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Perfect for a 15 yro girl
jesamazinghawley25 September 2020
This is the movie I wish I had at 15. This isn't about Sherlock Holmes. It's not about solving a mystery or surprising the audience. It's about a teenage girl finding out who she is. It was charming, funny, wonderfully acted, aesthetically pleasing, and sweet. If you are a grown man criticizing it, Back off. This wasn't made for you. Or me. This was made for 15 yro girls. And the fifteen year old girl in me LOVED it.
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Not for Sherlock Holmes fans, but not bad either.
faolanredwolf24 September 2020
Enola Holmes is absolutely wonderful, quirky and charming. You'll absolutely love it, unless you're a Sherlock Holmes fan, then it quickly looses its charms. They basically change every character completely to fit the story, rendering them unrecognisable. But, it's made for young teen girls and they will love it. I should also add, that Henry Cavill is one of the worst Sherlock Holmes, I've ever seen. I genuinely like him as an actor, but in this case I think he was terribly miscast.

If you love Sherlock Holmes, you won't love this... but if you don't care about Holmes you'll have a great time.
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It could have been so much more...
korpake23 September 2020
Interesting premise, interesting setting, good actors, terrible writing. The plot is all over the place.

The main character verges on being a "perfect, but boring" character. Why are male characters belittled in order to elevate the female ones? Just write them all better instead of doing it this lazy way.

Events happen in ways that dont make sense and for no reason other than that the plot demands it.

I know this isn't a historical drama and I'm ok to suspend disbelief with a bit of artistic license, but the historical inaccuracies going on are so glaring it removes the viewer from the story entirely. It is made so much worse by sticking "modern-acting" characters in a society where such acts would be so out of place.

Nothing wrong with a theme of feminism, but it is poor writing to shove the theme in our face every minute. The theme should speak through the actions of the characters, not them telling it to your face while looking at the camera.
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A Bit Lost
sullybolly23 September 2020
It sort of tries to be too many things at once.

You think it's going to puzzle your brain a lot based on how things are set up, but it doesn't.

There're commentaries on oppression and class/privilege differences thrown in there, which were alright, but sometimes annoying.

There's a little love story thrown in there too, which is kind of unnecessary. It does get woven into the story and messages, but it's a bit hit and miss.

Conceptually good, and well acted. But the execution needs some work.
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Jiu-Jitsu in the early 1900s, Yes, females and children were taught.
robertnees24 September 2020
For the other reviewers that stated things like female Jiu-Jitsu classes were unheard off and it ruins the "period films", are just wrong. Jiu-Jitsu classes for males, females and children were held in England and Europe. Mr. and Mrs Garrud Garrud, trained by a Japanese master, ran his dojo after he went back to Japan (1908?). Mrs. Garrud ran the Suffragette Self-Defense Club, her and the club have quite the story (worth a rabbit hole dive).
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Am I the only man who love this movie?
zekehardrock23 September 2020
Mille Bobby Brown is excellent, Sam Claflin is extraordinary and Henry Cavil is being Henry Cavil. The Production is great, the story is heart warming but the mystery is not to much. I cant wait to see the spin off with Henry Cavil as Sherlock Holmes.
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Enola Holmes, a fantastic film.
rhydll23 September 2020
I've seen many people have disliked the film because of "historical inaccuracies" and it's feminist ideas. I must respectfully say, as much as I respect your opinions, you've missed the point of the film entirely.

Enola Holmes was not intended to be a masterpiece by Scorsese/Tarantino/James Cameron/Peter Jackson/Spielberg/Nolan et cetera et cetera and leave you with a powerful message or a million questions. This is supposed to be a fun family action/mystery for people of all ages to enjoy, with a hint of that familiar character that is the iconic detective of Baker Street. The film succeeded in its aims to be fun, a film to watch with others to unwind after a long day and forget about life. This film, along with a great story and stellar cast led by the always spectacular Miss Millie Bobby Brown, is exactly what this world needs at this moment in time.

The aforementioned cast did brilliantly in their roles. MiIlie Bobby Brown pulls the character off excellently, managing to be a perfect blend of Sherlock and a regular teenage girl, creating a fantastic original character. Cavill and Claflin were exceedingly good (and at some points rather humorous) in their roles of the Holmes brothers and Helena Bonham Carter brings her usual brilliance to the table in her role. The film itself is fantastic, managing to entertain whilst working in the underlying subplot and message of women's rights.

I'd highly suggest watching this film and if my argument hasn't persuaded you, let me ask you this; why do we go to the cinema but to be entertained?
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Poorly written
jgd127 September 2020
I really wanted to love this movie.

I'm the father of a 10-year old girl, and I firmly believe that we need more cool, smart, brave young female leads in movies, so that smart, cool, brave girls like my daughter has someone to look up to.

So I was looking forward to seeing a clever young girl solving a difficult puzzle in a movie with subtle references to the old Holmes-stories.

I did not get that at all.

The premise of this story is that the mother of Enola, Sherlock and Mycroft disappears and leaves behind clues to where she is hiding.

Apparantly, Henry Cavill's Sherlock can't be bothered to solve this rather simple paint-by-numbers case, so Enola steps in, but before the case really kicks off, our lead character meets a young viscount on the run, and the story turns into a YA love story instead.

Apart from the lack of a good puzzle, the main problem with the movie is that it talks down to its audience. Instead of just showing us some strong female characters (and there are a lot of them in this movie, so that's great) it insists on constantly telling us that "the world is changing" and "you can choose your own path in life". These not-so-subtle messages are sometimes even narrated directly to the viewer by the main character.

The old saying "don't tell it, show it" doesn't seem to be something the film makers have ever heard of.
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Fun, sweet and uplifting
the_oak24 September 2020
I enjoyed this movie and I am someone who is in the center politically. I sometimes think woke culture is pushed too much, but not in this movie. In my opinion this movie is about being your own person. I loved the acting and had no problems accepting the story.
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A cute little movie
boggie475824 September 2020
I must have watched a different movie then some of these viewers. This was better than a 1,2,point movie..It was a cute movie. Millie has become a really good actress. This was not a Sherlock Holmes movie..is was a movie of the fictional little sister of Holmes. I thought is was very well acted and I even loved how she would speak to the audience, that was a good touch....this was very much worth seeing. I enjoyed it.
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Millie Bobby Brown solves a dull mystery in Netflix's disappointing Enola Holmes
pranayjalvi23 September 2020
Without much of a mystery to solve, this young Holmes comes across more like a junior-level Wonder Woman: intelligent and highly trained yet puzzled by this unfamiliar, unfair world of men.

The movie was less intriguing with no high level mystery whatsoever. It didn't seem as a whole, rather was scattered into bits and pieces which made it kind of dull. A-List cast but a weak storyline and a no-suspense mystery drowns Enola Holmes into disappointment.

My Rating : 2.5/5
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Y'all Need to Chill
summertrianglestars23 September 2020
This is a fictional story about Enola Holmes--not Sherlock Holmes. The name "Sherlock" is more of a setting/narrative device than a relevant character. We should expand our perception of how an intelligent person behaves, speaks, and looks. Being unfeeling, being a sociopath, and being hooked on cocaine, should not be (and certainly isn't the case in the real world) identifiers for a genius person. Normally, I don't like films that hit you over the head with the feminist message--because it normally isn't done well. This time it's part of the character, it's a developed concept, and it's a developed narrative. Relax. No reason to get heated. Just enjoy it. A solid Netflix release. Would personally love for a sequel.
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Please make a sequel
daillstate11 November 2020
I thoroughly enjoyed this film. All of my preconceived notions of this movie were tossed out from the start. I'm so glad she's not a Mary Sue, with her flaws. 16 year olds weren't here children at the turn of the 20th century, so it's refreshing to showcase this. At the same time, they made an error, in my opinion. They made mention of the Ritz hotel, but it wasn't opened until 1906. Otherwise, everybody did a good job. Breaking the 4th wall was a nice touch as well.
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This isn't a movie. It's a two hour edited trailer.
shyuhaspivot24 September 2020
The characters go from point A - point B magically without any weight. Millie's character is very unrealistic and sounds like cheap Deadpool reskin trying to be Dora the Explorer.

The plot is basically non-existent, things are just happening for the sake of happening.

While I understand how sexist the times were but to shoehorn the same message over and over again. Mind numbing.

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A bit boring
twan_emile23 September 2020
It's not a very good movie. The acting is alright, but everything leading towards the ending is a bit disappointing.
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A charming film - good for the whole family!
tocanepauli24 September 2020
Rarely nowadays can we find a film that everyone in the family can watch together but happily this is one of those films. Charming characters, good story, action, lovely landscapes... Just a very enjoyable film....
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c-kelsall28 January 2021
Enola Holmes is a literary creation of American author Nancy Springer - who, incidentally, is better known to me as an author of fantasy novels; an addendum to the Holmes family created by Arthur Conan Doyle. Think Young Sherlock Holmes, except in this case the youth in question is a younger sister to the famous detective. Enola has been raised alone by her spirited, independent widowed mother, while her much older brothers have long since left the family home in the country and established their own well-known careers. Enola is therefore raised to think as her mother does, without reference to male or patriarchal influences. Mother and daughter enjoy puzzles and intellectually challenging and physical pursuits, and definitely not any of the things respectable ladies of the period are expected to do. Enola is very intelligent, but not worldy. Then, when Enola turns 16, her mother vanishes without a word. Why has she left, where has she gone, and can Enola find her? I personally found Enola Holmes to be a delightful film. Millie Bobby Brown is an absolute star, and she shines very brightly in a role which could easily have been written for her. Perhaps it was, since she also has a producer credit for this film. I saw an interview with her on-screen mum Helena Bonham-Carter, who said MBB is an absolute powerhouse; I didn't quite get what she meant at the time, but now I think I do. MBB is ably supported by a fairly starry cast - Henry Cavill (Sherlock), Burn Gorman, Fiona Shaw (who is always good value), the aforementioned HB-C, Sam Claflin (Mycroft), Frances de la Tour, David Bamber, Hattie Morahan and Adeel Akhtar - who all do good work. The young chap who plays the Marquis of Tewkesbury (Louis Partridge) is also very good. The pacing of the film is pretty much perfect, it kept me engaged throughout. MBB is such an engaging presence on screen, and there are very few scenes where she is not present because the story is told very much from her point of view. It is, after all, her story; a coming-of-age story wrapped up in a mystery with clues to be solved. Anyone who doesn't appreciate Enola will not enjoy this film. The only criticism I might levy is that there are obviously historical inaccuracies (unlikely 'colour-blind' casting in some small roles; the reform bill in the House of Lords to give women the vote did not in fact occur until 1918, while the Reform Act of 1832 to give ordinary men the vote in the UK had already occurred prior to the setting of this story), but it is fiction, not history. For similar reasons some might bridle at the blurring of class boundaries and the incipient emancipation of women (the women's Judo class, for example), but to my mind the whole point of those elements was that Enola was raised not to accept the established precepts of society. In summary, Enola Holmes is a family film which is not intended to be taken seriously, but there's a wholesome, positive message about the human condition there if you want it.
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I loved it!
navaj-2975724 September 2020
A really fun film, perfect for family movie nights. Millie Bobby Brown is a fantastic actress, it really impressed me that she produced this film- I'm looking forward to her next one. The plot was good, the characters are likable, the message was strong, and the mystery engaging. I would recommend it.
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A great film, with a great story and cast BONUS Helene Bonham Carter
JanJanuary6 February 2021
I must admit I hadn't fancied this film and just ignored it - after one episode of the awful 'Elementary' with Lucy what'sit, I couldn't handle another substandard Holmes based story. I'd seen pictures of this film but just ignored it. Then a friend told me, yes she told me to watch it. I'm so glad I did.

From the opening scenes, to the final one it's a joy to watch. The actress playing Enola is great and a natural (reminded me of a young Killing Eve actress) and then, to my delight, there was Helena Bonham Carter playing her mum. Looking lovely as ever and acting so brilliantly, as ever.

I love the actors playing Mycroft and Sherlock, they did such a good job, especially Mycroft. I love Adell Akhtar too as L'estrade. He's great in everything I've seen in him. It was great seen Hatfield House and other locations mentioned (Bethnal Green, where I worked for some years - when do you ever see Bethnal Green and Limehouse mentioned in films nowadays!)

It seems that the estate of Conan Doyle attempted to sue the makers of the film for showing 'Holmes having emotion' which would be 'out of character'. Isn't that just daft? Sadly Conan-Doyle's sons died without having children of their own, so there are no direct descendants. I watched a great documentary about the author which showed his 'playboy' sons having no interest in their father's work, and selling rights to it to anyone who came forward and for the best price. How things have changed. Glad that the estate lost, Cavill plays the role as every other Doyle has played it, but then we didn't see him interact with a 'younger sister..

Great film, great script, great cast, great scenery and locations. Loved it.
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Fine Film
jmress20 January 2021
It was fine film. This is all you can say for this film, it was fine. The 4th wall breaks were weird and made me feel like I was Dora The Explorer at some points. The best part of the film was the acting, but everything was fine. I will probably never see this film again. Edit: I just found out that the same director of photography was the same man who did the director of photography for Hell or High Water. I am so confused you did an amazing job in that film but you gave the most boring work on this film. WHAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT?
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Teen Version of the Guy Ritchie genre
jacoblevy88424 September 2020
This movie was a lot of fun... I'm a fan of the action packed Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes films, and this felt a lot like a PG-13 version of those films... It's rated M for the action sequences, which were well done, but definitely had that PG feel to it. The production design, acting, soundtrack, and pacing of the story were all very good... I would have scripted the final 15 minutes differently, but it still worked in the scheme of the plot and the motivations of the main characters. Millie Bobby Brown is a great young actor and is again the corner stone of this film. A new take on a classic, just enjoy it for what we enjoy films for... A fun, engaging story...
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TBH it's terrible
john-leigh6823 September 2020
Try's too hard to be 'alternative' period piece and ultimately ends up being so PC that it detracts from the actual movie
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Prime example of glorified awful fan fiction.
majorbonobo23 September 2020
Annoying AF, and badly written. The constant 4th-Wall breaks by Enola destroys the narrative, the pace, it's condescending, and becomes annoying, irritating.

But the worst sin of the movie is characterization. Whoever wrote this has no understanding of Mycroft Holmes (here an insufferable chauvinist petit-maître millions of miles away from the understated genius, government superagent of the Conan Doyle books) and to add insult to injury, the characterization of Sherlock Holmes himself, despite the books, plays, movies and tv shows who clearly show what kind of character he is, his personality, and so on. Having Henry Cavill miscast as a sympathetic, charismatic, friendly, brotherly, caring Holmes is an irony in itself, after his utterly misguided casting as Superman, whom he played as depressive, brooding, uncharismatic emo dull bore that ruined that other classic franchise for years to come. He seems to be condemned to always miss the mark as an actor thanks to awful scriptwriters and poor characterization.

A lot of chauvinists are giving low ratings to the movie because it's allegedly "feminist", but that's also far from the fact of why this movie fails, since it also lacks a mature and nuanced understanding of what feminism is.
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Waste of time
oliviakozuchowska23 September 2020
I was hoping for something at least pleasant to watch while eating but boy, I was wrong. Bad bad bad movie, predictable, shallow and cringe. I am a woman feminist, but this movie is just horrible.
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Disrespect the intelligence of the viewer, and fail attempt to #metoo
i-8282124 September 2020
Firstly, it's a disrespect to Sir Conan Doyle. If you want to have a #metoo movie, fine, just do not "borrow" the fame of Doyle's character.

Secondly, the logic is unbearable, to the point we had to drop out even when the movie is still 45 minutes away, and don't really care to read the remaining plot, if any.

Thirdly, the pace is sooo slow, and the it's more suitable to be an audio book than a movie. Again, if the intention is to "borrow" the fame of Doyle's character, then the film maker should not direct the intelligence of the viewer.

Finally, even if this were completely detached from the Sherlock Holmes' universe, I think it's still a failed attempt to #metoo and "live your life" movement. Again, too much boring conversations, it would still fail as an audio book.
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