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Crappy Finale
spaghetti0076 September 2018
Where do I begin? Hows bout, why so DAMN SHORT CLAWS?

The shows first season was about the girls and slightly Desna, this one.. all about her and maybe an episode each of backstory for Jenn, Polly, Quiet Ann... the finale wasn't necessarily about Virginia but a sloppy narration by her was alright.

I'm disappointed with this season become political (slightly) and preachy (very) The ending was trash. We all know China Doll is okay. But once again, Desna prevailed against Duval. Reality is she would have been dead. Also Duval's mom should have never been in the show, her dismissal will not be missed. As for Svlata or whatever her dumb russian name is, was pretty cool. Her daughte, not so much. Like I said this episode/season was a let down.

I'd give you lovelies my ideas for the third season but, we'd be here all day. Also I could explain and talk more about this season, but I'm a few months late. I just watched the last one last night, because i wanted to wait it out... big let down.

It's not all about you Butterball Desna. Niecy is fantastic as her but, that'll be enough lol
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