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Shame on Oscars for snubbing these two phenomenal actors!
hogwarts_slytherin18 February 2020
A Masterpiece! The explanation with no spoilers. The Lighthouse combines mythology and mood to tell a story about people who don't understand themselves. Like the fire Prometheus nabbed from the gods, the light at the top of the tower represents everything, all knowledge, and in looking into it Thomas understood everything, all at once.
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An incomparable vision of Hell on Earth
c-kelsall2 March 2020
Robert Eggers' second (?) feature is a superb piece of mind-bending cinema. There are parallels with his earlier film, The Witch, elements of psychological horror which Eggers clearly finds interesting and hopefully hasn't finished exploring just yet. The decision to film in black and white is a stroke of genius. Every scene is filled with ominous portent and obscuring shadows. The film plays with our perceptions and moods throughout. There are moments of comedy amongst the gloom, the two men stranded on the rock endure a tumultuous relationship, by turns suspicious, angry and even savage, then there are unexpected moments of comradeship fuelled by alcohol. We are forced to question constantly who is mad, or perhaps madder? Are they in the grip of a storm, or are they in Hell? And the soundtrack! No one I can think of uses sound to create atmosphere quite like Eggers. Foghorns, the relentlessly howling wind, the seagulls; is it any wonder if they were as mad as a box of frogs? Willem Dafoe is absolutely fantastic in The Lighthouse. He really should be considered for an Oscar for his turn as the saltiest of old seadogs, spouting rage-filled Melville-esque invective straight from Davey Jones' locker, at sporadic intervals. I don't think there are many actors who could've pulled off that performance with such aplomb. He chews the scenery mercilessly, but it is exactly what the role requires; his Thomas Wake is a force of nature in human form. The Lighthouse won't be to everyone's taste, and it would be a mistake to view it as a moody twin sister of The Witch (which was a genuine horror); but I found it to be mesmerising and intriguing, and a fabulously well-crafted psychological drama with trimmings of horror.
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Well crafted.. but bit empty with story
prberg230 October 2019
Really well made movie. Great acting and I was really transported to another place and time. Well crafted for sure.. but in the end I'm not quite sure what the point of it all was. But maybe that was what the director was going for. Seemed like chaos for chaos sake. A strong film for sure though...
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Let's just be honest here
stephtkaczuk-8081424 December 2019
This is precisely the type of film that will garner equal amounts of unbridled praise by the arthouse diehards, as well as criticism (and likely rejection) from a lot of other viewers. My opinion lies somewhere in the middle. I give it 6 stars for the undeniably outstanding acting (obviously, Dafoe)... and Pattinson is very impressive. Something new, yes. Effective at mood-setting, check. The b&w filming, the shots, the scenery itself... even the set, the old dilapidated coastal shack, all excellent. The dynamic between the two characters is raw and real. Is it a thought-provoking free-fall into insanity? Maybe. But... there is a such a fine line between "arthouse", trying something different, leaving much up to subjectivity and imagination, and... just trying a bit too hard. Mermaid labia? Hmmm. But, if part of the definition of a cinematic "success" is evoking emotion, then mission accomplished. Total despair, pity, fear, disgust, and a general feeling of creepery, all there.
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Hard to watch
willamanah4 November 2019
Both characters have few if any redeeming qualities, which makes this mind twisting movie difficult to get behind. The cinematography was good, the acting was on point, the writing was quotable but I wanted in to be over half way through. I'm still confused as to what the point was, other than to convey discomfort.
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Best Film At Cannes 2019
na-pictures25 May 2019
THE LIGHTHOUSE was the best film I've seen at Cannes so far, an incomparable hysterical nightmare epic with Pattinson potentially delivering the best performance of the year. It takes its time, digs deep under your subconscious and won't leave till you've picked apart every frame - 9/10
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Stranded nowhere
witz-215 March 2020
Great cinematography and acting. The story goes nowhere and stays there.
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What did I just watch
fjdangelo30 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I can't necessarily say this was a bad movie but I can say I have no idea what I just watched. The movie was shot beautifully and visually appealing in most scenes. The acting was a 10/10 for both Defoe and Patterson as they both had outstanding performances. This was a very strange film. A lot of random stuff goes on at that light house that makes you wonder if it's happening or if it's one of Patterson's delusions. This was a very different movie considering the strange aspect ratio and the old school black and white look coming back. I enjoyed The Witch which is what lead me to see this film and they were two very different movies. This was a very strange film.
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Disappointing and narratively incoherent
thatcherwoodes23 October 2019
I expected so much more from the movie, as the director's prior movie, The Witch, was an excellent film. Additionally, the trailer for this movie immediately intrigued. However, upon seeing it, I left the theater initially confused but then after realizing it wasn't worth much energy, I just accepted the reality of my reaction: disappointment. It was underwhelming. The first hour or so was intriguing and certainly set things up in an intriguing manner but what was set up was ultimately neglected in a pursuit for style and atmosphere over substance. The movie is most definitely a play at metaphors, symbolism, hidden meaning, references to seafaring myths, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Greek myths (a seeming melding together of Sisyphus and Prometheus), and so on but the muddled execution made me suspect that there wasn't nearly as much going on as the cinephiles and movie theorists will invent for it.

Essentially, after the first hour this became narratively unclear and focused instead on repetitive fever dream scenarios and bombastic speeches and emotional conflict between the two characters - all of which were well done and well executed but only raised question marks without a clear story or message. Perhaps it is possible to decrypt it but nothing about the themes or the atmosphere or the story was compelling enough to merit the effort of seeking deeper meaning in this movie. The movie was cinematographically fantastic, well acted, well made, and so on. But the script and story failed after the first hour.
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Actor's scene study but not a movie
HEFILM26 October 2019
If you've ever taken an acting class where the instructor gives the actors some thin idea and then two actors go on about 4 times longer than is interesting--well that's the flaw in this film.

The two actors are good, Pattinson better than I thought possible, maybe even great but how much drunker can you get? How much crazier can you get?

That's all a good part of this story is about. There isn't any development just another scene just like the one before, two guys in a barely illuminated room getting drunk and babbling, just like the previous scene that lasted 7 minutes and just ended was.

The film feels like it's 2 and a half hours long. This is a misfire from a promising director. People argued if his previous film, The Witch, was really a horror film people may argue if this is even a movie.

I saw it opening night. The audience was small, two women walked out about ten minutes from the end.

Neither actor really has a character to play just a type and in lessor acting hands it would have all been even worse. Around the edges of the, 2 guys in a room being drunk and crazy sequences, there is moody B and W, purposely narrow framed atmosphere, The music and sound design are well done.

There are few real supernatural visuals and of these I just say, more mermaid please.

I guess it's more like THE LOST WEEKEND on an island than an island based supernatural story, just don't expect much in the way of story and gobs of exposition and talk talk talk, a movie that doesn't show and just tells.

It has various gross out bits that the director avoided in his first film and also lacks an ending--instead opting for film schoolish ambiguity and feels much much longer than it is. Slow and steady becomes laborious and also frankly though its visual tricks are impressive at first they really don't develop much and the lack of color also weighs the film down, though really the script is what just isn't there.

It feels like it's written by the two brothers while on cocaine, lots of focus on details that don't add up, energetic over-concentration on small details and no perception of anything else. No building momentum exists to bring it all off as a story of as a feature film. A few bits of intentionally dark humor get lost in the general grime as do the few vivid Lovecraftian tentacles. Really a let down this film is.
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The Lighthouse - BFF review
louis_southwood7 October 2019
Film festival sweetheart The Lighthouse is a movie that a lot of film buffs have been looking forward to. The buzz has been real since it's premiere at Cannes festival and has been my personal most anticipated movie of the year for a while now. I'm more than happy to report that this movie lived up to my expectations in every way imaginable and is probably the best movie from 2019

By far the most interesting thing about this movie is it's technical aspects. The movie is shot in 35mm black and white film at a 1,19x1 aspect ratio, basically the Lighthouse is shot to look like something that came out in the 1910s. Robert Eggers and his team have done such a phenomenal job here recreating this time period. And it works asolutely perfectly beacuse not only is it fitting for the time period that the movie is set in but it also adds to the claustrophobia and the atmosphere of the setting. Alot of thought was clearly put into shot composition as every single shot in this movie is breathtaking. Seriously there is some gorgeous cinematography on display here, some shots will stay with you long after you see the movie. Whilst the film is made to look and feel like a movie from the early 1900s, it's also not afraid to implement modern elements into the film aswell. camera movements and music composition add a unique modern spice that really adds to the movies unique presentation, there is truly nothing quite like this.

With the setting and the premise, for this movie to work it it needed two actors to pull this all together. Which is where Willam Dafoe and Robert pattinson come in, who both give career best performances. Both actors are given such brilliant material that allows them to go parody level insane, but it works beutifuly for the world in which they inhabit. Dafoe especially is hamming it up to cartoon levels of parody (Which the film does address) and it's absolutely amazing. Pattinson also continues to prove himself as one of the finest actors working in the industry.

Overall this is nothing short of spectacular. I truly cannot think of a single flaw. This is one of those movies that completely transcends you into its world and by the time the credits roll you will just want to go back in.
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Great acting but....
fireflicker3821 December 2019
Both actors demonstrated excellent acting; in a way I saw it as a play rather than a feature film. Aside from the acting, the movie was boring, difficult to understand (was there anything to understand?) and confusing. I enjoy psychological thrillers, but this was not even near that. The ending gave no answers....a movie that has no proper ending or even a hint of an ending is not worth watching. Having said that, I do not recommend this movie, for me it was a waste of time.
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I Must Be Missing Something
JohnVFerrigno29 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I rarely go to the movies. I vastly prefer watching a film at home. It takes a lot to get me to go see something in the theater, but I made one of my infrequent trips to the local theater to see Robert Eggers' newest film, The Lighthouse. Ever since its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, this film has been wowing critics all over the world, getting critical acclaim from everyone who saw it. The concept sounded interesting, and I enjoyed the trailer, so I decided to check it out as soon as possible.

The first thing many people are mentioning, and the thing that immediately hits you when the film begins, is the aspect ratio it was filmed in. The movie is shot in a boxy format, tossing aside the usual widescreen format in favor of a much more compact frame. This offers an immediate feeling of claustrophobia and gave me hope that I was in for an exciting movie experience.

Unfortunately, the atmosphere caused by the aspect ratio and the choice to shoot in black and white over color is where my praise for this movie begins and ends. I am not going to sugar coat it or go in half-way with backwards insults. To put it bluntly: I hated this movie. HATED. I hated everything about it. I hated what passed for a story. I hated the acting. I hated the actual shot composition in every way that wasn't involving the aspect ratio. I hated the damn foghorn that went off seemingly every 30 seconds for the entirety of the film's duration.

When I read the buzz on this movie, all I heard about was the amazing acting, the incredible cinematography, and the excellent story. Critics and audiences alike were falling over themselves as they heaped praise on this film, calling it a masterpiece. This leads me to think one of two things has happened here: Either A- I am too stupid to understand what I saw, or B-nobody understood this movie, and didn't want to admit it, so they figured if they found it overly confusing, it must be brilliant.

This movie is supposed to be a psychological thriller, following two isolated men's decent into madness, but it actually plays more like a parody of independent film. This movie is one long cliché from start to finish.

Black and white? Check

Big movie star in a small movie trying to get taken seriously as more than a tween heart throb? Check.

Older character actor in a prominent role? Check.

Dream sequences interspersed in such a way that you can't tell what is real and what is fantasy? Check

Atmospheric background "music" with zero melody? Check

Open ended, pretentious non-finale that answers zero questions and can be interpreted any number of ways by an audience too embarrassed to admit nothing they saw made any sense? Check and double check!

I would give a spoiler warning, but even though I sat through this movie, I still have no clue what happened. There was a lot of yelling. Foghorns. A lot of screaming. Foghorns. Rain. Foghorns. Fighting. Foghorns. Dream sequences. Rain. Foghorns. More fighting. More foghorns. More yelling. A fight scene between Robert Pattenson and a seagull. Foghorns. Some more fighting. Rain. And for good measure, foghorns. Then a horrible ending.

I have been racking my brain trying to figure out the best way to describe the experience of watching The Lighthouse and I think I have come up with the perfect way to do so. Have you ever had somebody try to describe a dream to you, but the dream made zero sense, and they barely remember it? They are rambling on, backtracking, trying to describe something that they themselves didn't understand, makes zero sense, and they don't actually remember? That painful conversation usually lasts about three minutes. Now have that conversation for an hour and forty five minutes, while a foghorn blasts in your ear over and over. That is what watching The Lighthouse is like.

There are two people credited with the screenplay for this movie, but I refuse to believe an actual script exists. I have put more thought into this movie review than the screenwriters did the actual movie. It is good that the movie is so dark and everything is hard to make out, because both Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson do so much over acting, that I am convinced the scenery had actual bite marks in it. Half of the movie is so confusingly shot, I could barely tell the two actors apart. Even the rain looked overly fake. I swear if the camera panned over a few feet to the side, you would see people with buckets and sprinklers at the ready. The only person who went above and beyond in their job performance in the making of this movie was whomever was responsible for sounding the foghorn. That person deserves a special Oscar for stamina.

The characters in this movie spend the majority of the story questioning their sanity, and I have to admit, I know exactly how they feel. I am highly selective in what I go to see, and as a result, I rarely see a movie I don't enjoy to some degree. Yet I absolutely hated every second of this movie. Am I that out of touch with my own tastes? Am I losing my sense of self? I no longer know what is real. Who am I? How could I have been so wrong? Why is a movie I flat out loathed getting such universal acclaim? Is there something I am missing? Have I become incapable of recognizing genius? Or are these critics just covering for the fact that they didn't understand this movie any more than anyone else in my theater did?

As I left, I was thinking to myself how I had just witnessed the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life. I was in stunned silence at being so wrong in thinking I would like this movie, when I overheard other people talking about the film. I felt a small measure of relief in the fact that every single one of them was talking about how terrible the movie was. I didn't hear one positive thing being said by the other movie-goers in my theater. So what did we all miss?

I am left with a feeling of confusion as I try to make sense of what I saw. At first, I thought it was not believable that two men would descend into madness over a period of only a few weeks, yet this movie managed to do it to me in less than two hours, so I guess it is more believable than I initially thought. Still, just because the movie was confusing and made me question my own relationship with myself, it did not do so in the way it intended. The only way I could see Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe going so crazy so quickly is if they were able to watch themselves in this movie, like the scene in Spaceballs where Rick Moranis is watching the VHS of the movie to figure out what is going on and gets to the part of the movie he is actually doing at that time.

Needless to say, I can not recommend this movie in any way. I went in excited, and left heartbroken. I thought this movie was going to be everything that I love about film making, but was instead, almost like a dark parody of it instead. This was (and I say this with all sincerity, and what I believe to be full command of my mental faculties) the worst movie I have ever seen.

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Boring movie
gaarauzumaki_9921 January 2020
Usually these type of movies are right up my alley, but this one just didn't do it for me. I dare even say that it's one of those movies that's so up its own ass and it acts like it's deep and has hidden meaning when it doesn't. I legit feel like I just wasted my 2 hours for nothing.

The actors are amazing yes and some shots look fantastic, but the movie is just dull and uninteresting.

I went into this movie expecting to be mindblown by it and have it stuck in my head for days after I see it. And I got neither. I was only disappointed in the end.
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100 Proof Pretentious
rsforss27 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
If a man goes crazy on a rock, but the rock is just a metaphor and the man doesn't actually exist, does it matter?

It's hard to understand how or why so many people think this to be a good film. While the acting is superb, and the cinematography great, everything beyond that is a clumsy mess so full of itself that it's bursting.

At its core the story is an obvious ode to Prometheus, with a side serving of identity crisis, and a possible exploration into the timeloop spectrum (Thomas and Thomas both have very similar mustaches, after all).

While the actors and crew were clearly giving their all to this performance, in the end it's hard to actually care about anything that happens. Everything is so isolated and vague, that all you come away with is the feeling that nothing you just saw matters. The story is so distant from any conceptual reality that it doesn't seem worth the effort to further analyze the themes and lore that inspire it, and that's where this arthouse movie falls apart.

I don't want to spoil it beyond that because while I'm critical of its reputation, the film itself is bizarre, disturbing, and hilarious enough to deserve a watch. Entertaining? Yes. Good? Not so much.
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Nerve Wracking Plunge into Madness. Like Nothing I've Seen Before
Joetampa9020 October 2019
Wow. Eggers follow up to The Witch knocks it out of the park. The Lighthouse is a masterful piece of art like nothing I've seen before. Following Defoe and Pattinson as they tend a Lighthouse. The film wastes no time turning into a disturbing submersion into insanity.

The Lighthouse is undoubtedly an unconventional and bizarre film. Giving the viewer nothing more than two men in one location. The movie manages to pull it off masterfully. Defoe's acting is really one of, if not the strongest aspects of The Lighthouse. His scary ramblings, his facial expressions, his level of commitment to the role are all second to none. I believe so far from what I've seen he deserves the oscar for what would be Best Supporting Actor. A24 recently said they will campaign Pattinson for best actor. Make no mistake, Pattinson absolutely kills it too. However for me, Defoe is the true tour de force performance.

Despite not having a conventional plot, their are some plot points and it's all this film needed to stay cohesive. The imagery in the film is very unsettling and surreal. The dialogue is expertly written and pungent. The score and the sound of The Lighthouse is another strong point, loudly ominous... it works perfectly. The cinematography is beautiful. Everything is firing on all cylinders and it creates one hell of a ride.

The Lighthouse is surely a one of a kind work and one of the best psychological horror films in recent memory. It falls just short of a 10/10 masterpiece for me due some pacing issues and certain events in the film feeling meaningless and repetitive. That being said, The Lighthouse is a true achievement in cinema and currently the best of 2019 for me. I can't wait to see it again. 9.5/10.
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Your Goddamn farts..
steftrottmann27 September 2019
The Lighthouse was way more than just hot air and it was finally one of these movies again that kept me on the edge of my seat during almost the whole runtime and it also looked amazing. There's a high tension and a very uncomfortable atmosphere that even allowed some very dry humour and some very funny scenes without ruining the whole mood/feeling of the movie (like It: Chapter 2 did, for example).

Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson are (of course) outstanding, but I just have to say that I'm very excited that director Robert Eggers delievered another unique cinematic experience after The Witch.
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Great acting. No plot.
rahulthomas-0770816 March 2020
Great acting. Interesting cinematography. The problem is the movie goes in no direction and is quite long.
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Adrift at Sea
thepalestfire26 October 2019
And the new reigning champ of biggest disappointment of the year goes to... The Lighthouse. The tall-tale about two boring men who are set out to spend four weeks stuck together in a lighthouse. End of plot summary. Even The Green Goblin and Batman can't propel this beyond Eggers' weak material, and boy do they try. On the one hand, gone are all the cheesy supernatural elements. Mostly anyway. Unfortunately, he also took out the tense drama of The Witch as well. In its place are cliche metaphors and a predictable conclusion set to drunken rants and tense music. Such tense music. If they handout out awards for scores that carried films, this would surely win it.

I shouldn't be so hard on this one. This is the sort of film that people just getting into art films will surly declare a masterpiece. It's thoughtful pace, beautiful black and white cinematography, and weirdness will surely be the highlight of the year for many young cinephiles. Sadly, I was just checking my watch every ten minutes.
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Metaphorically Prophetic...
Xstal27 July 2020
A metaphorically allegorically prophetic film that could portray the struggle of many who have ever had to self isolate comprising, but not limited to loneliness, intense psychological anguish, self doubt, intoxication, poor diet, hallucinations, guilt and delusion - in monochrome but definitely not black and white!
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Wickies on the rock
ferguson-617 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Greetings again from the darkness. The opening sequence plays like something from 1920's era cinema. The chug-chug-chug of a boat slamming against the waves of an angry sea while birds flap and chirp alongside. We hear the wind and "feel" the severe ocean spray. Several minutes elapse before any word is spoken. Immediately noticeable is the nearly square aspect ratio ... the rarely (these days) seen 1.19:1 frame, making the black and white images appear both surreal and ominous.

All of the above makes perfect sense when we realize this is writer-director Robert Eggers' first feature film since his 2015 indie horror gem THE WITCH won dozens of festival awards. Mr. Eggers obviously has his own vision for projects, and his approach borders on experimental, eschewing conventional. He co-wrote this script with his brother Max, and evidently much was drawn from the actual journals of lighthouse keepers ... something that is evident in the vocabulary and the effects of solitude.

4-time Oscar nominee Willem Dafoe stars alongside Robert Pattison as the two men charged with a 4 week assignment of tending to a lighthouse. The film is set in 1890, and Dafoe plays Thomas Wake, the epitome of a salty old sea dog, replete with bad leg, hardcore Atlantic accent, and upside down pipe. Pattinson is Ephraim Winslow, the assistant Wickie, who faces non-stop demands from Wake, and initially maintains a quietness as he goes about his duties ... what Wake calls the 'doldrums.' We learn little about either man's past. For Wake, other than knowing his previous assistant went mad, the clue is when he mentions "13 Christmases spent at sea" costing him a family. For Ephraim, when Wake asks, "Tell me what's a timberman want with being a Wickie?" we get some insight into Ephraim's desired future.

Eggers has delivered the anti-buddy movie. It's a bleak, slow-motion race to insanity caused by being isolated with only one other person ... a person you aren't fond of. Only this is not a director or a film content with showing two men stuck on a storm-battered rock, as they slip towards insanity. No, we viewers are forced to experience some of these same feelings - how much of what we see is actually happening? It's mesmerizing and hypnotic, and the above-mentioned narrow screen aspect purposefully emphasizes the sense of confinement and claustrophobia.

With no color and only a couple of characters ... OK, 3 if you count the mermaid ...OK, 4 if you count the seagull ... the film still manages to pound us with sensory overload. We can barely process all we are seeing, despite relatively minimal 'typical' action. The black and white images are mostly just various shades of gray, and sunshine is non-existent. Cinematographer Jarin Blaschke (THE WITCH) embraces the dreariness by allowing the fog, lanterns, candles, wind, rain, and harsh elements to become characters unto themselves. However, nothing is in sync with our two leads. Composer Mark Korven fills the many lapses in dialogue with sounds and tones we haven't heard before, yet they fit perfectly here. This is also quite likely the first film to utilize farts and foghorns in harmony.

Director Eggers filmed this on Cape Forchu in Nova Scotia, and the extreme weather and less-than-welcoming terrain create quite the visuals - as do the faces of our two lead actors. Dafoe may never have chewed scenery so delightfully as he does here, and Pattinson starts slowly before delivering his best work - including a ferocious rant that is fascinating to watch and contrast to his character's first meal with Dafoe. Is this a horror film? A fantasy? Macabre comedy? There is simply no way to describe this other than bizarre. It's truly miserable cinema, and I loved every minute of it.
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Must see. Oscar worthy performances from both men
myselfie-6168314 September 2019
I saw this at TIFF and I was go glued the whole time. This film must have taken a physical toll on the actors, knowing Nova Scotia's harsh conditions, & it was mesmerizing to watch onscreen. Dafoe was good as expected but its Pattinson that really surprised. It would be a tragedy if these men didn't get nominated for awards. Cinematography nomination is a certainty. This film was just beautiful & artistic & amazing on all fronts. Well done Eggers
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Beautiful shot, experimental, but story was incoherent
Hopedoesnotdie18 October 2019
This movie was visually stunning and I loved the use of movement and Willem Dafoe's intense dialogue and use of soliloquy's but some of the other elements felt contrived. Also the story is all over the place, I felt like the director just came up with stuff on a whim and just started shooting and just decided to throw a bunch of stuff together in the editing room. The tears in the movie felt contrived and some parts just didn't feel organic. But visually it's beautiful.
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A Piece of Art - Film Festival Gent
vyrondiamind9 October 2019
Nothing is what it seems at the uncanny lighthouse where Robert and Willem deliver a performace from beyond. The chemistry between both of them grabs you on every emotion, from laughter to discomfort, and never seems to let your attention go. Since I'm no horror fanatic myself it's worth to mention Lighthouse is more categorised in the psychological sector where the atmosphere does a excelent job to make you feel uncomfortable and suspenseful. Absolutely amazing movie, or should I say a piece of art, on every level.
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Should have left after 15 mins
Vic_max25 October 2019
I went to the opening night in my area - the theater was full. About 15mins into the show, I realized what I was getting into. Only small squarish portion of the screen was used, there were only going to be 2 actors, I could understand only 40% of the dialog, the characters are weird but not interesting and it's very, very slow.

I could see people clearing out of the theater the moment it looked like it was over. I was one of them - I couldn't wait to get out.

The main thing to know is that even though it's listed as "horror" (and in some listings sci-fi / fantasy) ... it's an art film. This means it's generally unconventional, experimental and geared at a niche audience. A lot of times such movies will capture critical praise but be unappealing to mass audiences.

That's what's going on with this movie. It's bizarre, psychological, atmospheric and if it happens to grab you - intense. Otherwise, it will be a massively disappointing. If you saw "The Witch", Egger's other key movie, you'll understand. People went in expecting a typical horror movie, but were instead given a slow, shakespearean-like drama with complex language and minimal, slow scares.

For me, the problem with this movie is that I didn't care about either of the characters. Neither seemed relatable or engaging. If anything, it was uncomfortable to watch them. The story seemed more about madness than anything spooky. If it had been a short film - it might have been palatable, but not in its current form.

Unless you liked "The Witch" or are into artsy / experimental movies, definitely be forewarned and eliminate your expectations. It could be a big letdown.
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