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Absolute Z-grade
Leofwine_draca19 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
MR. CLEAVER is a quite dreadful indie horror film shot entirely on video. It dates from 2004 so looks to have taken 14 years to see release, and even then you wish they hadn't bothered. This is an absolute Z-grade movie through and through. A group of punks trespass in an old warehouse, have sex, and are then killed by the psycho owner. Expect terrible picture quality, no story, and the worst direction I can remember seeing in ages.
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Worst Movie I saw All year
arfdawg-126 April 2019
This is a throwback to nothing. The curly haired chick would maybe be fun in bed. Maybe. No one can act. The writing is miserable. The music stinks.

There is nothing good about this movie
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Awful, terrible, horrible movie...and I loved it!
***WARNING*** If you want a well made movie, don't watch this.


If you want a disgustingly bad, horrifically undertalented, terribly low budget movie, AND you're a punk, then this is right up your alley.

  • Want good filming? Nope.
  • Want good production? No way.
  • Want good lighting? Nuh uh.
  • Want good acting? Negatory.
  • Want good context and script? Nein.
  • Want good fx & sound? Nyet.
  • Do you want ANY redeeming value? No.
  • Basically, want anything good at all? No way, no how.

If you answered NO to all of the above, then this movie might be for you!

  • Were you a punk? YES!
  • Did you wander aimlessly with your pals? YES!
  • Want some good punk rock? YES!
  • Want some bad special fx with a little gore? YES!
  • Do you like cheesy b-flicks? YES!
  • Do you want lesbians? YES!
  • And some brief nudity? YES!
  • Want sleazy dialog, angry kids, and profanity? YES!
  • How about sex, drugs, and punk rock? YES!

If you answered YES to all of the above, then this is DEFINITELY for you.

Parental content:
  • it's a movie about some punk kids...of course there's profanity.
  • a couple of sex scenes with female topless nudity, as well as lesbian sex scene (female breasts visible), but an act of cunnilingus, shot from behind (female breasts visible and kissing).
  • use of alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, and cocaine.
  • while cheesily done, there are scenes of violence and gore. Not a lot of gore, and the fx are terrible, but it's there. It's done in a schlocky way, even laughably-so at points.
  • no intense scenes whatsoever. This movie is all about schlock-n-sleaze.

Essentially, this is a piece of garbage, for the purpose of being, well, a piece of garbage. I don't know if it is the nostalgia of being a punk kid that made me love it so much - remembering doing all the stuff these guys did, well, with the exception of murder, dismemberment, and lesbian sex - or the fact that it was so evidently a labor of love on the part of the writers, director, and actors, but I had a ton of fun.

And in case you didn't get this from the above comments, DO NOT TAKE THIS MOVIE SERIOUSLY! Nobody making it did. But if you want a good laugh with the possibility of nostalgia, pull up a couch, grab your favorite adult refreshment, and enjoy!
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I lost 80 iq points
mjkacsur24 April 2018
I love low budget horror movies, but this was absolutely the dumbest thing I've ever seen. I will admit that I laughed a few times. But the dialogue, direction and cinematography made Dan Dohler look like Martin Scorsese.
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