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Humanity vs Economics
foy-rizla31 August 2021
Worth is an incredibly human story that shows just how complicated the world can get when you ask one simple question; what is the value of a life?

I'm sure that everyone associated with this project felt a great pressure to do the subject matter justice and I genuinely feel they did that. Worth is a superbly constructed movie with excellent pacing which allows you the time to experience the weight of the situation and the emotions of the people involved without ever feeling too slow or getting bogged down. This is a genuine achievement, as it's essentially a film about people talking in rooms and those are notoriously difficult films to make. The editor and all those involved in the final cut certainly deserve a lot of credit for that.

The acting is as good as you would expect it to be. This is certainly Keaton's movie, as his character is the focal point that the story returns to on a regular basis, and he carries that with his usual brilliance, but it must be said that there isn't a single bad performance in this movie. Everyone is fantastic and I feel this is the kind of film where if one person had been bad, it would have taken you out of the whole thing ... I was in it from start to finish.

Whatever your political views, I think this is an interesting look into a world that will be foreign to most of us, but we all need to understand.

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I only rated this because...
nategerard774 September 2021
I want to be sure you watch it. Films like this are less here for ratings than they are to tell us something we need to be reminded of.

With the 20th September 11th about to arrive it's important we remember as much as we can about the people who were lost and their families who are devastated as a result.

This film tells their stories through the eyes of one man who had to be convinced that the 9/11 victims fund was more about the victims than it was about the fund.

His realization and resulting humanity is an account of decency that will help us remember that we can still be kind and decent to each other and when times are tough maybe that's the most important thing we can be to each other.
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Emotion v Maths
am-by3 September 2021
This movie is frustrating because its has so many of the ingredients needed for a great movie but it's not a great movie and I don't know what the missing ingredient is. But it plods along without impetus. It needs a jolt from a director who would see a great story thats told in a boring way is not story to be retold.
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srooks14 September 2021
Worth is not an adventure movie; it is a process movie. The changes are very small; it affects the attorneys, victims, and other advocates.

The individual performancesb Michael Keaton and Stanley Gucci provide gravitas for the entire movie.
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A beautiful addition to 9/11 cinematography
ethompson-0832518 September 2021
People who went into this movie expecting an intense, courtroom drama confound me. This movie had an amazing cast who understood the quiet dignity that this story needed. It perfectly balanced the rational and emotional needs of the post-9/11 families for closure and help. All this film asks is that you, too, pay attention and decide what a human life is really worth.

Michael Keeton gives a fantastically understated performance that shows both the triumphs of human nature and the darker desires of corporate America. Stanley Tucci's performance likewise gives a powerful yet soft portrait of the man not desperate for compensation, but for compassion.

That is the final message of "Worth." The days after 9/11 were filled with so much grief, yet also an abundance of empathy and compassion. And while some used this tragedy to gain more or used grief to overrun grieving families, there were also the "necessary evils" in men like Feinberg, who genuinely wanted to help, but didn't always get it right.
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Battle against the bureaucracy
sandino_owen19 September 2021
It is a film that shows American culture in all its expression, Values vs Economy, Reason vs Economy, Humanitarian Act vs Economy.

A film by a director who was unknown to me, Sara Colangelo, for me it is a pleasant surprise to discover this young director. I also loved the performance of Amy Ryan as Camille Biros, she managed to play a mature woman, very professional of these times.
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Poignant, human drama
lareval3 September 2021
Money makes the world around and most of times everyone tend to forget how important people are, more even if their lives are shattered or lost. And in a deeply fierced and greedy system like this, we ought to forget our human values. So it's refreshing to watch a drama like this and feel genuinely moved by it. It's a small Big movie. One that made me wish that all the righteous and social work made by the protagonists were abosulutely truthful. A feel good movie about a shattering tragedy that stills shake the world today, at the same time that reminds us there's still good people out there to help you and help themselves in learning to do so. An excellent surprise!
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A Bit Unremarkable
sweidman-2801617 September 2021
"My daughter's worth just as much as anybody in a corner office."

Worth is about an attorney in Washington D. C. who battles against cynicism, bureaucracy, and politics to help the victims of 9/11. An important subject, it focuses both on the victims and families lost in the attack, and how it affected those who didn't experience those great losses that day. It's taken a long while for this to come out. With its premier at the Sundance Film Festival back in 2020, I would've expected it to drop sometime last year, but they waited almost two full years to release it on Netflix. It makes sense to drop it close to the tenth anniversary of the tragedy. I would've expected something more like Spotlight given the subject and the same producers along with Michael Keaton on board. Unfortunately, the movie comes off unremarkable. It explores all that it wants, but nothing more. I'm sorted of reminded of a movie like White Boy Rick or The Mule or some other recent Clint Eastwood movie. The movie does the job but never goes as deep as it should. There are a few emotional scenes that I liked and hoped would stay in that direction. But shortly after we get that bland biopic formula.

The two main performances from Michael Keaton and Stanley Tucci are good. I preferred Tucci's character more than Keaton's, but still good. Who stole the show for me was Laura Benanti. She has a few scenes and she crushes them. Those were the scenes I wish the movie could've been. I also did like these interview scenes throw in throughout. We then get more stories besides the struggle to understand how to compensate the families. The script had its moments. I would say the dialogue was mostly good, but could come off as uninteresting with scenes dragging on. Sara Colangelo had good ideas when it came to direction. The scene on the train when the attacks take place has a good use of music and a good one take. That's the most I can say. The movie has its moments. But it comes off forgettable in the end. I didn't feel like I retained as much as I could. The subject is interesting, but I lost internet watching. This could be something people are really into, especially those who experienced it. I just think more could've been done.
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Worth the watch
jldivelbiss6 September 2021
I would say three of the hardest jobs in America during and after 9/11 was being an air traffic controller and a first responder during 9/11, and then being Mr. Feinberg and his firm after. Seriously, I have so much respect for people who are willing to do the work nobody else wants to do. God bless them!
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Movi3DO4 September 2021
A new movie on Netflix where Michael Keaton offered to be the bad guy in one of the worst time period in US, thinking that he was making a difference.

I don't know anything about this situation, nor do I understand all the terms used in this movie. Because of this, I only judge the movie for what was on the screen.

Wow this was an impactful movie. Our main character, played by Michael Keaton, was portrayed as a proud but awkward man when it comes to interacting with others. The way he reacted and responded to some characters baffled me and was just awkwardly hilarious. It was a journey for him to properly sympathize and empathize.

This was where the complicated stuff came in. Each side, the victim's loved ones and the law firm, had their own situations and valid reasonings for their goals. It clearly wasn't an easy situation for the firm and Michael Keaton's character, and I myself wasn't sure what I would have done if I was in his shoe. Although this complexed situation changed the main character, at the end it wasn't entirely clear how exactly he solved the situation. I wasn't 100% convinced of the transition.

However, another great aspect from the movie was that the writer and director paid respect to the victims by spending a large chunk of the runtime dedicating to individual stories. Some were honestly heartbreaking. I'm glad that I was able to listen to the whole stories from many people.

Overall, great performance and complexed arguments made for a deep and impactful movie. 8.5/10.
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A controversial subject, all questions and no answers.
Xavier_Stone8 August 2021
This is a difficult job to negotiate a fair settlement for the victims of any tragedy, and most insurance and large corporations have formulas for paying out in the case of injuries and death. Everyone knows this from old motor vehicle recalls and class action lawsuits.

So when people start saying it's not about the money, well, it's about the money and they want more is all.

Maybe the adjuster listened to more people and tinkered with his formula in order to get more claimants to sign on, but the bottom line is that he just paid them more is all. This obvious oversight is completely missed in the film and we are all supposed to believe that everyone agreed on their settlements 'cause it was good for the economy to recover and move on. Sure. Believe that with a truckload of salt.

Everyone just wants a chance to spill their story and help persuade other into thinking that their loved one was someone special and deserved more than average. This film does nothing to convince me that thousands of people agreed to settle last minute out of the goodness of their hearts.

Why make a film if you are going to gloss over the catalyst of the entire negotiation ?????? 3 stars for drama, but nothing really compelling to recommend this.
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The forgotten side of 911
martin-lynch-713-5817156 September 2021
Reading quite a few of the reviews here leaves me wondering if people actually understand that it is based on actual facts?

Yes, I'm sure there was some artistic license used but, it is based on what really happened in the aftermath of the 911 attacks.

Honestly, it is a bit dull, slow but it will hold your attention if you remember where you where when it happened. I doubt many of us even thought about this side of the fallout and as we have all matured over the last 20 years, maybe we might just have a better appreciation for the human side show in the Film.

Take the lower Star ratings with a grain of Salt. Watch it, make your own mind up.

The truth is seldom as exciting as fiction but, it will speak to you on some level. Great cast and well written.
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By the Numbers
Cineanalyst3 September 2021
Kenneth Feinberg as first written by Kenneth Feinberg in his book, from which the Netflix-distributed "Worth" is based, "What Is Life Worth?, comes off quite well here, including being portrayed by the likeable Michael Keaton. Now, I don't know whether Feinberg deserves such a portrayal or not and, as his character in the movie might at least say, it doesn't really matter--it isn't about whether he deserves it or not. The bottom line is it's self-serving--about the ego that Feinberg in the movie is even willing to admit might've played a role in him taking on the job of determining how to distribute the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund enacted by Congress to, as the movie says, prevent the airlines from being sued and that potentially leading to general economic damage. Consequently, as far as the movie is concerned, Feinberg is "the bridge," which is to say it's about him.

Regardless, it's a grim job, I concede, but it doesn't necessarily make for an uplifting or heartwarming drama. Indeed, it seems the turning point is the concession that "Moneyball" on tort law for actuaries doesn't make for a good movie. Besides, Feinberg's mathematical formula is supposedly above reproach, as if it were an objective science and not based on capitalist and other philosophical assumptions. This isn't calculating the distance between the Sun and the planets. So, we get a movie about Feinberg listening to the families of the 9/11 victims tell their stories about their lost loved ones--not a movie about the families telling those stories. Its background in the horror of the 9/11 terrorist attacks may be moving, but it's a dull, even formulaic, legal drama otherwise.

The main artistic thing this one tries to do, too, has been done better before, which is to place an appreciation of art within the art that is the movie. In this case, it's opera. "Philadelphia" (1993) and who knows how many other films have done this before. Another picture I saw recently, "Margaret" (2011), which is set around Manhattan and also, albeit less so, references 9/11, exploits opera far more thoroughly and in interesting ways. Here, it merely humanizes the character and provides for his eureka moment of what's portrayed as being little more than a change in marketing strategy to enlist signatures to the fund. Quite disappointing for a star-studded release timed before the upcoming 20th anniversary of 9/11. The cold calculation being that the loss of this movie would be negligible.
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Something missing.
yusufpiskin3 September 2021
Stanley Tucci, Ted Donovan, Michael Keaton. Three big names. In the script, there is Max Borenstain, who made a big break with the movie Godzilla vs Kong. But their way of handling the subject is very boring. The audience cannot empathize with any of the characters.
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A film that humanizes each person, with a message that heroes can be flawed.
jsy-548874 September 2021
At times the film pulls at our humanity and our loves for our fellow citizens. However, I greatly appreciated how the film did not shy away from depicting the flaws of some our greatest heroes. It also exhibits masterfully how, frankly, disgusting corporate systems and representatives can be. The film goes on to show forth heroism from the families of victims. And of course, Michael Keaton is absolutely remarkable in the movie. All in all, the film had everything I was looking for and more.
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Kinda boring.
lucas_mrz6 September 2021
The whole movie revolves around a "formula" to compensate victims of 9/11. However, it doesn't really explains the formula, nor why it's important from a legal stand point, thus preventing the audience from understading why Ken Feinberg (Michael Keaton) is so "attached" to it. This prevents that any kind of tension or drama to be generated.

The movie also fails to create a connection between the viewer and the characters. It just doesn't show enought of any of them for you to care. All it does is throw in a bunch of victim testimonials and expect it to be enought. Let me tell you, it's not.

The acting is good (of course). But it is a totally forgettable movie.
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The other side
Calicodreamin7 September 2021
I enjoyed this film particularly for its portrayal of the other side of loss. Something I would have never thought of as a fallout of 9/11 would be compensating the victims family's. The characters were well cast and well acted. The storyline was unique and captivating. Overall a good film, though maybe too Hollywood of an ending.
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Great start, with good acting by Michael Keaton, but I felt this story became a feel good movie, while there is nothing to feel good about...
imseeg1 October 2021
The good: excellent acting performance by Michael Keaton. Photography and direction are great as well.

What's missing? Anything bad? Well, this movie turns into a feel good movie, wherein all the 9/11 vicitm's families suddenly start treating the government as a friend, while in real life there was no such thing. In fact there is still a lot of resentment towards the government because of the fact that a lot of volunteer aid workers did not get a penny. Not even for their severe disabilities.

Still not a bad movie, but a movie which feels like someone is whitewashing the mistreatment of many aid workers by painting a rosy picture of a terrible mistreatment of volunteer aid workers.
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Just fell a little short
davesandri12 September 2021
Well written, edited, and so forth. Keaton and Tucci are masterful in their portrayals. The movie has very touching moments that portrays the situation in the film as well as those of the stories of the people this is based on in a very sympathetic and emotional manner. I would recommend to almost anyone who asks me to give it a shot. My only real criticism is that it can be slow at times, and at the core concept the movies plot self describes to be about justice. How suing the airlines over the events of 9/11 is about justice or the motivation in doing so however is never explained.

It comes down to characters always saying the whole movie is about being just but never once explains why it's the airlines fault.
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Done well.
beamerportia4 September 2021
I enjoyed this film. No fact checking on any of the content. It's not a documentary. The stories and the overall enormity of the tragedies from that day should be remembered.
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Engrossing human story
karl-741586 September 2021
Performance of Michael Keaton is sublime in this engrossing human story of loss.

Amazing duologues with fantastic actors.

Theatre on screen without being theatre...if you know what I mean.

Beautifully shot film.

One of the best dramas of the year.
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What a film
alandoran003 September 2021
I can't say a thing but just watch it. Very moving.
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Very emotional
lopezpatricia-061394 September 2021
Stella cast and brilliant acting. Subject matter is sensitive so I just sat back and let the film educate me.
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ben0616 September 2021
Story follows a lawyer in New York who has a formala for compensating the 9/11 victims. They feel they're worth more, he tries to stick the fomula. End of story.
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Good Subject - Slow Story
Maxax7776 September 2021
It's a great subject about an unbelievable tragedy in American history. The movie is slow, it's accurate, but it's just a slow interesting movie, and Michael Keaton does a great job - he carries the film.
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