasaurus eats a cage full of fish and crabs and drags the boat in the sea. (As seen in the trailer) About 10 seconds long.
  • Only 3 onscreen deaths throughout the entire movie


  • One use of two middle fingers
  • 1 use of "hell" "bastard", "son of a bitch", "asshole", "damn", and "shit". 1-2 inaudible f-bombs.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A Character Drinks a Beer. Easy to Miss
  • Alan and Ellie drink beer

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some tense set-pieces with monsters pursuing, attacking and eating people.
  • Some scenes are shot in a way that make the film look borderline horror.
  • Tense, action chase scenes might scare some
  • Some scenes have a scary build up leading to a jumpscare
  • People cry when scared
  • The Atrociraptors design could be scary to young children.
  • Blue acts aggressive to Owen near the start
  • An Allosaurus is seen attacking a caravan.
  • A woman is screaming at the police
  • A Cheetah is chasing a Compy
  • Quetzacoatlus is seen flying over a city. Not scary but tense
  • Many large bugs are present occasionally throughout the movie and may be especially frightening to people with deep fears of insects.
  • 12+ Moderate Violence, Scary Scenes and Mild Lanuage. 12A.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man gets his head bitten off by a juvenile baryonyx (offscreen).
  • The Therizinosaurus' kills a deer by simply swatting it away with its gigantic claws.
  • Malcolm sets fire to the inside of Giganotosaurus's mouth with a flaming Locust.
  • The Giganotosaurus dies by getting impaled by the Therizinosaurus's sharp claws after the T-Rex knocks it into the latters claws
  • Claire gets pushed through a glass window during a fight with Soyona
  • About 71 known deaths. Including what the news said about 37 people dying.
  • An unground facility has juvenile dinosaurs fighting and someone gets there head torn off. (Offscreen but you can hear the gorey noises)
  • A man falls into fire and gets set on fire. Someone tries to help him but then gets devoured by an Allosaurus. We later see the guy on fire get eaten by the Allosaurus .
  • Owen has a fight with a man holding a knife. Punches are involved. The man he's fighting later gets his head torn off by a Baryonix. (offscreen)
  • 4 men get ambushed by Atrociraptors and only 2 get away. We see an Atrociraptor pounce on a man with screaming heard. Another is killed off screen.
  • At the beginning of the film, the news says that 37 people have been killed by dinosaurs across the globe. Might go passed kids heads if there not listening.
  • An Atrociraptor falls from a plane into the sea, but did not die.
  • We find out that Maisie's mum dies of a genetic disorder.
  • Clare and Ellie taze lots of Locust
  • Lewis Dodson gets killed by dilophosaurus. Acid gets spat on his face (onscreen) and then gets torn apart. (offscreen)
  • (Only featured in Extended Cut) A Lystrosaurus bites an Oviraptor's head clean off. No bone or blood shown. But the raptor is walking headless afterwards.
  • (Only featured in extended cut) 65 million years ago, the Tyrannosaurus rex came face to face with the Giganotosaurus. They have a mini brawl but it ends with giga grabbing the rex's head (on screen) and slitting it. (off screen) It then falls off a mountain into a lake, then we see a mosquito suck the blood out of the rex and fly away. The Giganotosaurus slowly walks away from the scene.
  • People being eaten
  • Two dinosaurs fight over a deceased deer.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Maisie is kidnapped by Soyonas henchmen
  • Alan and Ellie sneak into Byosins lab and have to collect a locust. There's a close up of the locust face. It looks very ugly and quite terrifying. (hence its wriggling legs and arms).
  • A man sets a lot of Locust on fire, killing quite a few. It may be disturbing to watch burning,buzzing Locust flying in the sky. We see some drop dead on shelf's, lakes and even cars.
  • Some of the dinosaurs are seen being held in unnatural situations (i.e. In cages, harnesses, chains, etc). Other dinosaurs are seen running away from fire. Blue has a child (Beta). Her child gets kidnapped. (All of these scenes may upset viewers).
  • (Only in Extended Cut) During the alternate opening scene, a Tyrannosaurus Rex is roaming around a Drive-In movie theater while screams of terror are heard from all of the people. None eaten, but one hit by a car. (Not graphic.) This scene might fright some people and may be tense.
  • A girl is seen running away from Compys
  • A man drives off a mountain while almost getting thagomised by a stegosaurus
  • Claire, Franklin and Zara are seen driving away from police from the breading centre. While tense music is playing, there crashing through fences and driving through dinosaurs, the police get flipped over by a nasutoceretops.

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