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Interesting to see one side of brutal war
sirwhitecrow25 August 2018
The film shows what war does to people, how it changes normal men and women into that what is left now. It shows one side of the story, you could tell the same story when you interview the enemy. It shows how idiology seems to be the only reason why brothers fight against brothers and how helpless everybody is, because nobody knows a real reason why to fight. They say that the enemy kills civilians and so they have to fight back, but everybody knows that every side tells the same stories. The film shows how useless and hopeless that kind of war and warriors are. They kill and die for nothing.
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Must watch
maksp-506321 August 2018
The civil war is blood, mud, the shattered hopes and pain of tens of thousands of people. Serbs know this better than many. Must watch
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Movie that shows the real situation in east Ukraine
tracieee17 August 2018
I'm so glad that i watched the movie ,it opened my eyes ,i'm soo tired of the lies being told on CNN,Fox and other news companies that brainwash people like me everyday
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Great doc that shows the truth of what really happened in Ukraine dont believe the Russia-phobia
bryanmendez10018 August 2018
This film does a great job on showing what really happened in Ukraine. If you dont believe this happened just go on YT and search American journalist with Ukrainian/ Russia rebels in Eastern Ukraine. They document what its like for the volunteer soldiers.
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Wonderful Journalism
mc_triggaman1 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is an absolutely incredible piece of journalism reporting on a much-ignored war from a NEVER reported on perspective. The director follows Deki, a volunteer sniper for the Donetsk People's Republic in Eastern Ukraine which has been at war with Ukraine since the Kiev coup in 2014.

The director presents a balanced view of the conflict and frequently challenges Deki on the legitimacy of Eastern Ukraine's claim to independence as well as why he is there considering it is not his place of birth.

The reason so many Ukrainian nationalists have staged an organised smear campaign on this film is because it does not fit with their narrative of ethnic Russian rebels wishing to leave a now vehemently nationalist Ukraine, which became so by way of illegal coup, overthrowing a legitimately elected government. This film actually shows the story from the other side, which is a dangerous thing for these Ukrainian Nationalists, as knowledge is power and the less the World sees those in the DPR as real human beings the easier it is for Ukraine to denounce them as terrorists.

This is a beautifully shot, harrowing documentary. Unforgettable.
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Film about the defense of Donbass
tsostin-837001 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Very useful film for the understanding of civil war in Donbass.It shows the cruel, dead-end aggression of Ukraine, the struggle and the calm confidence of Donbass republics in their victory. The professional sniper explains that he must defend the land of his brothers,the human rights of its habitants. Many thanks for the author of this truthful film.
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A must see documentary
adriaankolff31 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Immediately from the start, A Sniper's War graps hole of you and crawls under your skin. The intimate portrait of the main character, Serbian sniper Deki, is beautiful and frightening at the same time. Deki's anti US and pro Russian views are a good example how conflicts and historical events, in this case the Kosovo war, echo and divide generations for decades. Deki feels he has to pay his duties to Russia for supporting his people in the Kosovo war and joins the pro Russian rebels In Donetsk, Ukraine fighting the Ukrainian army. Locally Deki is seen as a hero and enjoys an almost mystical status as a sniper. As the film progresses you see the human side of Deki and his reasoning to deal with all the killing and his own internal struggles. It magnetically draws you to him a makes you wonder whether you are looking at a cold hearted killer or warm hearted person trying to protect innocent civilians. A Sniper's War leaves this up to the viewer to decide. With the film being centered around Deki, A Sniper's War provides a wider view of a war we only get a western view on without ever losing its objectivity. As any good and powerful documentary it makes you think about your own views and believes about a conflict still going on today.
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dismiss all the troll reviews
dmitriyrozin31 July 2018
Amazing how many hating anti-Russians reviewed this title, provided only a few of them possibly saw it. Surely, this is a troll action across platforms, which is unfortunate. I am an editor of this film and I attest - nothing here is propaganda, the events depicted are true, not faked, not staged, not biased. It is an objective portrait of a person (and people) in a space which happens to be one the hottest conflict spots of the planet. The main character's views are not exactly the views of the makers of the film. All the makers of the film are long-time newyorkers, and the film was made possible due to local private funds of non-Russian, non-politically affiliated party, started originally as a small New York Film Academy project , it grew into an extensive, risky research, originally with several main characters. The director, over a period of a long time, gained trust of the characters and was able to capture something that not many people have access to. The fact that it was awarded by several major festivals and praised by critics for objectivity talks for itself.
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A Pro-Russian sniper against the Ukrainian Neo Nazis regime backed by Us and Nato
yurikonstantinovitch1 August 2018
A movie, exposing a view of a famous shooter who helps defend Donbass people against the Neo Nazi-Galicia "Banderist" Ukrainian government. This Nazi government has been promoted and supported by US and Nato since the "Maidan" coup. (Just like they supported Al Qaeda and Al Nosra terrorists in Middle East. to promote a coup to overthrow Assad) US used the event they promoted, to justify an act of agression against Russia by constantly giving weapons to this Nazi government. These fascists keep punishing Donbass for being Russian friendly. This is a story of one of the brave member of the resistance.
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Truth about Donbass
listen21 August 2018
Excellent movie. Please ignore all politically charged negative reviews. Most reviewers didn't even watch it.
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The first anti-fascist documentary after a long time.
Johnny_Evans23 January 2019
I was surprised. As someone who has long been involved in the study of social phenomena such as Nazism, i was very pleased that I finally came across a documentary that really depicts the aggression of the Ukrainian Nazis on the Russian population. All of these areas, and a large part of Ukraine once belonged to Russia. In fact, the real name of Ukraine is Kievan Russia, but the communists in 1922 created the present-day Ukraine, taking a large part of the Russian territory, with all the Russian population. Directing, framing and color grading, as well as the story itself, are 10/10!
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Great film portrays the true stories of this conflict
Grizzly252520 December 2018
This movie was truly moving. When I first watched this movie I feared it would just be propaganda like the reviews said but after I watched it was nothing like that. It is now among some of my favorite movies. I believe that the people who just automatically rate 1 star need to actually watch this masterpiece, yes I said masterpiece, of film and documentary showing the true side of the conflict. And finally as a resident of the U.S. I do not feel that this is propaganda in any way shape or form but only the true story of this truly devastating conflict.
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Reviews are not relevant for this film
ipsa-irina2 August 2018
What we can see in the reviews here is a perfect example of a politically motivated flash mob organised by Ukrainian nationalists. They didn't see it, they against it just be alit doesn't fit their picture. I am writing this only for the information of normal IMBD users. Please, be careful when you reading reviews on any film which touches painful subject regardless country, nationality or religion. There always will be people, who are strongly against other opinion. In that case it is better to see film personally and make your own opinion.

Also for IMBD administrators - surely you have noticed unusual activity from certain IPs. Surely, you realised that something is wrong. But for some reason you allowed it. How come that film barely released and definitely not globally managed to get just one star?
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IMDB are you even checking this sh+t???
wazza2222-32-76743717 August 2018
The vote and review bots are ruining this site. Look at the same same two line reviews all scoring this movie 1/10. IMDB you are just as bullshed as Instagram these days.
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Real and True
AndGn1 August 2018
A very rare and true movie! Most of the ukranian nacionalist put 1* because they don't like the truth... The story about a true warrior, not mercenary who kills for money (as many mercenaries on the ukranian side from USA and other NATO countries). One of hte best films about war in the Eastern Ukraine. - Real and True.
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sansanych-349271 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
One of the best films about the war. All people of the world must know the really situation on the war in Donbass
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Good, interesting Film
hiperreal31 August 2018
The film follow a quite disturbed pro Russian sniper in a pro Russian area but it's not a propaganda piece at all and it's clear about what it is, if you can think for yourself at not point you feel it's being condescending, i can't say the same about the Netflix pro Ukraine documentary, not because of its views but because it does feel like a propaganda film. This film Its really interesting if you're interested in war in general and this conflict zone specifically. I rated 10/10 only to try in vain to balance all the "reviews" of people who doesn't bother to see the film and rate out of assumptions. Its a solid 7 imo.
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The real 1/10s Propaganda Team are out in force
lyx-123 August 2018
Isn't it weird? All the 1/10s seem to me more like a propaganda effort to tank this documentary!

Undeserved the low rating. I don't think politics should affect one's ratings of a a film or documentary.

This comes across as authentic and a good view into what real war entails. There isn't a lot of action at all, but a lot of close studies of people and their lives.

I didn't feel differently about the wars or Russia. In fact, there's nothing about Russia in there, just ethnic Russians minorities fighting attacking majority Ukrainians in a separatist war. The protagonist is a Serbian sniper. The other men and women were separatists.

It comes across as real, compelling and suspenseful with Deki and his nemesis. Dum-dum bullets...wow! Deki is a very well-crafted character.

The cinematography is outstanding as well.

Gave 10/10 to balance all the strange 1/10s.
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I don't get the other reviews at all, must be closed mindedness or gov funded trolls!
slipherj31 July 2018
Very good war documentary with all the insight to conflict and personal trauma one would expect. Regardless of what side of the conflict you side with, humanizing any side is a good thing.
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Not a war or action movie and its basically a story about one man who is dueling with another sniper.
alientechy18 August 2018
Some reviews make it seems like this is an action movie and in fact there is no action at all. They dont even show any explosion or bombs or tanks or anything. This is basically about a Serbian who kills a lot of nato soldiers and now he wants to leave but cant go home and he is in a duel so he cant even just leave.

If you followed some of the NAF commanders and their stories this will add some visuals to the stories. And basically thats why I even watched it. It is so slow and boring that it is not interesting to anyone else.Yes there is a story about the Serbian sniper and why he gets involved. Why those who speak Russian feel like they are being targeted and killed and they want to protect themselves and other Russian speakers from invaders and nato. But there is no propaganda involved here. I mean they dont show anything so how can it sway anyone's mind on anything? But if you wanted to learn more on the story of the Russian speakers in this part of Ukraine then this sheds some light but not in a big way since you already need to know much for ti to make any sense.

So unless people are also putting all Russian speakers into the RF army, there are no Russian troops either. They do show how they deal with attacks and such but this is not the intensity of Syria. They do show a bunch of volunteers from around the world since none of them gets paid. More than anything it gave me a sense of how I would fight invaders who are hell bent on my destruction. And it gave some comfort that others are also taking things into their own hands to do something about the injustice they faced. Not something I would waste my time with normally if I already did not follow the events taking place. Most others would either sympathize what this guy felt and why he feels he needed to do something or nothing at all. In many respects in what I felt this gets a rating of 8. But for many others this is below par on any other level.
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"A Sniper's War" is a key to understanding the tortured state of Ukrainian society
akcenat22 August 2018
Actually I thought this is a war movie, but a "Sniper's War" is the fascinating, disturbing, and intimate documentary that portraits a Serbian sniper who's moved to the rebel's Russian-basked republic of Donetsk to fight off the Ukrainian Army.

No matter what you think about the characters or the Ukraine conflict itself, as documentary it is powerful piece from a perspective we don't often see. Good documentaries, like this one, expose characters and conflicts that are unfamiliar to most audience members. It, also, benefits from very good cinematography by Alex Gritsenko and Santiago Garcia, who were BTW arrested five times wondering on their own around during making of this movie. Billy Martin's mournful music adds to the impact of these scenes, too.

Surprisingly interesting. 8/10
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A beautiful portrait of a lonely tangled scar.
omnisteve20 May 2019
I notice a lot of reviewers here are arguing politics with others' reviews. It's too bad when personal interpretation overwhelms the deeper, conflicting themes of an artwork. By focusing on a dirty civil war through the eyes of a single man, one with an oft-villified expertise, we get a glimpse of how no one who picks up a gun of war will ever lay it down as an innocent.

Probing, honest, and although one may think one side or the other is hero or villain, an engaging examination of how war kills much more than merely men, women and children.
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Well shot. Well edited. Poignant... But probable propaganda.
TroliusMaximus28 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Firstly, the film itself is very good -- in terms of its technical aspects. It's shot well (including the dreaded, but sparingly used 'shaky cam' sequences); it's pieced together nicely and has a good, almost too good (*read on) narrative flow for a documentary film that is shot in the midst of a war; and it also sports a musical score that's well apropos to the subject matter--in its haunting, dirge-like refrain.

The film follows a Serbian sniper serving for the break-away Donestk separatist group (a.k.a. Russian proxies), against the Ukrainian government forces (a.k.a., U.S. proxies), charting his travails over the course of an undefined time period (three years is alluded to, but the film footage does not seem to span anywhere near that long), during the recent hostilities in the pertaining region. It takes a snap shot of the man's life and ruminations in his role as marksman, while on and off the battlefield -- culminating in a somewhat ambiguous conclusion (as to his retirement... or not).

However, it should be noted that the film is very likely a Parvda-esque propaganda piece, wholly promoting the separatist side of the ledger in this conflict. I make mention of this because (i) it's rather obvious in the film itself, and (ii) because this fact seems to have resulted in the film receiving unduly low IMDb user ratings -- which, on merit and politics aside, the film does not deserve.

The key points of contention, and which rather give the game away, relate to the obvious bias of the central figure of the film -- regarding his political leanings, his interpretation of the war he's depicted as being embroiled in (as well as the Bosnian War of the mid-90's, that he alludes to incentivising his involvement here), and the overly mawkish way in which the guy is presented (...as well as one, suspiciously set-piece-looking situation he finds himself in).

As an example of the initial point, the man squarely blames the U.S. (lit. capitalism) for the Bosnian War -- seemingly oblivious to the fact that the Serbs butchered thousands of Albanian Moslems during their campaign of ethnic cleansing; as well as in-ironically trumpeting the great social equality of Communist Yugoslavia. (NB: I'm of Hungarian ancestry, with parents who helm from an erstwhile part of Hungary now in Serbian territory -- and I've been well apprised of how 'great' communism was, let me assure you... Hungarians were the first to rise against it, and three years in the Russian gulag for the egregious 'crime' of owning a farm, for my grandfather, is testament to the Soviet brand of 'egalitarianism'!)

In the case of the latter, a few of the scenes felt contrived -- in particular: the sniper apparently getting shot, but the body cam(?) he was wearing up until that point (and again thereafter) seemingly, inexplicably and irreconcilably M.I.A. at the time of said incident; and the subsequent medal award ceremony also felt ad hoc and just tad too neat a bow to be tied around a documentary film -- i.e., it felt scripted and smacked of a Russian film school graduate pandering to U.S. viewer 'neat and tidy ending' sentiments.

Though, it should be noted that the film, as broached, is well-made and, as such, may well have its intended effect on some of the more suggestible and less world weary Russian state television reared alumni. Of course, the opposite could be said for jingoistic, pro Western viewers, who will (and do) just rate the film down for not aligning with the particular narrative that they've been inculcated with... And around the confirmation / association bias carousel goes -- where it stops, only Hell knows.

Having said all that, I myself did not expect to see an objective account of the conflict in question; given the caveat proffered by the contentious user reviews associated with this film. As such, the sometimes blatant propaganda did not taint my assessment of this piece on its merits as an example of good film-making. I do recommend it -- it's engaging and a different perspective than what we're used to over in the West. But only with the proviso that those who do watch it, do not do so with the explicit intention to be politically enlightened, as to the pertaining situation; much less, the Age old capitalism vs. communism debate. The former quandary being far too raw a wound to be properly assessed with an objective eye yet; with the latter requiring much more of a 'War and Peace' approach to even attempt to decipher, not just Parthian snipes from a distance. 7/10
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Pay no attention to the red-scare hate
norrin__radd17 August 2018
Nobody criticizes Top Gun for it's pro US propaganda, so let's leave the politics out of this. A Snipers War is an interesting story irrespective of what side of the Atlantic you happen to be on. Watch it with an open mind from a humanist perspective and you'll be surprised.
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Whether you agree or not...
Chris018410 December 2018
There are two sides to every story. This documentary provides the 'other' side and whilst this may not be to the 'Western' worlds taste - hence the reason for the negative reviews - it provides a fascinating insight into the minds of the pro-Russians.

Whilst it is highly likely that 'Deki' is a 'propoganda' sniper with little role in actual combat this document serves to highlight the attitudes towards the West, and in particular NATO, exhibited by those fighting against Ukraine in the Donbas region.

It demonstrates how well a Russian backed force uses information, misinformation and disinformation to influence attitudes, particularly amongst their home audiences.

To simply write the documentary off because you disagree with the views expressed is not objective or helpful - I am sure the director approached this with an open mind, to try to explore the thinking behind the annexation and ongoing conflict - perhaps those reviewers should appreciate his work for what it is and not throw in their own political views.
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