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Foreclose This Property
ThatMonkey14 January 2023
House Party is a cultural significant classic film full of amazing music, great casting, a touching story and the promise of maturity. This 30 year old reboot has none of that.

No one in this movie is likeable. Nothing about this movie is funny and there is zero redemption for the story or characters. The premise is dumb, the acting is weak and the direction is a perfect example of why black cinema can never get off the ground.

This is not only possible the worst reboot of all time, it is without a doubt one of the worst films of all time. They try to spice this up with the occasional call back or cameo but there is no saving this film. In the end, it feels like a On Demand movie, but anyone who paid for this would be expecting a refund.

I don't know who signed off on this, but it is 100% trash!
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Awful, Not funny
Mehki_Girl15 January 2023
Warning: Spoilers
I giggled a couple of times, but the entire movie was stupid and made little sense.

There was barely a party, dancing, or a good music soundtrack.

A couple of celebrities slummed and had unfunny cameos.

Just not funny! So disappointed. I thought it would be a laugh riot, but they spent most of the time on 3 idiot hoodlums and "issues" between the two characters.

The real kid n play had cameos in some sex party ala Eyes Wide Shut that also made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Who wrote this garbage? Nine year olds? A room full of monkeys on typewriters typing for a thousand years?

Not one person in my theater laughed.

The funniest part was the flashback to the drunk dj playing rap at a good ol' boys magat hat wearing trumpers.

Rolling my eyes right now.

Anyway, got that off my list and never had to see that garbage ever again.

Gave it couple of stars for a couple of the old school songs.
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Why they mess with the classics??
ykjdh27 January 2023
The original had heart and some decent laughs in some really funny situations. Kid N Play we're perfect and that movie was just perfect with its supporting cast. Many of those cast members went on to the Friday franchise and relied on humor not stupidity. The music was great and that movie's director went to direct Eddie Murphy's Boomerang.

No clue why they messed with an already perfect low brow comedy that worked. I guess LeBron figured if he puts his name on something it sells. Well, that might work if what he's doing is any good. First he screwed up SpaceJam and now House Party. I gotta quit giving his "entertainment" a chance when it simply sucks.

This time around the director is Known for music videos and is out of his league making movies. This is basically one long music video that relies on its two leads who I guess are real life rappers. They break into LeBron James home and decide to party by inviting everyone. Yup, a multimillionaire's home, in a well to do neighborhood gets invaded by folks we're supposed to believe will have no issues blending in to a wealthy community. Um ya

Anyhow there were a few chuckles and some decent music but not enough to carry 100 minutes. Instead it's like watching a pimp my ride or mtv cribs episode. Even the music just isn't original enough to capture what the 1990 movie had. Im all for a remake, but it's got to be better than the original. Save your money with this one.
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Remake by people from the music world doesn't always come across as well in the front of the film world.
movieman6-413-92951012 January 2023
House Party is a remake of the 1990 film of the same name. This remake is directed by Calmatic, who himself is more known for directing music videos by various music artists.

The film is about Damon (Tosin Cole), who is not financially strong. In fact, his financial situation is so bad that he can hardly afford to pay for his house anymore. Together with his friend Kevin (Jacob Latimore), she tried to make money cleaning houses.

When they also lose this job, they decide to throw a house party at the last house they cleaned: LeBron James' house. Knowing that LeBron won't be coming home, the two friends throw a big party at his house and try to make money from it. The house party seems to be a financial success at first, but when things start to get out of hand, things change for the two friends.

In addition to the beginning directing work of the more musical video clip director, this remake is also written more by musical writers. The writers have done more writing for a short musical TV film and a series. They know how to process their musical knowledge well and appropriately in this remake with comedy that responds to this. Unfortunately, further comedy comes across less and here it can sometimes be seen that this remake is the work of novice people in the film world. This sometimes makes it seem more like you are suddenly watching images from an animated film or series such as Family Guy. With some more experienced writing and a better comedy background, this movie could have been better and more comedic.

Tosin Cole and Jacob Latimore try to carry the film as the leads, but due to the less written script, their characters don't always come out as fun to really follow as the leads. Because of this, you also don't always care about their characters when they find themselves in a new problem again. They also know how to fill the film with entertaining cameos from famous people, especially people from the music world. Most of these people get little to do with their time in the movie besides providing some extra comedy.
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The new house party isn't good enough
afijamesy2k13 January 2023
House party the 2023 remake of the very funny 1990 original does have an interesting premise, a high school student and his friend are having a house party at his home while his parents are away, but what it doesn't have in the remake is one thing, the charm, the script and the performances, because the acting is not very good, the screenplay is just useless d.c. Young fly is embarrassing in the role and everything else is just pointless to the t, this is a useless and ill conceived remake of a very good classic, the two actors are no kid and play and don't have chemistry, they are unfunny and have zero to work with, this is a pointless film and is heading on my list of one of the worst movies of the year

stick to the original house party from 1990 and dump this one.
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Fails to capture the magic of the original
FilmFanatic202313 January 2023
"House Party" may have been given a shiny new coat of paint, but it's hard to shake off the feeling that something is missing. The nostalgia is definitely there, with nods to the original film and a star-studded cast, but the heart and soul of the first movie seems to have been lost in the transition. The chemistry between Damon and Kevin is definitely enjoyable, and the party scenes are filled with energy, but the film's attempts to appeal to a new generation come across as forced and inauthentic. The cameos are definitely a highlight, but the jokes and references sometimes fall flat, and the storyline feels a bit too similar to the first movie. Overall, "House Party" is a fun and nostalgic romp, but it doesn't quite live up to the original.
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One word to describe this movie is 'horrible.'
Entertainmentsparadise18 January 2023
I don't know what I just watched, but the beginning of this movie was unamusing due to all the jokes flopping; I felt a bit of secondhand embarrassment. Unfortunately, Damon " Tosin Cole," one of the protagonists, leads the charge of bad jokes by being so forceful and not relatable.

Is it getting awkward in here?

The movie could have developed a sense of a plot; as a viewer, you know it is about a house party, but where is the substance? It is as if they spent all their money on one-liner cameos. It felt like they just through a whole bunch of things together. Therefore, it was clunky and didn't make sense, and this doesn't even consider the weird climax twist with Kid Cudi and the Illuminati; what was that about?

Is this House Party or a medieval special?

Lebron was happy to say the "N" word on camera.

The movie tried to incorporate aspects from the original House Party and pay homage to 90's films while incorporating current Instagram comedians. But it didn't work or feel meaningful; this is garbage.

Ultimately this was a waste of a movie theater trip. I will never watch this movie again. I laughed more at how awkward it was compared to the actual jokes. House Party felt like a tv special movie with some big names attached to it. This was the actor's first time trying to do a comedy special.

Grade: F.
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There's just not enough to it.
benjaminskylerhill14 January 2023
I'd be lying if I said that this reboot of House Party didn't get a handful of really good laughs out of me. But that's about all there was.

At 100 minutes, the movie feels much longer than it is. Many of the same jokes are reused again and again throughout the film, not for the sake of setup and payoff, but for rehashing material, and the humor has diminishing marginal returns as the story trudges on.

This is definitely a stoner comedy, as a great deal of the plot is simplistic while relying on absurdist moments thrown in for shock value. It made me laugh at times, for sure, because some of the visual gags are so unexpected. But there's only so much value in it.

I appreciated the story's occasional attempts at adding character development for the two main friends as they struggle to accept each others' flaws, but this arc is so rushed through that it feels tacked on.

I certainly got enough enjoyment out of this that I don't regret seeing it, but it doesn't have nearly enough good, memorable qualities to make it worth recommending.
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You don't want an invitation to this party
LennyReviewz25 January 2023
I needed this. I've been watching too many good movies lately. I needed to sit through a clunker.

You know what to expect with something like this. So to call this movie bad wouldn't be fair. It delivers on its promise, kind of. The promise being, try and pull some zany stunt, face some troubles along the way, laughter ensues, happy ending, and cut to credits.

The thing about promises is that, they are hardly ever kept. This movie is no different. It's very clear that the actors tried their best, but they just couldn't hack it. It felt like they were trying to evoke the spirit of the 1990 House Party, and fell flat on their faces. It felt so forced and unnatural, and that projected itself on my TV screen. They tried too hard to mix in the 90s vibe with the present social media obsession.

The one very entertaining part about this movie was the whole Kid Cudi situation. He was just funny, and stole every scene he was in, especially the last scene of the movie.

This movie is a skip. But I could see someone watching this on those days when they are at home sick and need to kill some time.

This gets a LennyReviewz Score of: 2/10.
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As bad as the Fresh Prince remake
mjsaint-24 March 2023
I hope the original guys got paid for the disgrace of the original movie. There were cameos / name drops to update it, but the story line was veered of a lot. The fun, realistic movie was replaced by, what I assume cheap writers, in ridiculous scenarios and completely left the fun, lovable movie to worse than their last House Party - out to make money. The worst part is that LaBron and others might have teens watch it and not the amazing original that was anti drugs/alcohol. This movie was awful and made drugs ok. Use of racial language is also in the movie. The ending is stupid and I hope the original three gets paid for this crap.
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Needs more party, less cheese
nicolasroop17 January 2023
Now this could have been good. We haven't had an actual house party movie in almost 30 years, and there's room for improvment and upgrades. However, this film has both too much and not enough going on. The house party the main characters throw is not as fun or enjoyable as one would hope. We've seen some crazy parties on film before, lookin at you Project X, and this one just never reaches the heights it needs to. That and we don't have any party going on until about 45 minutes into the film. I mean, if the set up was interesting or funny it would have been easier to swallow, but it's neither of those things until it gets to the party. Then there's the whole Lebron thing which could've gone in a fun direction, but just came across as mean spirited and made Lebron look like a jerk.

Overall, I only recommend if you really, really want to seen it. It's not terrible, but it could wait til it hits HBO in about 2 or 3 weeks.
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VIEWS ON FILM review of House Party
burlesonjesse54 March 2023
Warning: Spoilers
2023's House Party is bad, like 5-day-old Chinese food bad. It's one of those movies that doesn't have a purpose, except for maybe to profit from and/or update the workings of a certain archetype from 1990 (of the same title). I mean not even the smug presence of quote unquote, "GOAT" LeBron James can save this ode to overnight levees. Oh wait, LeBron's acting track record wasn't all that good to begin with.

"House" relies on a hook that um, re-quips the plot from the first film (no pun intended). A couple of so-called club promoters/house cleaners decide to throw a get-together at LeBron's mansion without him knowing about it. You see these two also-rans are in debt so why not make money off of a bunch of partygoers looking to get their groove on at some swanky abode. Chaos doesn't really ensue here, just a couple of breakables, a beatdown by a koala (don't ask), and the stealing of an NBA Championship ring.

At a running time of 100 minutes, House Party is a bit of a slog to sit through. Not much really happens and the film's R-rated high jinks are about as exciting as well, a 3-day paint job. Jokes flop and die, plenty of ganja is smoked (duh), and the cameos with the exception of rapper Kid Cudi, are like boxy fill-ins that could've wound up in any other vehicle. I mean famous dudes like Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Odell Beckham Jr., and Tristan Thompson show up to say like one line. They probably were on set for minutes and got paid handsomely. Ugh.

Overall, "House" lacks the quick-witted nature, the ghetto charm, and well, the originality of '90's original House Party (which was the first of its kind). Honestly I don't know what this flick is. It's not a true stoner caper, it's certainly not comedy (I laughed maybe once), and it's definitely not de rigueur. This "house", well doesn't win.
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Terrible... like, really terrible
rnblee122 January 2023
As remakes or tributes go, this missed so many marks. It had so much promise (the concept and original set a high expectation standard). But there were too many cringe worth moments to mention... the anticipated dance, the mock of Full Force, the high DJ, the random fight scene!? It just started off the mark and continued down that track for the entire film. Cameos we're cool, but seemed out of place in such a lacklustre movie.

Some elements were ok, but the attempt to almost one up the original didn't set this film apart or act as a Fitting tribute.

Long story short.... Some things should be left well enough alone, and respected for what it is/was.
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LeBron Ruins Another Franchise
Brew_Swayne12 March 2023
First it was Space Jam and now this. Almost nothing about this movie made any sense other than Bron showcasing his narcissism. The story was choppy and at times didn't make any sense. I mean, I'm not expecting Shakespearian level writing here, but this movie makes the original look like Hamlet. There were a few chuckles throughout, but nothing memorable. In the end, this was really just another vanity project from LeBron. Even with just a few minutes of total screen time, he still managed to linger over the entire movie like a wet Taco Bell fart. This movie lacked structure, continuity, and direction. Most of all, it lacked heart.
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Not awful. but not great either.
DarkVulcan2919 January 2023
I'm sure a lot of people remember the House Party film that came out in 1990, that starred Kid N' Play and Martin Lawrence. This remake had a few moments when I chuckled, but other than that the movie was comes across has trying to hard to get laughs that just are not there.

The party scenes are just few and far between, just not much there to hold my interest. I lost interest half way through the movie went along. Now there are some call backs to the original, And the two main leads have some good amount of chemistry, you really by the have a history together. But other that there is not much to go on here.
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Absolutely rancid
claudiaveronicaarias22 January 2023
Boyfriend and I left about 20 mins into this movie. Everyone in the theater collectively felt like they made a mistake paying for this movie. Which is a shame because they were excited to see it. The first 2 minutes I knew this wasn't going to be good. The jokes were forced, no chemistry between the leads, comedic timing (if you could call anything in this movie comedic) was horrendous, and an extremely slow plot. After 10 minutes I was snapping my fingers like ok get to the next scene! My boyfriend is white af and he even felt like this movie was blander than unseasoned chicken with a side of mayo. Skip it if you consider watching it!
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How and why?
rickc2726 January 2023
I lasted 38 minutes. How did this even make it to a 2nd take?! This is the worst movie I have (tried) to see in a very long time. The worst actors, the worst dialogue, the worst script, and by far the worst idea! I normally give movies time to get settled when I see they are bad from the getgo, but this one was NOT getting anywhere. I just couldn't get passed that 38th minute. What a way to ruin a budget and waste people's time. The original is a classic! How did they even make this one? Just the thought of doing what these guys decided to do is enough to stop watching, but again, I normally give it a chance, and I did, until minute 38. That was IT for me!
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I never saw the original.
Top_Dawg_Critic3 February 2023
So I can't compare it to that, but on its own merits, it's not as bad as the critics say. Especially comparing this to the movie I just saw before this one, Shotgun Wedding, which was really bad. Plus, you can tell most of this film's budget was spent on the celebrity cameos' green-room rider requirements, instead of hiring better writers and director. Nevertheless, all the cast seemed like they were actually having a good time, and all the performances were fairly decent and convincing. There were a bunch of actual laugh out loud moments, and there was decent fluidity in the screenplay, albeit fairly predictable. Overall, it was a decent and fun one-time watch. I just wish we saw more of Snoop and some of the other celebrity cameos instead of for mostly just a few seconds.
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Just plain awful
caseyjad25 January 2023
Warning: Spoilers
I was hoping to like it since the original was one of my favorite movies from the early 90s, but it was so horrible I couldn't even make it to the actual house party in the movie. The characters were lame, the storyline was wack, and everything about it was so unrealistic. What celebrity would ever leave their house unsecured? Who would ever throw a party in a celebrity's house without their permission and promote it on social media? Who would be dumb enough to take the celebrity's car out for a spin? Get outta here! The half of it I did watch was a big fat waste of my time. Do yourself a favor and not waste yours.
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The culture didn't ask for this!
Iheartthewire8 February 2023
House Party is a sacred hood classic, it did NOT need a reboot, and certainly not this terribly scripted, acted, should have been on Tubi film. I want my time back, and the $19.99 that I paid to stream it. Tosin Cole's character, Damon was beyond annoying, he was almost intolerable. I usually enjoy Jacob Latimore, however his character was flat, one dimensional, and predictable. Don't even get me started on Kid Cudi and that whole descent into the underworld of Hollywood, what even was that, and what did it have to do with anything? Also the three guys who were supposed to be the new brothers (Stab, PeeWee, and Zilla) were too over the top. Don't even get me started on LeBron! We get it, you're great, we didn't need this unnecessary reboot to remind us all of your greatness. It was basically a love letter to himself. This film was abysmal. Leave our classics alone, no one asked for this.
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A Party Crammed With Too Much Silliness And Not Enough Quality
rgkarim14 January 2023

The Story Component To A Bit -Surprisingly, the movie has a few surprisingly deep moments to the characters past the usual stone comedy.

-The main characters have the aspect of friendship I understand, alongside having great motivations with some surprises along the way.

-I got the brotherhood that we see in the moments, and the tests of loyalty/family.

-I get the love of things and people and appreciated the challenges they had, even if they were worked out too easily.

-And there are some other elements that are a bit surprising and again, sort of work for entertainment and big picture. It teaches lessons, adds devices, and helps to keep the comedy spin on things, but yet elevating to a more engaging piece. So that is awesome for me.

Some of the Jokes Nail The timing and Are perfect -There are times where I was losing it with laughter. A timed joke that hits the elements of delivery with that right timing -Several of these jokes have build-up, engaging and setting it up for a time later before laying that haymaker on you to knock you out with laughter.

-Others are just so random and awkward that you can't help but laugh at the delivery and making the simple words really feel like a perfect punch.

-I love the outtakes as well, because it kind of is as silly as the movie itself and even those have just enough teasing to be fun.

-These moments are the parts that helped me enjoy the movie most and get through some of the lesser enjoyable parts.

Two Particular Scenes -One is about dancing, which you expect at a party. It integrates the talents of the group, adds some great music, brings the mood of the party with it, adds a few cameos, and is just fun.

-That dance scene is the magic I love when they are able to bring comedy, craziness, and all the themes together, and really break out so much in one move.

-The second scene I can't say much, but it's a nice little, if stupid, tangent that offers even more comedic prowess.

-It gets away from the drug humor, and brings a darker twist, that though laughable, uncomfortable, and downright disturbing at times.

-But, it takes a break, throws a curve ball, and adds a few more comedic styles to the mix that make it really, really, really good and once more brings some fun cameos to the mix.

-These two moments are the part that know how to utilize the stupidity of this movie right, and the satire, though a little over the top, is welcome compared to a lot of the other movie's theatrics.

Some of the Music -The audience I watched this with, really got into all the songs that they blasted through the speakers. I can't say I blame them.

-The songs I knew, that had the amazing beats, were the ones I really loved. Others, not so much, but if you know the attitude and love the songs no matter what type of lyrics or groove they have, you'll love the film.

-Even more, the songs sometimes are used again as a set up for jokes, and twice used for story purposes which only makes me appreciate them more when I see them use it to that level.

The Cameos -One of my friends who saw this, said it best, "The Cameos make the movie." -House Party takes all the cameos it can, and runs with them, often timing some of the best jokes with them showing up.

-The casual jokes, the awkward one-liners, the stupidity of the moment just said right, and sometimes more, are what they do with the big celebrities showing up.

-When you see the energy and add the starstruck moments to it, it really helps sell the moment well and poke fun at the entertainment tropes we've come to make.

-Like Family Guy in the early stages, this movie's use of just about every star they could muster, really hits the themes and tone of this movie so well that it sometimes overtakes the rest of the story they were trying to make.

-Still that was enjoyable to me and worth the biggest praise for me in this film.


Most of the Characters -Many of these characters might be "real", but they aren't very likeable, quality, or really enjoyable for me until the end.

-The darker tones of the comedy, alongside the idiocy of their actions make it so that you kind of hope they get busted to stop the reckless behavior.

-And it isn't' until the end that the growth occurs, but it's hasty, simplistic, and pretty much pointless given they don't do much with it and sort of overwrite with the ending montage.

-For those who want characters with a little diversity and compassion, you are going to have few options to be honest, so just be warned if you haven't made the connections or have the hopes.

The Antagonists: -Many comedies have a good antagonist to enjoy in some form or manner. Home Alone, Goodfellas, Baywatch, even Beverly Hills Cop, have those bad guys that are bad and you know it.

-House Party though, is just sad, stupid and boastful buffoons who are so overacted comedy it does nothing but make for annoying characters to put up with.

-If you latch on to the jokes, you have an angle to like it, but they just do nothing for me and almost have little need for the movie other than again cameos and over the top jokes.

-The attempt at the inclusion and story is kind of pointless, and I would have found more use for them or redesigned their characters to make their purpose needed and worth having to see the few scenes where their mindless drivel was worth it.

Comedy Wasn't Relevant To Me -There are times where the comedy did so much for me, and had me laughing, but sadly that was few and far between.

-This movie is certainly geared towards a limited audience and does not have the diversity of styles that other movies have done better.

-If you don't have the lingo down, don't know the culture, the music, or the references they are making, then a lot of this might go over your head.

-Drug humor to this extent just goes down rabbit hole of excessive and excessively dumb, almost that you should be high or drunk to really enjoy it yourself.

-While the shallow characters do little to help things out, again making it boring for me as I wait for more jokes to go over my head.

-Fortunately, the farther you get, the farther you get to the better moments that finally break away from this, and give you appreciation for the other stories.

LeBron's Acting At Times -Again, the man is a sport's star, and I don't expect him to win any Oscars.

-But it's painful at times to watch him try to act, and see the cameos are better.

-That is part of the comedy style at times, but other times, I thought it was a legitimate attempt and it crashed and burned for me.

-And then they had to shovel it in too much, but hey... it's short lived so that's a plus.

Some Jokes Go Way Too Far -Sometimes it goes way too far as to being inappropriate, a dig that should have been left undug and left for a deleted scene to go and explore.

-Other times it's a joke that is so stupid, you again either have to get everything, like extremes, or be intoxicated to really get the moment when you see the other things they have done.

-And sometimes the jokes just keep going on and without the fresh spin, leading to again... too far.

-This movie is about excess and that's the comedy style you have to like for the most part to really enjoy it.

The Writing Can Be Lazy At Times -First of all, excessive cussing to me is not good writing. It needs to be timed and selected to dominate the use of it.

-Second, the jokes get stale, the awkwardness sometimes goes nowhere, and the story is so limping, confused and filled with filling that it again shows how this movie seemed to struggle in the storyboard stage.

-Sure, it's stupid fun, but there are other movies that do similar aspects with a better premise to it, and this was one that just seemed to take memes and make a story from it.

-As such, not really worth saying it's good writing, better at times and clever at others, but some will call me stuck-up or pretentious when the theme is supposed to be fun.

The VERDICT: House Party is what you expect, a very stupid, over the top, in your face comedy that is all about tearing up the theater with so many simplistic, in your face, and often stale tactics to get a laugh. The plus side, the movie does have those little flecks of diamonds in the gold bands of the grill, finding some great scenes and jokes that execute well. Story, characters, music, and jokes all have these grade A moments that showed what the film could have been had it been guided by the minds on these moments and helped polish some of the excessive stupidity away. But if you don't have the culture, the references appreciated, or aren't into excess, this is a comedy that might be too limited. The characters are annoying, the antics simplistic, stale, repetitive, and the direction kind of limited to condense into a timeline. Cameos are there to assist for the most part, but that was the only consistency I enjoyed to help get me through the silliness and aggressive red-brand trailer theatrics we have. If you can do all that, this movie will easily be an 8-10 for you. However, because of the other movies I've seen that do it better, this movie is a bit too geared to specific audience types for me to give it higher points. There is potential, there is fun, and there are again those perfect moments for me like the dance scene. But the excessive tide of in your face comedy does little for me given my past and lifestyle. Therefore, my scores are:

Comedy: 6.0 Movie Overall: 4.5-5.0.
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Shoulda left the old classic alone!
evelynsimon4 February 2023
Worst remake ever in history! Going to see this movie was the most biggest mistake of my life! I mean the acting part was mediocre and corny. It's like watching a train on Wreck with a bunch of unskilled people. Watching YouTube is better than watching this awful movie! If I coulda gave no stars on here I would but you know how they do it on these reviews, you at least have to give one star in order to write your review. People please don't even waist your time by going to the movies to watch this awful mess. You might as well turn on Netflix or Hulu if you really want to be entertain by some.
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Warren_Scott-550879 March 2023
This was nothing but a quick cash grab of a mess. Unlikeable main characters who surround themselves with female hood rats that resemble back in the day 42nd street hookers. I didn't laugh once, this is no tribute to the original House Party movies, it's a disgrace. Anyone who gave this disaster good reviews must be huge LeBron fans or maybe his family members.... Oh wow, not enough characters to write this review? I can't come up with anymore things to say about this piece of.... hold on.... What!? I have 89 more characters to go? Please don't waste your time watching this movie unless you need background noise to sleep!
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A comedy movie?!?!?!
FeastMode13 January 2023
I've been complaining for a while that comedy movies have become extinct. They still make some movies that are part comedy like Bullet Train and Glass Onion, but comedy is always the secondary or tertiary genre. I've been starving for more straight-comedies.

I went into House Party without watching a trailer. I'm really happy I did because it took me for a ride. Finding out the hook during the movie was so much more satisfying than seeing it in the trailer. I had a blast with this movie. It's hilarious and awesome.

Comedy is subjective, so this may not be for everyone. Some people will find it too silly. For me, it's exactly what I wanted. It's the right amount of over-the-top like I love. I was cracking up frequently, smiling the rest of the time.

As for the movie overall, I really enjoyed the experience of going through the story with these characters. There are so many memorable scenes and moments. So many times I shook my head at what I was watching, in the most amused way possible.

It's not even two weeks into 2023, yet I'm fairly certain I found one of my favorite movies of the year. Watch this in theaters so we can possibly see the return of comedy movies. (1 viewing, opening Thursday 1/12/2023)
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Like some overcooked chicken I'm trying to cover up with some good barbecue sauce
subxerogravity13 January 2023
A remake worth being made, casue it was that funny.

As a Knicks fan I hate LeBron James, but I must admit he made a good choice making this remake of the 1990s classic. As a man who was a boy when this film came out and as such came into this with my arms cross and a grumpy look, I must admit It started out funny and it ended funny. The story is lame, and the ending was a little wobbly, but it made me laugh. Far too many funny moments to say this was a bad film, far too many.

LeBron James did everything he could to assure this film worked. He pulled all the stops to get soooo many cameos it was just ridiculous. His basketball buddies, rap super stars and icons. Then there were these random cameos for people only viewers as old as me and LeBron would catch (I will admit those were my favs and it kept the laughs going). These cameos were coming like every six minutes and barely lasted a minute. It was like they were adding naked breast to the movie to assure people would watch it.

Then of course the story felt like they just combined the first three House Party movies (and a little bit of the straight-to-video forth one) into one movie. Such a carbon copy they had to get three actors to play the roles Full Force played in the movie (casue I guess they could not find a new muscle-bound singer/songwriting group that fit the script). Too many similarities that pointed out how they copy and pasted everything overshadowing any original content.

But once again, I gotta say, it's been a while sense I laughed so hard at a movie. It was worth seeing just because I did enjoy myself soo much.
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