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Slightly annoying dialog
phd_travel3 September 2019
A woman invites a midwife to stay with her to help her with a natural birth. Who has a home birth anyway? If you get over this, there is an average Lifetime movie with a midwife as the wacko.

Faults: The dialogue sounds bimboish sometimes.

Not a must watch for sure.
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The Truth About Braxton Hicks
lavatch13 April 2020
Warning: Spoilers
"The Midwife's Deception" is a primer on having a baby. One learns all about Braxton Hicks, the name for false labor pains. Our midwife, young Jina, is very knowledgeable about these details as she assists the protagonist, Sara, through the final trimester of her pregnancy.

Jina and Sara have in common a difficult upbringing with mothers who are described in the film as "whack-a-doodles." In the case of Sara, she rose above the painful childhood experiences to earn a law degree and marry a decent man named Danny. The couple has recently moved from L.A. to Kentucky, where they live in the home of Danny's late mother.

A subplot of the film was the welcoming of Sara to the "Mommy Meetup" club. Unfortunately, the welcome was not warm due to the group's snobbish ringleader Kelly. The only friend that Sara makes is Allie, the proprietress of Shakespeare and Co. coffee shop. Unfortunately, Allie will make an early exit from the film after she becomes suspicious of Sara's newly retained midwife.

Young Jina is the midwife from hell. Unlike Sara, she never succeeded in overcoming abuse she received from her mom. Now, after having lost a child through a stillborn birth, she will stop at nothing to get her clutches on Sara's child Eloise. Her master plan to encourage Sara to give birth at home, where she will have the opportunity to kill the parents and abduct the child. She is so confident in her plan that she has even announced the coming of the new baby on social media.

The performances were excellent, and the action moved crisply until the very ending of the film. The mad dash around the home with a very pregnant Sara pursued by the zealous Jina was not very believable. Nor was the swift recovery of Danny after been swatted by Jina on the head by a baseball bat. Ouch! At that moment, Danny would have surely preferred Braxton Hicks to a Louisville Slugger.
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Don't do it!
ferdmalenfant17 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
You will be extremely upset with yourself if you waste your time watching this movie. The plot is ridiculous...IE: would you trust a total stranger to deliver your baby in your home, by choice and after having had 2 prior miscarriages? Well if your answer is yes, then you should watch it. LOL It's basically a VERY BAD rehashed version of "the Hand That Rocks the Cradle" ...VERY BAD!
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I started skipping ahead. They tried to invoke "Rebecca" at the end....
CranberriAppl25 February 2021
Warning: Spoilers
It's as cringe as you'd expect. First off.... I've never met a first time parent that isn't super careful and cautious and attentive to everything. How do you assume that because your doctor says "hi" to a stranger, that he knows them and would endorse them as your midwife? Come on. She's a lawyer and yet doesn't use her lawyer skills to background check the person she wants to deliver her baby? Why does Lifetime give their characters careers like lawyer/doctor/anything that require critical thinking and logic, but have them do the opposite? A friend of mine and his wife chose home births for all three of their children. They probably wouldn't make it through this movie. Then all the doctor says is keep me posted and then he's never seen again. Would he not have in his network the resources to maybe investigate to find out...anything? I feel like this movie did not do what would most likely come natural to people in this situation.

Then the ending...good grief. The house is in flames (a la Rebecca), the villain goes back inside to die after the couple escapes. The pregnant and in labor mom2be is acting like she just went for a run and is winded. Hello! A psycho tried to kill you, your husband, and baby. Your home is in flames...and you're in labor...sure, let's just stroll away from the scene. Terrible.

On top of all of this, it was boring. I had it on as background noise while cleaning and got sick of it, so I started skipping through.
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Avoid, avoid, avoid..... unless you have nothing else better to do.
janmarju28 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
By the title alone and this being a Lifetime movie you pretty much know how it's going to play out, but at least I thought it would be entertaining. Why invite someone into your life and home just on their word alone that they're a midwife and you do not do a thorough background check? Even the friend could see through the fake midwife's act, but true to Lifetime's movie form, the person who's NOT being fooled, opens up their big mouths in front of the LP and get themselves killed, instead of keeping their cool and gathering information to expose the LP. The ending was laughable and since there are some ***SPOILERS*** I won't spoil the comical ending.
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Bad remake of Hand that rocks the cradle
andreatodman2 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The story line is dumb from the beginning. Youve loss two babies in the past. You meet a woman in a parking lot and invite her to lunch that same day, then you invite her to move in w you and be your midwife?.....No background check, no credentials, nothing? And we're supposed to believe you're a lawyer?

Sara is cautious enough not to be on social media, but overshares with a stranger and takes provocative selfies with this woman you hardly know? Why is she so trusting?

And they never shut the Midwife down when she starts asking too much. I just dont get it.
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