"Schitt's Creek" Girls' Night (TV Episode 2018) Poster

(TV Series)


Dan Levy: David Rose


  • Patrick Brewer : [Looking at David]  Just think if we hadn't put these babies up front we wouldn't have sold two of them today.

    Stevie Budd : And a brush!

    David Rose : But at what price!

    Patrick Brewer : I think the markup is good.

    David Rose : [Moving his arms in a contortionist way]  No! No! No! Fine! I'm terrible at compromise. There! I said it! Like Beyonce, I excel as a solo artist and my mom dressed me well into my teens!

    Stevie Budd : Let it out David, let it out!

    David Rose : I'm sorry but I know what looks correct. And this situation looks incorrect! Plungers up front in a store are incorrect, breath mints where the lip balms should be incorrect, these mountaineering shoes my boyfriend is wearing like Oprah on a Thanksgiving Day hike incorrect!

    Patrick Brewer : I'm sorry? What did you say?

    David Rose : I said that the mints need to be moved. The plungers need to be.

    Patrick Brewer : You don't like my shoes?

    David Rose : I didn't say that.

    Stevie Budd : No, I heard him say that too.

    Patrick Brewer : I'll just take my shoes off

    David Rose : Or not. I didn't say that you had to take them off.

    Stevie Budd : I think my work here is done.

    David Rose : What work is that?

    [Stevie exits the Apothecary with a plunger in her hand] 

    Patrick Brewer : My boyfriend doesn't like my shoes so I'll just take them off.

    David Rose : [David sits in Patrick's lap]  But before you do that just so you know socked feet in a public place is also incorrect.

    Patrick Brewer : We all do what we need to do.

    [David and Patrick kiss each other] 

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