Jurassic World Dominion (2022) Poster

Laura Dern: Ellie Sattler



  • Alan Grant : [from trailer]  Ellie Sattler.

    Ellie Sattler : Alan Grant.

  • Ellie Sattler : [from trailer; sees Giganotosaurus]  What is that?

    Alan Grant : Biggest carnivore the world has ever seen.

  • Ellie Sattler : [after cutting lines with axe]  Damn, that felt good!

  • Ellie Sattler : [from trailer]  If our world's going to survive, what matters is what we do now.

    Owen Grady : I could use your expertise.

  • Ellie Sattler : [from trailer]  Genetic power has now been unleashed.

  • Ellie Sattler : Quick! Pull over here!

    Kayla Watts : That's not how planes work.

  • Ellie Sattler : [from trailer]  you coming or what?

  • Shira : Every animal captured on the mainland comes through here before shipping out to Biosyn's sanctuary in the Dolomites. We give them medical attention and make sure they live healthy.

    Ellie Sattler : So much security.

    Shira : Those are just the ones you see. A lot of shady types out there want these guys.

    [Ellie spots a baby nausutoceratops looking at them as they need to stop as she looks in awe] 

    Shira : your planes just filling up. Biosyn's a tough invite. You guys must know somebody.

    Ellie Sattler : [noticing the baby nausutoceratops]  Do you mind?

    Shira : Of course.

    Ellie Sattler : [rubs the calf's cheeks and lifts a finger]  Follow me.

    [she moves her finger slowly as the baby nasutoceratops follows looking at it] 

    Shira : We rescued these guys from an illegal breeding farm in Nevada a few weeks ago. Shut the whole place down. anonymous tip.

    Ellie Sattler : Good girl.

    [she proceeds to rub her nose with Alan watching with awe] 

    Ellie Sattler : You never get used to it.

  • Alan Grant : Is that dreadnoughtus?

    Ellie Sattler : Wow.

    Ramsay Cole : Beautiful, right? Her name means fear nothing. Well, I guess you know that.

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