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I was cheering for the Croc after 40 minutes..
guinden7 August 2020
The movie starts good the tension is there similar to the old Black water movie which was really good. But then pacing slows down and character decisions and actions are became annoyingly stupid a few times.

There are some total unnecessary "story" lines. So yeah after 40 min i was really cheering for the croc...

Not to mention the last act of the movie which was intentionally stupid or hilarious i couldn't decide.

5/10 cause at least the atmosphere reminded me the old movie.
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You'll have more sympathy for the Crocodile than the cast.
Sleepin_Dragon18 December 2020
I enjoyed the start, withe couple lost and arguing, and for some strange reason switching to argue in English, but as soon as the four main thrill seekers appear on screen, it all goes downhill.

I can't remember the last time I watched a good monster in a cave film, there seem to have been quite a few. You watch for ages before anything happens, it literally takes about fifty minutes for anything to happen.

I was genuinely glad when that crocodile got what it wanted. The good looking blonde dude was such a smug character.

Toothless, 4/10.
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Predictable and less than mediocre entertainment...
paul_haakonsen7 August 2020
Well, did we really need another movie about a group of spelunking people getting trapped underground with no way out, a rising water mass and a man-eating creature?

The answer is no, not really. And the 2020 movie "Black Water: Abyss" from writers John Ridley and Sarah Smith didn't really impress much. Especially since it offered virtually nothing new to the genre, and there are other movies in the genre that proved to have more bite to it - pardon the pun.

And director Andrew Traucki didn't really manage to muster up a story that was all that entertaining. Sure, "Black Water: Abyss" was watchable, but it was awfully predictable and generic. And that made the movie suffer.

The acting in the movie was adequate, but the characters were slightly less adequate. But once you've seen one of these movies, you've essentially seen them all. And the characters in "Black Water: Abyss" were generic, sure.

And for a movie with a man-eating crocodile, then "Black Water: Abyss" just didn't pack enough of a forceful bite. The scenes with the crocodile were just too far between, and there wasn't enough scenes with the man-eater. So it was slightly boring.

I will say, though, that the crocodile was nicely animated and seemed very realistic. So that was definitely a plus. Just a shame it wasn't all that much in the movie.

The ending of the movie was just bland and super predictable. It was actually a ridiculous ending to the movie; one that you saw coming a mile away.

I am rating "Black Water: Abyss" a less than mediocre four out of ten stars. It offers nothing that we haven't already seen in other movies in the same genre.
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Victor!... Jenn!... Victor!... Victor!... Jenn! Jenn!... ... Victor!
metalbeard8 August 2020
If you've read the title of this review, you've seen the movie. Forget about seeing any actual crocodile.
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Not enough bite but ok
belfastrix19 July 2020
5 go into a cave. They get trapped inside because of a storm ( that they knew about ). A big croc is lurking and you can guess the rest yourself. Could've been a lot better but also worse. Was just glad to be back in the cinema
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Boring and predictable
horst697 August 2020
I really enjoyed the other Black Water movie, which this one's title seems to be referring to .

It's nothing like that film though; just a drawn out sequence of almost identical scenes , no storyline to speak of, and actors that are instantly forgettable .
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Found too much light and passivness in this Abyss
TwistedContent9 August 2020
Andrew Traucki, director of the somewhat acclaimed creatures features "Black Water" and "The Reef", brings a sequel (only in name) to his first killer croc hooray. I remember watching "Black Water" way back when, and it worked on suspense, the limited location, the one woman's show, though still lacking some necessary sauce. This next part seems to be also relying a lot on suspense and fear of a force that's lurking unseen - the movie largely does so with lackluster energy, and a newcomer filler is a fair amount of melodrama, which didn't feel very welcome to me.

Like many similar movies, "Abyss" kicks off with a pair of unfortunate tourists falling prey to the croc of the caves, it will be in his home we're going to spend most of the screentime. A home too plain, too evenly lit, barely succeeding to feel claustrophobic, consequently struggling to establish an atmosphere. Our protagonists are 5 rather stereotypical movie friends with typical plot problems and arches - one has to be prepared for soapy notes throughout. Story's simple and slow, ending does not hit any nails on the head, and all in all there's a predictable story riddled with minor bugs. While all this may be so, a good portion of people are probably most excited about the action and croc himself. Well, he hides. A lot. There's some cgi and some practical effects, and I'm not entirely sure about the partial usage of real crocodiles as it's known about the first "Black Water" flick. "Abyss" is a low budget feature, and action describes that, not the worst, but mostly heavily edited with close-ups, shaky cam, all kinds of cheaper substitute techniques. It's a killer reptile movie that's above the syfy-type, but below the better examples like "Rogue" or "Crawl", though I'll admit the latter is not a lot about that realism. The cast consists of little known names who do a decent job, but little of anything manages to impress as the growingly tedious nature of "Black Water: Abyss" marches on for 90 minutes.

I felt a certain disappointment for an anticipated movie coming from a guy who's biggest love and mission seems to be animal/nature/creature horror genre. If you have a lot of patience and are looking for utter realism in this genre movies, it might be worth giving "Abyss" a spin. My rating: 4/10.
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Soggy subterranean survival yarn.
CinemaSerf25 July 2020
Luke Mitchell is one of those actors that the camera really loves - especially when he is wet; unfortunately though, he isn't the only thing that is a bit wet about this. He leads a group of friends on a cave-dive in the remote Queensland forest where only days earlier, a couple of tourists had gone missing. Initially, all goes well until a thunderstorm above floods their caves and they find themselves on the menu for a particularly nasty crocodile as they try to get back to the surface. At times, the direction and lighting do create quite a tense, claustrophobic, atmosphere and it reminded me why I would never want to get into any sort of hole in the ground that didn't have an escalator and train at the end of it. The characterisations are poor, though - the usual melodramatic mix of personal sub-plots that all really just make you contemplate that maybe the croc is just performing a public service - and the wishy-washy ending sort of sums the whole thing up! I can't say it was worth the money to see on a big screen, but I reckon that is the only way to watch it - it will look very ordinary on the telly.
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daviesj-15 August 2020
I left after 30 minutes. Boring, poorly staged, awful camera work. Just utter drivel
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It's okay.
kjjames8118 August 2020
If your bored and have nothing else to watch then by all means go and watch this film, you could do worse but if you have other things to watch and miss this little title then don't panic your not missing much. I was hoping this would be much more edge of your seat tension but there was none. That's right no tension at all, in fact the last thirty minute I was praying the film to end. Now don't get me wrong, the cast and the story did nothing wrong but the film itself became boring quickly, nothing happened and that my dear reader is where the film falters. A basic adventure film, not a horror. Just about four stars.
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A cheap and boring monster movie
sbweightman8 August 2020
A cheap monster movie that isn't bad per say, but is boring to watch. It has 1 or 2 good moments, but the story is formulaic, the characters are bland, the family drama sub-plot is unnecessary and the dialogue and acting is passable at best. No horror (unless you're afraid of dirty water) and no real surprises or suspense. The ending and scenes with of the crocodile are ok, but nothing special.
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Highly credible croc movie
robertemerald22 September 2020
Two of the reviews I read for this movie, one before, one after, were grossly unfair, so much so I struggle to wonder if people really care what they leave online. The movie opens with a startling 'forerunner' scene, and it's chilling. There are a few minutes of getting to know the cast, then the tension begins. Black water: Abyss is well cast, and the characters aren't irritatingly teenage or immature, in fact, they are very believable. I loved the lighting. I assume in modern terms there are a number of modern lights you take into a cave system, in any case, it worked well. Creepy reflections off cavern walls perfectly highlighted the horror lurking in the pools below. The croc itself is realistic, not massive as in Rogue, but big enough, and seen pretty often. Hats off to the actual attacks. I thought that very realistic. Black Water: Abyss was, for me, a very satisfying wild creature horror experience.
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It's Good
nalaka-net10 August 2020
So many haters in the review section. Don't know how much these people expect. compared to stupid movies these days, this is fairly good. Suspenseful and keep the viewer on edge.
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kuarinofu9 August 2020
The film is long, generic and absolutely uninteresting.

I mean, a group of mostly inexperienced people decided to delve into a random cave and also bring a pregnant woman with them. You can't write characters that are more stupid that these, really.

It was mostly fine on a technical level, but there's just nothing interesting about the characters or the story, no interesting locations, visuals, anything.

I understand that maybe the creators wanted to make it look realistic and dry, but you have to have something in your film that will capture the viewer's attention, just having stupid people in it doesn't help, nor does help having a love triangle subplot in a crisis situation. And yeah, the ending is just ridiculously bad.

As I scanned through the reviews it become clear that this is a sequel to a popular film I haven't seen (which is much better), so I'll guess I'll check it out as well.

Surprisingly enough, this was a very weak attempt at a croc film provided that Australians have some really good films in the sub-genre, like Rogue (2007).

This is very skippable. There's absolutely nothing in this that will horrify or entertain you in any way.
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Simple and effective horror
masonsaul6 April 2021
Black Water: Abyss isn't extremely scary or that original and the ending feels out of place but it's a simple and effective horror that's reasonably atmospheric and quite suspenseful. Jessica McNamee, Luke Mitchell and Amali Golden are all really good and Anthony J. Sharpe and Benjamin Hoetjes are both good. Andrew Traucki's direction is also good and uses the Crocodile sparingly even if it's hard to see sometimes.
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Killer Croc
IndieZeus31 December 2020
Strong Aussie Horror about a group of cave divers that get stranded with a killer crocodile. Good set pieces and performances.

Thankfully the crocodile isn't a CGI fest.
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Definitely has restraint
williamkelly-128108 August 2020
Whatever you wanna say about this movie, it definitely has restraint and doesn't over use the croc.
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Realistic crocodile thrill!
ReliableReview11 August 2020
This is not too bad and the crocodiles look real. It's your standard crocodile thriller about a group of friends going spelunking and get trapped in a cave with a hungry crocodile but it's quite well done and the crocodile is shown just enough and it's not an exaggerated monster movie. There's some silly friendship melodrama but overall it was an enjoyable creature feature.
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Better than what they said!
ebenbanban7 August 2020
This is a fun ride with not much crocodiles. Most of the tensions work. It is not perfect but the experience is better than what they said!
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Suspenseful and frightening.
to_the_ark8 August 2020
Five friends set out on a caving trip, unaware that they will soon become prey to a crocodile and must fight to find a way out.

If you are expecting anything more than exactly this, you will be disappointed.

One thing in particular about this film that I really enjoyed was how it subverted my expectations. There were a number of moments where I fully anticipated something would leap out from the dark, only for the film to seem to recognise my train of thought and build up tension instead. The setting also helped contribute to this. I'm curious to know if this was filmed at a real cave, because it is quite convincing. There's some seriously gorgeous cinematography in the first act showing off as much as possible.

The film also seemed to understand which characters you would like and which you would like to see killed off, and this made my experience of this film much more satisfying. They pull no punches, there is lots of bone-crunching, blood-curdling horror to be found here.

Overall I think this will cater to anyone looking for a solid horror flick to watch with friends. But if you are looking for an intellectual film with strong characterization and writing, you are in the wrong place.
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Neighbours with crocodiles
Pairic19 December 2020
Blackwater Abyss: The amuse-gueule provides us with a couple lost in a North Australian rainforest, bright sunlight floods through the trees, still a sense of threat though, The duo fall through a crevasse into a waterlogged cave and are devoured by a crocodile.The starter is a group of five friends who enter the cave system through another entrance and advance through tunnels to the larger caverns. Calamity strikes as yet more water surges into the caves and a crocodile strikes. Bringing us to the main course when the rising water forces the friends to either shelter on ever higher ledges or attempt to escape through the flooded caves. Meanwhile the determined crocodile stocks up it's meat larder. The dessert is just a bit too twee. Some good scenes of leaping snapping crocs and gore, though the underwater filming is a tad too murky. Some good tension is built up but things become too much of a soap opera with the characters personal problems. A bit like Neighbours with a crocodile. Not as good as the original. Directed by Andrew Traucki, written by Sarah Smith and John Ridley. On Netflix. Can't give it more than 5.5/10
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Wanted a film similar to The Descent, but this wasn't it
jtindahouse22 September 2020
'Black Water: Abyss' seemed like an odd title to me, but I didn't click on to the fact it was probably a sequel until reading it was after seeing it. Usually I like to see originals before I watch their sequels, however in this case I don't suspect it will matter too much. An opening scene for any horror/thriller is so important. It sets the tone for everything to come. The opening scene is this film is about as bland as they come. Almost no creativity or effort on the part of the writers went into it. Everything that happens is as bland and predictable as you could possibly imagine. The film does get slightly better as it goes along, but it never reaches any great heights.

I hate it when a character in a movie is said to be pregnant early on. It's supposed to make us care more about the fate of that character, but all it does it make them feel extremely safe. It does play into a side plot later on, but the movie would be so much better without it being there.

The plot of the movie is basically a group being stuck in a cave, with a crocodile running rampant. That sounds like a fun movie. I was hoping for something more along the lines of 'The Decent'. But in 'The Decent' they felt genuinely lost underground and like they could be miles from getting out and only digging themselves deeper. It created an extreme sense of claustrophobia for the audience. In 'Black Water: Abyss' however, it feels like they have only just entered the cave when the trouble begins, and like they are always very close to being able to get out.

There are a few scenes that create some genuine tension and the effects with the crocodile are quite well done throughout. Caving in Northern Australia sounds like the worst thing in the world to me and is something I'll never do, but I can handle watching a film about it. There isn't a whole lot to recommend about this one sadly.
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Commits the cardinal sin of a horror movie. It's BORING
adamdoyle-4089310 August 2020
I'm struggling to find a good thing to say about this film - the characters are super annoying and none of them seem capable of acting scared which removes any speck of tension before it has a chance to form. its filmed really cheaply and essentially just shows the core cast gets to the cave - get trapped there and proceed to shine their torches at the water for long periods looking for the croc. it felt like the same thing over and over - the filmmakers completely fail to convey the sense of the dread of the water rising. its actually baffling how badly this film sucks.

The film's tone completely shifts from "serious monster / people in peril" to syfy sharknado style for the last five minutes.

I just watched Deep Blue Sea 3 and this film made that seem like JAWS
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Low level of excitement
ks-6050017 August 2020
Too long, not scary, I laugh at the last bite, lame killing, totally a D class production.
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