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But why?...
paul_haakonsen30 November 2022
Now, the English title, "Chronicle of the After School Wars", alone here was sort of a deterrent from watching the movie, but I still opted to give the movie a fair chance. You know, don't judge a book by its cover and all that.

The storyline in "Hôkago Senki", as written by Hidetsune Momohara, Okushô and Junpei Tsuchida, fell short of entertaining me. The narrative was just insanely slow paced, and the character gallery felt really irrelevant, so there was nothing interesting going on here to keep my attention on the screen.

In fact, I ended up giving up on the movie short of 45 minutes into the ordeal. But by then, with what little had happened in the storyline and on the screen, I just simply caved in, tossed the towel in the ring and gave up on director Junpei Tsuchida's 2018 movie.

The acting in the movie was perhaps adequate, I don't really know, because I took no interest in the characters on the screen. And I can't single out any single actress on the screen that stood out with her performance. So I wasn't impressed.

"Hôkago Senki" is not a movie that I would recommend for fans of the Japanese cinema. Nor is it a movie that I will ever return to attempt to finish watching. The older Japanese "Battle Royale" movies did the exact same thing as "Hôkago Senki", only much better.

My rating of "Hôkago Senki" lands on a two out of ten stars.
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