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MPAA Rated R for disturbing war images

Sex & Nudity

  • The soldiers' manner of relieving themselves is addressed in passing. Bare backsides are shown in a number of shots as the soldiers sit on a log together.
  • Images are shown that display topless woman.
  • There are also references to "dirty stories", brothels, and some goings-on there, although this is not shown.

Violence & Gore

  • Throughout the course of the documentary, many lifeless corpses in varying states of decay and disfigurement are shown - a large number of them close-ups. This is largely what constitutes an MA rating, and should be handled with care.
  • Comparatively less battle action is on display, with most of the violence being aftermath. Soldiers are shown alive but injured, and a couple of times are treated for bullet wounds, which may be difficult to watch.
  • Oral narration of the expected events of war (including particular and horrific stories) is given alongside the visuals. This can be quite disturbing.
  • In context, the amount of violence and gore is rather small. Given the scenes PJ could have incorporated - mass burials, headless corpses, blown-off limbs, etc - what's shown is very mild. There's certainly enough to caution parents of small children, but nothing overly explicit, gratuitous, etc is ever shown, and what is shown is usually toned down a bit from even a typical photographic history.
  • Very graphic close ups of soldiers suffering from severe frostbite. The flesh on their feet are blue, with skin hanging off and meat and bones visible.
  • Artillery is show hitting a group of soldiers on horse back.
  • A man tells a very graphic story about seeing a man who is semi-conscious lying on the ground with his stomach opened, and his lungs expanding with every breath. The man tells about how he had to put the soldier out of his misery, and he begins to break down.
  • Horrible stories of soldiers getting eaten by rats in the middle of the night. Some images and closeups of the act.
  • Real videos of a mustard gas attack.


  • Perhaps a couple of muffled blasphemies. Primarily light language: "bloody", "damn", "hell", ect.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Hundreds of soldiers seen smoking. Some drinking. Narration often mentions smoking and drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Scenes focusing on the deaths which took place and conditions (some of which are very graphic) in the trenches may be upsetting to some viewers.
  • A lot of the stories that are told are pretty graphic.
  • Soldiers talk about lying about their age to join the war, thinking that it was going to be fun and games. They are then faced with reality when they arrive there, after seeing injured soldiers and the trenches.

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