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If you're not a fan of basketball, you'll still enjoy this well put-together film.
Top_Dawg_Critic9 June 2022
But if you are, then you'll love this Adam Sandler and LeBron James production. It's a great and touching story, told perfectly, with outstanding performances and chemistry by Sandler and actual NBA star Juancho Hernangomez. You'll also see a bunch of other NBA players and celebrities. The directing is excellent, as is the cinematography. The almost 2 hour runtime flew by with the great pacing. This film is certainly one of the better sport-dramas I've seen, if not the best. I promise you you'll laugh and you will cry. This is a re-watch at least one more time for sure. A well deserved 9/10 from me.
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Has Sandler found a new zone in his career?
iquine9 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I like where Sandler's movie career is heading again....finally.

"Hustle" and "Uncut Gems* portrait Sandler as a real dude with depth, humility and vulnerability with a funny side. Not Billy Madison crazy goofy but good chum amusing.

Sandler plays a scout for the 76ers who just got promoted to assistant coach. He has a long relationship with the owner who passes away and the new owner (the son) bumps him back to scout. Wandering the streets of Spain, he comes across a heated pick-up game and a tall chap dominating. He stalks him down, presents some informal credentials and persuades him to come to the US. Now the challenge is will Sandler be able to peak the interest of any NBA team to find him a spot on their roster. And will the dude be mentally and physically tough enough to prove his worth?

This was highly enjoyable and engaging and while the outcome can be guessed, many doubts were planted along the way. Happy to see Sandler move past that crap middle phase of his career into a new realm that suits him well. The beard helps too.
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LeBron Sandler
yusufpiskin8 June 2022
The 2022 model netflix movie produced by LeBron James and Adam Sandler...

LeBron aside, Adam Sandler, who is a basketball fan, played great...

The movie is probably one of the best sports movies made in the last 10 years.

Adam Sandler is a wine man, his acting gets better as he gets older.
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Adam Sandler has become an accomplished actor, and this hoop drama is a winner.
jdesando9 June 2022
"I love this game. I live this game." Stanley Sugerman (Adam Sandler)

Hustle is a commanding Netflix original that nudges the formulaic "Hoop Dreams" out of its comfort zone into an entertaining drama that emphasizes ambition, brotherly love (set in Philadelphia after all), and familial support, traits that could apply to any underdog struggling against immense forces.

Stanley Sugerman is a has-been scout for the '76ers who discovers a Madrid street champion, Bo Cruz (Juancho Hernangomez), and promotes him in the states for the NBA, eventually using his own funds to bring him over. Although the usual cliches like a cocky antagonist Kermit Wilts (Minnesota Timberwolves teammate Anthony Edwards) and a dismissive owner Vince Merrick (Ben Foster) are there, Sandler, eschewing his usual over-the-top comic shtick, gives warmth and sincerity (he loves basketball anyway) to make the challenges believable and him a hero.

Just look at the sweet meet between Stanley's family and Bo's to see how deftly director Jeremiah Zugar (from South Philly) swings from a saccharine take to a modest, loving union of people who understand the unifying nature of Bo and Stanley's ambition. After seeing Sandler in his tour de force Uncut Gems (Also Netflix), I am a Sandler fan who believes Sandler has moved almost instantaneously from comic to dramatic (well, maybe that fast if you consider his performance in Punch Drunk Love).

If you're young an unimpressed with my praise, perhaps these ingredients will help you to tune it in: Multiple cameos of other NBA stars, LeBron James a producer, and gritty, electric streetball games; the use of social media to get the attention of indifferent NBA bigwigs. For me, seeing Sandler as a warm and flawed human being play beside an equally affecting Hernangomez, is worth a warm evening enjoying, as we all did with the similarly-based Rocky, seeing humans striving to be more than they are.
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I am not a basketball sportsfan, but I got goosebumps throughout this story. Uplifting, touching, real.
imseeg12 June 2022
Adam Sandler is better at serious acting in dramas then he is at comedies and this movie proves that yet again.

Any bad?

Even if you arent into basketball (or sports) whatsovever, this movie could still win you over, because this story has got so much HEART and SOUL.

The good: Great acting performances, touching direction, uplifting and real and intimate story about how (NOT) dealing with your own hurt, can make or break your dreams.

The story: Adam Sandler plays a basketball scout, who ruined his own basketball player career because of only 1 mistake in his personal life. Now Adam Sandler has found an unknown basketball player, who carries a criminal past with him, that prevents him from becoming succesfull as well. Will Adam Sandler succeed in giving this kid a chance at success, which he himself never achieved?
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"Serious" Sandler with his signature touches of comic relief seems to be the winning formula of late.
tresm878 June 2022
Once again it's no surprise that Adam shines in another more serious role. When people constantly seem to be shocked at his range I tell them to go back and watch reign over me. He's always had this versatility. That's not to say his signature brand of comedy isn't implemented in this solid film. The story is rather straightforward an interesting as it also shows his passion for the game of basketball that he's always had in reality as well. Overall another solid entry into his recent renaissance. Wasn't too fond of certain moments or the casting of Latifah as his wife but I can look that over.
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for love of the game
ferguson-68 June 2022
Greetings again from the darkness. As a sports fan and movie fan, I approach every sports movie with trepidation and low expectations. Let's face it, most actors aren't great (or even good) athletes, and most athletes aren't great (or even good) actors. We would have no interest in a western where the cowboys can't ride horses, just as we have no interest in watching John Goodman portray a baseball legend in THE BABE (1992). I tell you this to convey my state of mind while preparing to watch this basketball movie from director Jeremiah Zagar and co-writers Will Fetters (A STAR IS BORN, 2018) and Taylor Materne. It gives me pleasure to say that even though the premise is kind of similar to Kevin Bacon's 1992 film, THE AIR UP THERE, this one should satisfy most sports and basketball fans.

Adam Sandler stars as Stanley Sugermen, a long-time scout for the Philadelphia 76'ers. An opening montage gives us a taste of why he's worn out and beaten down after so many years on the road. Rushing to catch flights, too many fast-food meals, crashing in one hotel after another, and chasing down tips on the next great player ... it all adds up to frustration and too much time away from his wife Teresa (Queen Latifah) and teenage daughter (Jordan Hull). Feeling unappreciated and questioning his professional future, Stanley is ecstatic when the long-time Sixers owner played by (Oscar winner) Robert Duvall promotes Stanley to assistant coach. Unfortunately, the dream-come-true turns into a nightmare when the beloved owner dies, leaving his cocky son Vince (Ben Foster) in charge of the team. Vince has little respect for Stanley and promptly sends him back on the road.

It's in Mallorca, Spain where Stanley stumbles on a nighttime game at a local outdoor court. Immediately catching his eye is an intense, lanky player in work boots. NBA player Juancho Hernangomez stars as Bo Cruz, a true previously undiscovered diamond in the rough. The dream of all scouts is to be the first to find a transcendent player, and once they hear the NBA minimum salary, Bo's mother and young daughter are on board with Stanley taking Bo to the United States. Of course, things don't go according to plan. Vince rejects Bo, and a history of anger issues comes back to haunt Bo. Stanley ignores the naysayers, trusts his instincts, and takes on the project of preparing Bo for the scouting combine. The training montage is very well done, as Sandler and Juancho are both believable and draw us in for support.

Cinematographer Zak Mulligan and director Zagar deserve credit for filming the basketball sequences in a style that highlights the athletic talent without resorting to cheap editing tricks. Of course it helps that the basketball sequences are loaded with actual NBA players and playground legends. These guys look like they can play because they CAN. I'll leave the closing credit montage to highlight most of those involved, but a couple of standouts include Boban Marjonovich and Anthony Edwards, the latter playing Bo's head-game nemesis, Kermit Wilts. Also making appearances are Kenny Smith as a player agent, and the great Julius "Dr J" Erving, who has a couple of scenes.

When most people think of Adam Sandler, his long list of sophomoric and absurd man-child movies come to mind. Certainly, he can't be blamed for giving the masses what they want. It's made him a very rich man. However, his talent in more dramatic roles should not be ignored. The recent UNCUT GEMS and THE MEYEROWITZ STORIES are examples, and going back further, his turn in PUNCH DRUNK LOVE remains one of his best. As Stanley Sugermen, Sandler injects humor into his love of basketball, tossing in a couple of 'soccer' and 'geezer' jokes. Overall, he successfully captures the essence of an everyman seeking redemption for his self and his family.

Streaming on Netflix beginning June 8, 2022.
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Love letter to basketball
Calicodreamin12 June 2022
Adam Sandlers love letter to basketball and honestly it was kind of beautiful. The story had a good mix of truth and fiction and the cast a good mix of actors and bball legends. The characters had chemistry and brought authenticity to the sentiment of this story.
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Why Sandler why?
haines4038 June 2022
Why can he make excellent films like this yet still makes garbage films where he pulls stupid faces and talks stupid? This film had Rocky vibes not just Philly wise,it was engrossing and despite preferring football as we say in the UK to basketball it was entertaining all the way through...please stop with the terrible comedies and stick to this sort of stuff...
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A really good movie.
impendingdd9 June 2022
Sandler is in his element here. He's natural the entire film. There's not one awkward moment from him. Juancho Hernangomez, a real life pro ball player who plays Bo Cruz, the other star of the film, is a very good actor. The film may not do anything daring, but it doesn't need to. It's a really well made movie that's entertaining and well casted. The soundtrack is good. It's a feel good movie about redemption and never giving up. Sometimes being cliche isn't a bad thing when it's done well. I for one loved to see Sandler doing a movie like this. And the energy is just there. One last thing I'd like to add is there are cameos in this movie but they don't feel forced. There's not really any cringey dialogue, they kind of just get their few seconds of screen time in. And no, Lebron does not have a role in this movie for those wondering.
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The Cruz Missile
mwen001-29 June 2022
When you play or played the game you will really appreciate that film. Yes it is the traditional story line like against all odds but it is very well executed and tells the story in modern way. Finally a movie about the foreign players in the NBA and there stories how they got into the NBA. Really enjoyed it!
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The definition of what a vision is Warning: Spoilers
SCORE: 8.8/10

I absolutely loved it. This movie is the definition of what a vision is. Adam Sandler took his love for basketball and injected himself into the NBA in a way that hasn't been done before, at least since Like Mike. I was also incredibly impressed by the acting ability of some of these NBA players and legends. Some of them weren't just in for a quick cameo, but instead real supporting characters such as Kenny Smith. Anthony Edwards was a very convincing villain and the sheer amount of cameos was insane.

But, as someone who went to college in Philly, this film did a beautiful job of highlighting such an amazing city, including the decision to incorporate Philly greats like Dr. J, AI, and Villanova legends Kyle Lowry and Jay Wright. And, most likely not on purpose, this movie captured the true dysfunction and poor decision making that makes up the Philadelphia 76ers. Although, I feel like Bo's aggressive side would've actually made the Philadelphia 76ers like him even more, contrary to how he was treated.

Regardless, this movie made me laugh, it made me cry, and it was amazing to see what was produced by Adam Sandler and LeBron James. This could've easily been a fan made film with a terrible storyline and awful acting, but it was way more than that.
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Sandler should stick to serious roles
offthewall10110 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
From Billy Madison and Jack & Jill to Uncut Gems and Hustle, Adam's come a long way. Great movie with a near perfect arc, the only major flaw was that the payoff was so short, wish they showed Cruz a little more in his triumphant state.
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Heart felt feel good sports movie. Best one in years
reedychris8 June 2022
If you're like me and enjoy feel good sports movies you will enjoy this. Seems like years since anyone got one right. The way it ends is a little bit flat, but still enjoyable.

I know some bag on him, but I'm enjoying this new era Adam Sandler. He pulls it off.
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A predictable-yet-fun sports drama with a good Sandler performance! [+66%]
arungeorge1310 June 2022
While this could very easily have been another goofy, over-the-top sports drama from the Happy Madison team, the writers Taylor Materne & Will Fetters along with director Jeremiah Zagar ensure they add the essential ingredient - heart. Yes, it helps if you have context of the game of basketball and the running of the NBA, but Hustle treats its lead characters with sufficient emotional touches that make their journey worth seeing. Once again, Sandler is great in a serious role with some occasional comical flourishes. The film doesn't try to generate comedy for the sake of it. All that's there is situational and comes naturally within the interactions.

I also liked how the film took time to flesh out the leads' inner conflicts, capping off their arcs (especially Sandler's) in satisfying fashion. For the ardent NBA fanatic, there are lots of exciting cameos. For everyone else, the underdog story, even with its share of predictable elements, is still fairly enjoyable. The film doesn't have a lot of mind-blowing tricks up its sleeve, but it comes with a sense of relatable charm that makes you invested in the outcome of its proceedings.
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Incredible sports drama
masonsaul12 June 2022
Hustle may tell a very predictable story but it remains an incredible sports drama because it tells it's story with plenty of warmth and a clear love and passion for the sport with satisfying nuance and restraint.

Adam Sandler gives a perfectly understated performance, especially compared to his usual output but still has plenty of dry wit that lands consistently. Juanco Hernangomez is great with a character you desperately want to succeed and Queen Latifah brings even more heart and emotion to the proceedings.

Jeremiah Zagar's direction is fantastic, giving the film a lot of energy and moments of beauty whilst still delivering the required montages and thrilling basketball sequences. The music by Dan Deacon is the only part of the film that is over the top but it still works really well.
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Been a while since a good sport movie
ariqakbar6 August 2022
The first thing i can noticed is how Adam Sandlers really have the chemistry on this role, i can feel how he personally love this game.

The story doesn't spend too much unnecessary side story, great portion.

All the role has a good performance despite all the athlete background, beautiful light sport movie.
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WHATTTTTT?....only a 7.4 overall rating.
bmiller5923 June 2022
I had NO idea what this movie was about except it had Queen Latifa & Adam Sandberg in it. I knew NOTHING about ALL the other stars in it.


Unbelievable. Being a huge basketball fan and knowing about the players past and present, this movie blew me away. (Sorry for the spoiler)

I could go on and on and on, but I won't. If you read this before seeing the movie, you need to see it. I make a habit out of NOT reading IMDB reviews before seeing a movie, except to get acquainted with the cast. I don't read the reviews and I try to not look at overall rating. I would have still seen this movie if I had peeked.

Check The Hustle out. It's fantastic.
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NBA version of Rocky
FeastMode13 June 2022
This is an enjoyable sports movie with a good performance by Adam Sandler. It does a good job investing you in the characters and their outcomes. There is a ton of NBA fan service, especially with the cameos. I'm more of an NFL guy so that stuff didn't do much for me. I still had a pretty good time. (1 viewing, 6/12/2022)
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OMG Perfection...and I never would have thought
bret-bannerman1 July 2022
This freaking movie made me cry. I hate sports. I'm not - no slash that I wasn't and now am - a huge Adam Sandler fan. Love to Latifa, but kind of an odd role for her. Back to Sandler...omg I love you. Juancho Hernangomez, an amazing up and coming star. Gorgeous, great actor, couldn't take my eyes off him, droolllll...

Anyways...hahaa one of the best new movies I've seen in YEARS!!! Adam Sandler I do have to give you a bit more. This acting is/are your roots and I LOVE THEM!! Bravo guys this is like The Blind Side for basketball, ut dare I say even BETTER?!
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Not bad
elliotjeory12 June 2022
Good sports film, fast paced and entertaining. Good story although disappointed in Ben Fosters role. Didn't like the Lex Luther vibe. Otherwise good. I look forward to another serious role on Netflix for Adam Sandler.
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Seen it all before
rws_209 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
It's fine, but it just feels like a film you've already seen a million times; same old run of the mill formula: kid has talent, coach scouts him, he has to train hard to get ready for a try-out, few hurdles get in the way etc.

It's an okay one-off watch to pass the time, but let's not pretend it's some 10/10 masterpiece because it's not, the script is pretty weak and if you've seen other mentor-mentee sports films then this one won't do anything that'll surprise you.
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Teresa Sugerman (Queen Latifah)
aab8748 July 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Favorite scene with

Teresa Sugerman (Queen Latifah) - Stanley rubbing her "Hideous" feet. Telling him that he Needs to Quit his Job and how he should say it.
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aliahsims15 June 2022
I LOVED seeing Adam in this type of role. It suited him so well and Juancho was an excellent choice and easy on the eyes I might add. Very inspiring film, very realistic like an indie movie in a lot of ways. I really enjoyed watching it for date night and didn't want it to end!
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Adam breaks his comedy stereotype and its magic
arod_8513 June 2022
When this movie was being advertised, I was expecting the typical obnoxious Adam S. Comedy with a silly storyline and the wife that is way too hot for him. I was expecting something along the lines of Will Ferrell's "Semi-Pro". Boy, was I wrong. I throughly loved seeing Adam Sandler in an athletic drama. He surprisingly was great and I shouldn't have doubted him. Pro player Juanacho H. Was also great in this movie. Solid story that pulls at the heartstrings. A must see for sports film fans.
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