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Great fun gem of a movie
scottliddle7624 November 2019
People rating this movie a 1 or 2 are simply just wrong. Your reasons for a low rating like that is just ridiculous. It's a comedy horror and clearly states that and the trailer clearly shows you that. Sooooo why moan about it having comedic moments in the movie? Just plain dumb.

This is a comedy horror done right, it's dark humour breaks up the gore and violence up perfectly. The characters are perfect from the creepy over the top aunt to the leading protagonist Samara weaving. Acting is on point and the movie never slows up(dig to the crazy person saying it's boring)

The movie actually has an ending, and what a great ending too. The movie delivers on everything they intended to give you and more.

Sooo don't listen to the non constructive low critics and make your own decision and go watch
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Lots of gore and laughs
TreasureHunterGirl31 October 2019
Yes, it is a horror. Yes, it is a comedy. Yes, it is a great watch.

I laughed a lot watching this movie. I also cringed a few times from the gorey horror. I didn't know much about it going in. I honestly couldn't pick how it would end which means I was interested the whole way through.

I liked all of the performances, especially those of Samara Weaving and Adam Brody. They had interesting characters. Andie MacDowell and Henry Czerny were great too. Everyone was. No one let the team down.

I really enjoyed this movie. I honestly don't understand all the 1 and 2 ratings. Even if you didn't like it, it doesn't deserve that low of a rating. It was just a really fun movie to watch. Give it a chance.
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Can't understand the low ratings
alfredocardoso23 November 2019
It is a great thriller with a good dose of comedy. It doesn't set out to be taken seriously, it is just a great hour and a half of fun. Just a great watch. Give it a chance; I would love to watch more titles like this one.

It doesn't waste time with useless background, we all know what we need right from the start and that's it. After that, it's just a fun ride.

Samara Weaving is the absolute best, she mixes fear, irony, humor and toughness like no one else. Loved her in The Babysitter and in this one.

Just go for it.
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Refreshingly original
UniqueParticle21 August 2019
To me this was one of the best horror experiences have I ever had! Very suspenseful and fun to watch throughout! Samara Weaving is masterful in the type genre and I absolutely love how there's dark comedy in a few parts. It's very important to note this is very gory no it's not a spoiler just a warning for the squeamish type; for the horror fans you're in for a wonderful treat!

Edit since this review is doing so well my name is Alex Nolan and I'd like to become very well known like Roger Ebert!!
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Hilarious Horror FilM
slinky_gurl5 September 2019
I don't even know where to start. I loved this movie! The idea felt fresh, the actors were amazing. Although it had its slow moments there was always something around the corner. Although hilarious and horror is something you usually wouldn't think to put together it just worked, reminded me of the original nightmare on elm street.

The lead actress was great (especially at the end which was one I did not see coming and boy was it great). I do have to say in my opinion the star of the movie was Adam Brody, he played his character perfectly and just as you'd expect delivered some of the best/most sarcastic lines. I have recommended everyone I know to go see this movie. Glad I saw it in theatres and will definitely be buying it so I can watch it at home!
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It's supposed to be fun
jan_lovefool23 November 2019
If you didn't have fun watching this movie, then you're looking at it the wrong way. It's supposed to be silly. For horror/thriller/B-movie fans, this was a gold mine. The concept was refreshing. If you're not smiling at the end of the movie, then this genre isn't for you.
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Not as bad as the 1&2s lead you to believe
aheevid21 November 2019
Anyone rating this movie a 1 or 2 probs my only watches 5-10 movies a year. I've watched over 100 this year and can say that this one isn't bad. It's a fun Dark comedy Thriller. Easily a 6-8 depending on preference
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Take a pill, this movie was made for fun, a hell lot!
harshagangca27 September 2020
Ignore the reviews, you'll have some of the most fun watching a movie, just watch it! Samara weaving is incredible!
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An entertaining horror-comedy that takes aim at the decadence and insularity of the 1%
Bertaut14 October 2019
Written by Guy Busick and R. Christopher Murphy, and directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, Ready or Not is a horror-comedy and social satire that comically exaggerates the anxieties attendant with marrying into a wealthy family and mocks the insular nature of such families, so obsessed with their wealth that they've become disconnected from the real world. In the tradition of Richard Connell's 1924 short story, "The Most Dangerous Game", the film is about elites hunting common folk, but it tells its story with tongue firmly in cheek. And whilst it can be a tad episodic at times, and the manner in which it presents some of its violence is somewhat problematic, this is a very enjoyable and funny film that's well worth checking out.

It is the wedding day of Grace (an exceptional Samara Weaving) and Alex Le Domas (Mark O'Brien), whose family earned their fortune making board games, and are now decadently wealthy. Several years previously, Alex turned his back on the family, and it's only since he met Grace (a foster child eager to have a family to call her own) that he has started to rebuild bridges. His mother Becky (Andie MacDowell) and father Tony (a barely sane Henry Czerny) are thrilled to have him back, and credit Grace with his return. His aunt Helene (a hilariously acerbic Nicky Guadagni), however, makes no bones about the fact that she hates Grace. Elsewhere there's Alex's brother Daniel (Adam Brody), an alcoholic locked in a loveless marriage to Charity (Elyse Levesque), and their cocaine-addicted sister Emilie (a wonderfully hapless Melanie Scrofano) and her husband Fitch (a scene-stealing Kristian Bruun). Shortly after the ceremony, Alex explains a strange family tradition to Grace - whenever someone new marries into the clan, they must participate in a game, chosen at random by a mechanised box using a deck of cards (Charity gor checkers). At an austere ceremony, Grace is asked to operate the box and she receives the hide and seek card, with Tony explaining that the only way for her to win is to stay hidden until dawn. And so, Grace hides in the mansion, unaware that the family (sans Alex) are arming themselves with crossbows, axes, hunting rifles, and assorted antique weaponry.

The film's various psychoanalytical/satirical subtexts are fairly obvious - a lampooning of blue blood families clueless as to how the real world works, a savage deconstruction of the institution of marriage, and a gynocentric celebration of a woman fighting back against old-world patriarchy. In relation to these last two themes, nowhere are they more apparent than in Grace's wedding dress, that most classic symbol of marriage, which becomes dirtier and more damaged as the film progresses, with costume designer Avery Plewes using the dress to show the stages of Grace's symbolic deconstruction of the institution of marriage (to survive the night, she must make the dress more conducive to running and hiding, which involves a lot of ripping and tearing).

Concerning the film's engagement with wealth, essentially it suggests that, yes, as we all know, the rich are very different from you and I, but could it be that not only are they different, maybe they're actually evil? Of course, it's not suggesting this with anything even approaching realism, and much of the film's humour comes from the Le Domas family itself; they're wealthy, evil, violent, and powerful, but so too are they hilariously incompetent. For example, it's been so long since anyone has got the hide and seek card that everyone is a little fuzzy on the rules, and they spend a good chunk of the film arguing with one another about the hunt - Fitch and Charity want to use modern weapons, but Tony maintains they have to use antique weaponry, nor are they allowed to use the castle's security cameras to track Grace.

This all goes back to a century-old deal made between the family's original patriarch Victor and a mysterious traveller named Mr Le Bail, who promised Victor that the family would become hugely wealthy, but only if they maintained the tradition of having new family members play a game on their wedding night, laying out the rules for what was to happen if they got the hide and seek card. Tony argues that the rules can be no different from those originally established by Le Bail, but, really, his argument never amounts to much more than "tradition...reasons". The film gets a lot of laughs out of showing characters trying to get to grips with their weapon - from Fitch taking time out from the hunt to look up "how to use a crossbow" videos on YouTube to Emilie accidentally dispatching several maids due to her inability to handle her weapon.

Another theme, although one not developed to the extent of the above, is religion. Le Bail, for example, is believed by the family to be a demonic figure, and his name, obviously enough, is an anagram of Belial, the demon from the Tanakh who would later form the basis for the Christian and Jewish depictions of Satan. On the other hand, Grace's name most likely references the idea of Divine grace. Elsewhere, the film depicts a pit of slaughtered goats, alluding to ritual animal sacrifice, a pre-Christian practice. Goats are also important in Christianity, especially in the practice of scapegoating, whereby a goat takes upon it the sins of the community and is cast into the desert, symbolically removing the taint of those sins (as per Leviticus 16:8-10). Along the same lines, Grace injures her hand on a nail, in a veiled reference to the Stigmata. However, whether or not we're supposed to interpret her as a Christ figure is hard to say as, although these references are interesting in isolation, they never really coalesce into anything concrete.

Looking at some other problems, the film is, generally speaking, very slight; it's short and it's silly, and it's not going to change your life or lead you down the road of esoteric revolution. The violence is also (somewhat) problematic. The film maintains the stance that the rich are insane and the violence they mete out is contemptible. However, some of the biggest laughs are reserved for Emilie's accidental killing of the maids. And I have to admit, I found the way she haplessly dispatches two of them exceptionally funny. Also funny is that after one of the kills, the family are trying to have a conversation, which is continually interrupted by the gurgling of a mortally wounded maid; until Helene takes an axe to her head. And again, I have to admit, I laughed a lot at that scene, even though I recognised that the film was essentially asking the audience to see this violence as funny but some of the violence elsewhere as not so much. In this sense, it kind of wants to have its cake and eat it, picking and choosing when the audience should laugh; it takes Grace's stakes seriously but also encourages us to laugh at some (and only some) of the violence elsewhere, which is problematically inconsistent.

Nevertheless, as I said, these scenes did make me laugh, so make of that what you will. Although Ready or Not is slight, its satirical ire is focused, even if the tendency towards irreverence doesn't always chime with the tone of the socio-political agenda. Allegorically skewering inherited wealth, marriage, tradition, even religion, the film suggest that with their atavistic rules and sense of entitlement, the Le Domas family embody the concept that old-money can lead to insularity from modernity. Offering us a match, the film suggests that perhaps the only way to deal with such irrelevancies and their sense of self-importance is to burn them to the ground. And it has a blast showing us why.
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Unique engrossing cult classic
natcalgary27 November 2019
This movie blew my mind. It is a slasher/gore film with the perfect amount of comedy. The story line the acting the whole thing just reeks of a cult classic and I will reccommend this highly.

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So much fun!
muamba_eats_toast26 September 2019
I didn't expect much from this but it just worked perfectly. A great cast, enough of a storyline to work, great action, perfect amount of comedy and one liners thrown into lighten the mood and even a great ending. Most fun I've had at the cinema in months.
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Very silly story but entertaining 6/10 .
GT-Lar1 October 2019
Wow what a silly story i was shaking my head in disbelief all the way thru .... but gotta say it is an enjoyable romp and i loved the ending but i can see people really hating the whole film , just turn your brain off and enjoy the sillyness .....!!!!!
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Great fun to watch, unexpected plot, hidden gem
rpremio-482003 December 2019
Weird, funny, very entertaining and fantastically unexpected.

Watched it on a long haul flight and found it refreshingly different. Great acting, hilarious scenes and highly recommend it.
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I am seeing a lot of negative reviews! Are people mad?
k-s-e-n-i-y-a24 October 2019
One of the BEST movies ever! I am so surprised people are giving this low rating! Honestly, its making me not ever read any reviews about any movie, because of how innacurate they can be. This movie, the director, script, acting, props, etc WAS ON POINT! I am absolutely baffled that someone is giving this movie a low rating. I want them to make part 2 ASAP! If you're thinking of going to see this, do it! You wont be disappointed. Its one of a rare movies, thats original & one of a kind. After i watched it, i jumped online to see whether they will make part 2.

Go watch it
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What a Horror movie should be
blueheron-0548324 August 2019
When you can balance funny moments with real suspense you've done something right and that is exactly what Ready it Not does. Very well paced film with a fun enough plot that you can't help but enjoy.

It stays grounded in reality with a character that you can relate to and genuinely want to see survive as she continually makes smart choices. The humor is not lost and in many ways this feels like a dark comedy in several parts but walks such a fine line that everything seamlessly works.
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Are you Ready to rumble on your wedding night???!!!
tomholland201622 August 2019
  • Ready or Not is a fresh take on the slasher genre. It crafts a creative arch on the basic storyline concept that is rarely done in movies with similar genre. It is not the typical house invasion or vacation goes wrong.

  • Ready or Not serves a plate of dark comedy that escalates as the run time goes along. What makes this so great is the general get to spot each laugh easily, not just its specific target audience.

  • For a slasher film, Ready or Not deserves an applaud for its remarkable acting performances by the cast. Everyone shows their distinct characters from behaviour to costume that they are so entertaining to watch similar to that feeling when you get dozens of characters to choose from in a game.

  • The lead character, the one who you will be rooting for is created in such a way that she is not dumb like in most movies. However, she is not smart either but the circumstances make her character safe from the trap of being a daft person. In other words, the movie does not unravel her intelligence nor her ludicrous manner.

  • Also, the lead character has little to no character development. The fundamental question of her historical context and background is extremely lacking that we as the audience fail to connect with her as humanely as possible.

  • The biggest complaint has got to be the rushing third act (final 30 minutes). The first two acts peel its layer off one by one steadily but the third act however loses its balance and goes downhill. They tried to do something completely different but it fails to satisfy the audience because we want something more pleasurable than what they have given us.

  • Verdict: Ready or Not is a phenomenal gem that breaks the stigma free of 'slasher genre is dead'. However, it is not considered a masterpiece although seems very close due to its disastrous third act nature that falls short compared to the other two acts.
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Not ready
kluseba23 August 2019
Ready or Not tries to be a mixture of a comedy and a horror movie and fails at both. The movie is never atmospheric, intense or scary enough to be a great horror movie. The film is never clever, surprising or vibrant enough to be an entertaining comedy movie. Even by poor b-movie standards, the story of this film is completely ridiculous in a way that it's almost insulting.

If you were wondering why this film still deserves four points, the movie isn't entirely bad. The settings look great and especially the mansion where the sinister hide and seek game takes place is really gorgeous, including hidden hallways and elegant gardens. The movie features a few intense action scenes that make you root for the desperate lead character. The film has a fast pace and doesn't overstay its welcome with plodding storytelling. Lead actress Samara Weaving does her best with a poor script and has enough charisma to be the only great actress in this film.

Ready or Not should be ignored since it's neither a gripping horror film nor a clever comedy. It's a shallow action film with a few gore elements. Movies like You're Next are similar in style but executed much better. The overtly positive reviews for Ready or Not show that expectations for horror movies have significantly decreased in an era of prequels, remakes, sequels and overall rehashed ideas. Refer to European or Asian cinema to find some creative horror movies these days.
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Don't think, just watch.
neil_loveday-8259326 September 2019
I have laughed at previous reviews on here slating this film since watching it earlier. I guess people these days just take things too serious these days?? Who knows? It does remind me of Get Out, and yes, it's not a realistic plot etc, but this isn't a documentary.........I paid to watch a film and be entertained, and I was. It is often very tongue in cheek and silly at times, but these things will amuse you if you watch this with the realisation it won't win oscars.
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Interesting idea, but execution lacking in creativity or thrills
lluewhyn13 September 2019
While the concept of The Most Dangerous Game involving a woman against her in-laws is somewhat original, the execution of this film is bad.

Problems: 1. This is probably the most undeveloped main character I have ever seen. You learn almost nothing about her history or desires, which makes it really hard to care about her more than the fact she's being chased by murderers. Most of the characterization and time is spent with the family members, who are the villains, and almost all of them are pathetic.

2. The profanity in this film is over the top. The characters probably swear twice as much as a Tarantino film, and with a lot less creativity or impact. It would be funnier to hear the "blue-blood" family start swearing once things start getting so bad for them, but all of them are swearing left and right from the beginning of the film so there's no escalation that makes the profanity interesting.

3. The film teases out a class struggle at the very beginning, with the protagonist concerned about marrying into this upper crust family, but along with the swearing from #2 these family members really don't act very high class at all, the main character Grace has a posh accent that doesn't make her come off as lower class, so this plot/theme goes nowhere at all.

4. It looks like the filmmakers were trying to make this more realistic at times (but not consistently so), so the main protagonist has no special combat skills, ingenuity, or athletic ability. As a result, too many of her "successes" are pure luck or someone doing something stupid. As a result, this film pits the Unremarkable vs. the Unintelligent. This isn't that exciting.

5. There are really very few interesting set pieces, probably due to lack of imagination or funds. The action appears in short, boring bursts, and there's no visual wow factor. You get the feeling they didn't have much in the way of stunt coordinators.

6. A related problem is that you never get a good perspective of the mansion or grounds, and with characters wandering in and out of the plot at random, you never get a really good perspective of how difficult it would be to "seek" Grace. The film just meanders from room to room, and the tension of the hunt just dissipates as a result. I'm guessing they just didn't have the funds to acquire a good interior location for the set.
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Campy horror fun
tatttwink11 September 2019
I went into this movie with low expectations and was really surprised! It didn't take itself too seriously and I enjoyed the fact that there wasn't a lot of down time. The comedy was just the right amount for a thriller/horror. Would recommend for anyone that enjoys light hearted horror/thrillers.
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Nothing memorable or impactful apart from aunt Helene's hair n her never give up attitude.
Fella_shibby23 November 2019
A bride has to spend her wedding night playing a game of hide n seek with her in laws. Unknown to her, the family has a tradition of sacrificing the new member before dawn to please satan or they might lose their life. Whether she gets killed or whether the mumbo jumbo truly exists is the highlight which gets bogged down by the lack of suspense or tension. Rightly stated by BA_Harrison that the secret doors, rooms n servant tunnels r not covered properly. The film does get a bit monotonous. The side characters get killed while our scream queen gets to survive a hell lottuva ordeal. The maids r hot babes but they dont have much to do. None of the kills r memorable. Watch out for aunt Helene with her comical hairstyle n a never give up attitude who is always ready with an axe.
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Exciting, thrilling and crazy. I left the cinema saying " hell, what a movie"
thebestjamesbond-820-32234026 September 2019
Seriously, there was no boring moments at all. This film is just crazy. This is what would happen if tarantino went mad.
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Ready or not!....I didn't like it!
peeedeee-9428131 August 2019
I was intrigued by this one because of all the positive reviews, even though the trailer didn't quite sell it for me. It looked like a cross between The Purge and Eyes Wide Shut. Anyway, the movie starts of alright, the set up for what is about to come first with a flashback of the childhood of the boys, who then we see in present day is getting married to a blonde outsider played by Samara Weaving. I actually liked her initially. She seemed like someone we could root for and hope would kick some serious butt. Ultimately, I found her unlikable, just like all the other characters in the film. What was it about her I didn't like? Well, she just doesn't sell the role very well. Is she bad ass or is she just lucky, everything seems to work out too conveniently for her, considering she has several people hunting for her. She doesn't appear to have any fighting skills. But the worst part: Her scream. Ugh, every time she did that yodeling scream, I couldn't stop thinking about Adam Sandler in the waterboy. Or tarzan lol. I've never heard an annoying scream like that before lol. The story's pacing and tone is just all over the place. Much of the killing is accidental, nothing happens due to skill. There were too many predictable moments, like that 'goat pit' or whatever they called it that scene was too obvious where it was going. And clearly the family didn't care about piling bodies out in the open?! And the swearing was terrible. I'm no prude, and I look a good f word in the right place, but this movie was mainly filled with unfunny moments where the characters keep saying wtf over and over. The dialogue really needed improving. The ending was kind of funny, but ultimately, unsatisfying. It really didn't make any sense either. Overall, this movie was just okay, I'd recommend watching it on Netflix. I watched for a discount price so I can't complain. I give it 2 marks for the reasonably good CGI gore in a few places, but that's about it.
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I went in expecting something like 'You're Next'.
bonehead82121 August 2019
What I got was a very dry dark comedy that just basically gives up at the end (and wastes kills). As a hardcore slasher fan, I went in looking for some decent kills, and maybe a decent survivor girl, but you get none of that with this. I can't even remember one single kill. It was just a bunch of offscreen stuff and quick shots of aftermath gore.

If you're a slasher fan looking for some good kills, skip this one, it's not made for you.
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Mediocre first half. Bad last half
alexmcgonigle-0759326 August 2019
Many positives about the movie. But the bad out way the good. First half was intriguing with a few mediocre elements but nonetheless entertaining. During the last half the movie strays off and losses it's touch and becomes very stupid within the last 20 minutes.
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