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Don't miss this laugh out loud documentary
brmccorkle1 December 2019
Funny, touching, inspirational; a must see for fitness and Cosplay enthusiasts.
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About as cringeworthy as the title implies
omega14524 February 2021
What a waste of 90 minutes. I like the attempt to normalize cosplaying and showing that not all nerds are overweight people but this documentary is pretty cringe worthy. The final competition only has 2 competitors that are followed. There really isn't that much emotion other than the Pokemon dude talking about his mom dying and He-Man hugging his dog and tearing up talking about how much he loves him. The competition at the end is very cringe worthy with the announcer (main guy in the story) stumbling and stammering uncomfortably on stage and the final performance of both main characters being very lackluster. A missed opportunity to hear the other cosplay "athletes" talk on stage about their experiences and the importance of fitness. Would have been better served to talk more about DragonCon and the awesome cosplays every year. A very boring and not entertaining watch that felt like a waste of time. 1 star for the excellent He-Man costume and minus 4 stars for the boring characters and story that isn't interesting at all.
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