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Not bad. Worth watching.
silvermistvio14 February 2022
"Indemnity" film is somewhat a fine film. The plot is good, the acting, the directing and the original score are also good too. It's kind of interesting. And thriller thing actually worked. It indeed made me thrilled. When I was watching it, my feet got cold and excited to see what happened next and how it was going to end. So, I'd say it's kind of a good film.

That being said, I still feel like it's a bit slow and kind of deliberately stretching the plot making it a bit longer than it should be. And also, I don't quite like the ending. It's like it's cut off in the middle. The director should have concluded by showing some more happy scenes. (This is just my personal opinion. As the one who likes to see happy ending, I really want it to end with happy things.)

About the rating, initially, I was going to give 7 stars until I saw some things that I don't want to see in any films. So, my final rating landed on 5 stars.

Anyway, even though it has some things I don't like, I kind of enjoyed it. So, I'd say it's worth to watch it.
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Felt like a Bollywood production.
Top_Dawg_Critic27 July 2022
It just dragged on and on, with overdone melodramatics and a sappy score. Newb writer, producer and director Travis Taute still did a fairly decent job overall, but the overly long scenes needed editing down so the bloated 124 min runtime be at the most 90 mins. The action was ok, and the story although cliched, routine and predictable, still had some merits. Casting and performances were decent for the most part, with the lead Jarrid Geduld being the least convincing, perhaps due to Taute's inexperience in directing his cast effectively. It's a watchable South-African entry into the action film genre, as long as you have patience.
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Not really about PTSD but may cause it in the viewer
retanapablo20 February 2022
Indemnity starts out as the story of a Cape Town fireman with PTSD. This is not terribly original, but it's definitely better than what the movie soon turns into: an even more trite blend of The Fugitive, The Manchurian Candidate, and Jacob's Ladder which has to do with "a huge government conspiracy (but aren't they all)" that involves "the higher ups' higher ups." The latter reminds me of a joke. A conspiracy theorist dies and goes to Heaven. He meets God, who tells him he'll answer any one question he has. The man asks "is the world flat?" God says "no, it's round." The man shakes his head in disgust. "This thing goes up even higher than I thought."

Director and scripwriter Travis Taute purports to have something to say on the subject of PTSD, but his message, if indeed he has one, is drowned under a wave of action thriller clichés - and whenever it comes up for air, it is pulled back down again by the heavy-handedness of the script. For instance, her boss asks the detective in charge of a murder investigation how PTSD is relevant; she answers "because (civil servants with PTSD) have to power through. Because the public relies on them, just like the police ... We can use it to expose this cycle of trauma. Perhaps put systems in place to ensure..." yada yada yada. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he meant relevant to the case. Which is not.
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"Indemnity" written by Gregory Mann
gregorymannpress-747627 February 2022

"Indemnity" follows Theo Abrams (Jarrid Geduld), an ex-Cape Town fireman. He used to be one hell of a firefighter. Today, he's forcibly retired, wracked with PTSD over the on-the-job deaths of friends. His world is rocked when he wakes up next to his wife's Angela (Nicole Fortuin) dead body with no recollection of what transpired and all evidence pointing to him as the killer. Soon, he will find himself the target of every cop in Cape Town, a wanted man denounced as a public danger over a horrific crime he has zero memory of committing. Labeled the prime suspect, Theo quickly finds himself hunted by sinister forces and Detective Rene Williamson (Gail Mabalane), a notoriously ruthless deputy chief of police, and embarks on a breakneck mission to uncover the truth behind his wife's death before a terrifying conspiracy changes the course of a nation forever. In his efforts to understand what happened, Theo will uncover a secret so terrible it will make the cops hunting him become the least of his worries. And all hell will break loose.

Protagonist Theo Abrams is a firefighter on the run after his wife is killed and he's accused of the murder. "Indemnity's" explosive opening sequence depicts the origin of Theo's PTSD, one of the film's central plot elements. As he and his fellow firefighters attempt a daring rescue, tragedy strikes and two of his colleagues are killed. The scene is filmed with actual fire, which required the character to go through specialized training. The compression and force inside the shack is immense. It's all in camera. There's no way you can cheat it because the firemen's visors are clear, so you can see their faces. Literally walking through flames. What a rush!

In the film's most spectacular stunt, Theo climbs out a 21st-story window, drops down one floor and crashes through the window below in order to evade his pursuers. Any film we've watched with stunts that have been performed for real has always given us more entertainment value and a more immersive experience. It feels like we captured a moment of pure desperation and survival on the part of Theo. It's a literal leap of faith. And that's what survival is, doing something without knowing if it's going to go right or wrong.

A nonstop thrill ride packed with stylishly choreographed fights, car crashes, explosions, daring fire rescues and a heart-stopping drop out of a 21st-story window, "Indemnity" is perhaps South Africa's most ambitious homegrown action film. Adding to the fun, lead actor Jarrid Geduld, a newcomer to the genre, performs all of his own spectacular stunts. The film wants the audience to go on a journey with this character and feel like they could be in a situation like that. The audience knows what's real and what's not, and the key point on everything, the flames, the house, the car stuff, the heights, it adds an element of green screen or blue screen. It's a bit too over-the-top and this character maybe wouldn't have done that.

Written by Gregory Mann.
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Who is releasing this junk in the US?
publicemaildump14 March 2022
Who is releasing this junk in the US? PLEASE STOP!!! We already have enough crap being made in Hollywood, keep this junk to yourself!!! I am sorry I wasted 15 minutes fast forwarding thru this. I won't get those 15 minutes back.
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Loved it
marlizejorrie29 March 2022
Apsolutely loved this movie. Exacly the type of movies South Africa needs.! The character development, the action, the suspence, just everything. Loved it from start to finish. !
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Saturday Night Blues
stuckinmemphis10 July 2022
Nothing else to do on a Saturday night because I lost my mojo. I decided to watch this movie. Nice to see my South African brothers in a film. I never seen a South African movie.

My review...

The first 40mins could have been told in 20mins.

A conspiracy thriller it is..a lot of action. Good fight scenes. My question is....

Do the police put handcuffs in the front of a person in South Africa?

For some reason, that visual really bothered me.
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One of the best African movies
belharkyle18 May 2022
South Africans are more likely to find this movie interesting, especially those living in Cape Town. Real thrill and action packed film which is based around an ex fireman who gets framed by elite government officials.
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Solid South African production
digmore25 June 2022
Well acted and executed local production shot in Cape Town, which is always a plus. A twist on myriad US based pharmeceutical company evil intent stories, the centre of action involves an Africa based plot so it is refreshing to see this continent producing films so watchable. Great job by all concerned and I think it represents an example of African talent on par with the rest of the world.
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Exceded my expectations!
cfokseang26 May 2022
An actual South African masterpiece. The film kept us thoroughly entertained throughout and had some unexpected twists that had us on the edge of our seats! Cape Town was beautifully and authentically showcased. Overall, a very tight movie and touches on a number of interesting subjects. Would recommend!
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