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(2017– )

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Season 2

31 Dec. 2018
ADITZAILE TXARRA, ISILIK. (El que no quiere oír, no debe decir./Bad listeler, should not speak.)
In the past, Ttarttalo stats a journey to find a love one. On the other hand, Hodei will discover some of the most tortuous rituals from Ttarttalo and his court.
31 Dec. 2018
HIL ARTE BIZI. (Vivir hasta la muerte./Live till death.)
Tension grows in the fortress when young Herio and Ttarttalo fight. Meanwhile, in another time line, Ttarttalo finds the person he was looking for.
31 Dec. 2018
Aldi Joana ez da Itzultzen (Lo que se fue no volverá./What is gone won't be back)
Hodei threatens Ttarttalo, but he only wants to please her. We discover how Ttarttalo managed to create a group of followers that would see him as a God on earth.
31 Dec. 2018
ALDI JOANA EZ DA ITZULTZEN. (Lo que se fue no volverá./What is gone won't be back)
An unknown person will transport the brothers into a new dimension, where they have a revelation that will change their lives.
31 Dec. 2018
Aldi luzeak, guztia ahaztu. (El tiempo todo lo cura./Time cures everything.)
Bad influences will take Herio through the road of hatred and revenge. In the past, we will see how the brothers train Herio to be the warrior she is today.
31 Dec. 2018
Beltza den guztia ez da bele. (No todo lo negro es cuervo./Not all black is raven)
The witch is threatened by the brothers and reveals a fateful prophecy. Hodei will begin a dream-like trip through the corners of her troubled soul.
31 Dec. 2018
Egiak ez ditu bi bide. (La verdad no tiene dos caminos./Truth does not have two sides.)
The goodness of a former enemy will help Hodei. But she will have to take the most complicated decision in her life, a decision that could change the course of history.

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