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Great movie, makes you learn and reflect a lot.
karenkgs11 June 2019
This movie is really good, I watched it at Sydney Film Festival and it had a full room, everyone applauded at the end. This movie tells about the true history of Brazil and it's really a punch to make us think and learn more.
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Must watch, specially during the current Brazilian political crisis
vana-vana-vana12 June 2019
Had the pleasure of watching this movie during 2019's Sydney Film Festival, followed by a Q&A with director Wagner Moura.

Even though it's a long film (2h35), it keeps you on the edge of your set for the entire time. Extremely well written and a fenomenal effort from first time director Wagner Moura, "Marighella" manages to draw a bit of laughter despite dealing with heavy and dark subjects (the brazilian dictatorship years).

Seu Jorge, as per usual, gives the audience a fantastic performance, overshadowing weak and tacky acting from some of his peers, like Bruno Gagliasso.

Moura made the conscious decision of focusing the narrative on the characters personal nuances and lives, instead of delving into historical details about the dictatorship period. The director had the help of Marighella's relatives during the production.

"Marighella" also invites us to reflect about the use of violence during revolutions - is it or is it not necessary? Can we really be the judges of that?

The last scene of the movie gave me shivers. In Brazil's current grim political and social crisis, this movie is an absolute must watch for everyone who still denies the horrors of totalitarian regimes.
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