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Season 3

31 Dec. 2019
We continue on the happenings as we left them last season: Hodei takes her decision in front of Aztibela
31 Dec. 2019
Episode #3.2
Hodei appears in a desert road, in a time and world completely unknown for her.
31 Dec. 2019
Episode #3.3
Locked in a psychiatric, Hodei meets some people that seem to know more of her than she actually does.
31 Dec. 2019
Episode #3.4
While a nuclear unification is being made outside, Hodei earns a way to get out of the psychiatric with a new boss: Ttarttalo.
31 Dec. 2019
Episode #3.6
Hodei escapes with Herio, Ttarttalo's daughter and Ilargi, a friend from the psychiatric. The boss' death makes the streets go wild.
31 Dec. 2019
Episode #3.7
With a new order from Ttarttalo, Hodei, Herio and Ilargi fall into the hands of two old reconverted gods.
31 Dec. 2019
Episode #3.8
Hodei, Herio and Ilargi escape once again, only to find themselves in front of a more dangerous enemy. Ilargi's powers might be more useful than no one though.
31 Dec. 2019
Episode #3.9
Hodei finds out that all her dreams and hallucinations had some sense.
31 Dec. 2019
Episode #3.10
Herio ends up severely wounded, and her only hope seems to betray everything they've fought for. The truth is revealed to Hodei and she must make a decision once again, while the nuclear unification takes place.

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