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Fantastic All Around!
cpbigalke18 January 2019
I am so surprised by this show! I'm a 38 year old dude who wouldn't even really consider watching a show like this. I just randomly clicked it because I was bored before going to bed. I typically watch documentaries and shows in the style of The Wire or Game of Thrones. Everything about this show is great! The vibrant acting, the story narrative, the gorgeous cinematography, the absolutely stunning location (Penarth, South Wales), the great characters, the relationships between characters, and Gillian Anderson! I'm also not a fan of sex being portrayed in films and tv because it's usually cringe-worthy, but this is fun and educational. It's like a coming of age film that's really fun but deals with important and complex subjects. I don't typically get hooked on shows but you got me Netflix! Cheers! Well done.
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Must watch season for 2019!!!
beccy_meares15 January 2019
In an era of too many options on TV, I was feeling a bit down and out about the lack of good shows actually out there, then I discovered this series. It's so bloody refreshing, hilarious, honest and endearing that you can't stop watching. The cast is brilliant and the plot is interesting, with the right amount of predictability and surprise. It's beautifully shot and the acting is really amazing. Can't praise this show enough, I'm going to have to start rewatching it if season two doesn't come out soon...
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stevews-1126415 January 2019
Probably the best production Netflix has ever done so far. By the way it's not just for teenagers I'm 67
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An updated version of a John Hughes film done as a British TV series
icymi-3790617 January 2019
At first I was thinking, okay this is pretty good... reminds me of all the teen comedies I grew up watching in the eighties, but as it went on they fleshed out some of the characters who began as basic tropes and caricatures and I ended up really liking it by the end.

It's the equivalent of watching four solid John Hughes movies with a little Judd Apatow Freaks and Geeks feel as well. Much more enlightened than a Hughes script yet still irreverent and fun.

Can't wait for season 2... well done everyone!
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Maeve 💖💖💖
abzgleave17 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Maeve Wiley is my pride and joy. I'm a child of a addiction riddled parent, I spent alot of my life looking after myself and I love when it's portrayed accurately on TV. And the abortion storyline, wow, I'm sick to death of whenever an abortion comes up it's dismissed. Usually ending with the woman carrying and having the child, because of pressure about it being murder or wrong to god, or they have some accident. Because abortion is so taboo. So I super appreciated then not doing that for her. I read reviews about it being highschool when it's said a lot of times that they're in sixth form sooooo it's not some American version of England Huns. I loved the variety of characters and characteristics. Each one was truly different to the rest and its a rarity sometimes. But I definitely say everyone should watch it. Maybe not with their parents or kids or anyone they'd find it awkward to watch sex scenes with. There are a few.
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It's Fun and Sweet!
ahmetkozan20 January 2019
Sex Education is a coming of age story about 16-year-olds, their life in high school and at home, and, most importantly about their sexual developments. The main storyline unfolds around a boy named Otis. His mom is a sexual therapist, which makes sex and everything connected with it even harder for him to talk about. Ironically, Otis, who has very little experience and feels tremendously awkward when it comes to sex and relationship, is surprisingly good at giving advice on those subjects to others. Therefore, this edgy cool girl Maeve, who is, as most would say, way out of Otis' league recognizes his "talent" and encourages him to start a sex clinic inside school. And so that the story starts.

Compared to other teen series and films found on Netflix, Sex Education may be the most substance-rich, but it lack innovative concepts and novel themes to be called a round work. So you get presented many important discussion that deal with homosexuality, family problems to far-reaching critical issues such as abortion. However, I found dealing with these conflicts often very clumsy and superficial. In many places I had wanted more depth and a more intensive handling of the individual topics. Instead, the discussions were kept to a minimum and barely picked up by the characters and packed into meaningful dialogues.

Another point of criticism was the often stereotypical portrayal of many protagonists and the entire social environment shown. So it seems almost a trend to be that just standing in the corner inconspicuous boy may someday have the girl of his dreams. I do not doubt that there are such social structures or at least similar ones in every school and in almost every life of a 16 or 17-year-olds. But the creators of the series could have trusted more and to be able to present a story without the obvious presence of such clichés. There are some clichés, but it has no special effect on the whole. Even at its lamest, cliche moments, this quirky show remains quaintly entertaining. In many series or films for similar target groups, puberty, first love and first sex are often portrayed romantically and therefore often appear unrealistic. Sex education, however, shows a blunt and sincere approach and may perhaps convince one or the other viewers of this uniqueness.

I believe it's important to see this series. It opens a subject about sexual developments of teenagers that should not be ignored. It also shows how everybody has their problems and nobody is perfect, and that there is an explanation to everything. We can see the fact that everything happens for a reason, that everything has a start somewhere and that if we as a community help to find that start, we can also help one to get rid of their issues, feel full as a person and happy with who they are.

In terms of acting performance, Sex Education painted a picture similar to own. The individual performances were in some cases quite authentic and convincing. However, some protagonists were so over-cliched in my eyes that the performance of the actors had to suffer as well. So you may praise some protagonists for their performance, others were not particularly prominent and therefore not very credible.

Although most of the time the viewer will know what the stories are all about, "Sex Education" is the first pleasant surprise of the production year. With consistent and clever ideas, playful performers and a lot of charm, this coming-of-age comedy with adult audiences should be a reliable "binge watching" candidate for many. "Sex Education" was certainly not a bad series and could also take some positive points with its open-hearted nature. 8/10
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Loved it
andy-salter12 January 2019

All in all I loved it.
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A Worldwide Education
mannly11 January 2019
I had just pulled an all night movie session off with a friend & as the sun rose thought I would watch an episode of this series. I ended up drinking coffee & bingeing it, because it's that well acted, colourful & human on every level. I can already see reviews criticising making school in the U.K. visually look like the U.S., but if it helps it appeal to a global audience I don't blame them! It works. It's done perfectly with that in mind, and if you are complaining about that then you haven't watched the full beauty & impact that this series should create. There is no racism of any kind, and people are attracted to the person, the way it should be. It puts a spotlight on homophobia & shoo shoos it away for how ridiculous it is & how strong the gay supporting character is, the styles of dress never conform, and it just shows a more beautiful fluidity of beauty, colour, sex, style, and sexual honesty that I wish the whole planet was like. Nit pick what you want people, but in my opinion that's a reflection on you & "The Norm" when I see a fantastic cast with great writing, direction, costume, location, etc... That shows a new ideal town. I wish my high school was like that instead of a stuffy all boys grammar school with bums to the wall when I was outed at 16. Thankyou Sex Education for educating the world on a whole lot more acceptance than just bedroom antics. Watch this show. It's important.
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So very relevant
rawshan21 January 2019
Just loved this. I'm 38 but still really really enjoyed it. Being a teacher, I see the issues affecting young people and this show addresses all of those and more. What is commendable is it's diverse cast. No other tv snow has managed to do this successfully without having stereotypical stock characters. Hats off to the writers. Some people are getting too bogged down by the setting etc but the point is, it doesn't matter. This could any school in any western country.
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It´s fun, relating and great acting!!!
ivarrandahl11 January 2019
2 Episodes in and I'm hooked. I´m a little older than the target group but still find it to be very relatable, not your typical high school drama but more about teenage life (but exaggerated ofc) . Great character build up with clear target of each problems and goals. Superb acting!
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Sweet and saucy
mflynn-412 January 2019
I watched all eight episodes in one go, it was a delightful experience. Some stunning acting it does what a lot of British drama does at its best blending comic genius with some heartbreaking serious consequences and issues, but never in an overtly preachy manner. Ever character however superficial they initially appear show great depth and complexity in the course of the story. The filming locations are very near to where I live, and have been captured beautifully on camera. Symmonds Yat and the Wye Valley are designated areas of outstanding natural beauty, and the director happily used the area to it's full extent. I've no idea why they decided to go with 1980's cars for everyone whilst at the same time using 2018 mobile phones and laptops , other than that a refreshing amusing and sweet series. I hope it gets another season
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It's sixth form, not high school.
Headblade11 January 2019
Just thought I'd write this after reading some early comments. These are meant to be 16-18 year olds in sixth form college. I can't speak for all seperate sixth-form colleges, but the one I attended did not have a uniform, was based in an old mansion and yes even in the UK we'd occasionally throw an American Football around. Just because it's not the expected experience doesn't mean it doesn't occur.

It may feel alien to most, but the environment felt very nostalgic to myself. Now the storyline premise, that's a whole different story!

As for the plot, at least it's original and two episodes in it hasn't disappointed.
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An absolute must watch
nikashvili12 January 2019
Sex Education is an excellent show with some witty, genuinely funny and honest writing; diverse and beautiful cast; and stories everyone can related to. Performances are just magnificent, especially by Asa Butterfield and of course, Gillian Anderson.
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Not as American as everyone thinks.
Reec314 January 2019
Great show, I've seen endless comments about the show coming across as 'American' even though its set in Britain. The program is set at a Sixth form college rather than a school which is why they do not wear uniforms, this is common.

Also, colleges and sixth forms tend to have lockers, mine did anyway. And also, I've seen rugby balls being thrown but not American Footballs. Even though, yes, the show is influenced by America, as the writers said. Its not quite as influenced as people may think.

Overall a really enjoyable show and great acting. Would recommend.
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Not just an ordinary teenagers series
a-ergazinov212 January 2019
Was not a fan and didn't expect for this series to come out. But oh my god, I'm glad that I watched first episode, after that I binged it for two days. Actors, plot, characters, everything was on point! Great comeback for Gillian Anderson (ofc. she was on American Gods lately, but had not so much of a screentime), Asa Butterfield is the British Timothee Chalamet. As about the series, there is something that every person will find for themselves, friendship, teenage problems which can be relevant for an adult, unrequited love. What I'm saying is that there is something in this series that hook you from the first second you see it and don't let you go even after you finish it.
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Sensitive, Intelligent and In Episode 2 a little bit of wee came out
philwilson201313 January 2019
What a brilliant show. They've approached difficult subjects with tact and sensitivity, while still ensuring hilarious moments. I love that they haven't overly used cringe comedy, too often a crutch for shows like this. Can't wait for a second season.
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Not very realistic
elenat-1510411 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
As a high school teacher, I watched the show because a friend of mine said it would be superhelpful to get a deeper understanding of teenagers. What a mistake!

The main character is likeable and you really want him to finally get laid (which, I guess, will happen in season 2), but, apart from that, everything goes wrong in the sense that nothing is believable.

First of all, Maeve is depicted as a strong young woman who has been through a lot. I get that. But there's no way you walk around like nothing happened after getting an abortion. Yes, it's an unwanted child, but still.

Also, Jackson, the charming popular guy, is raised by a multiracial lesbian couple. I enjoy the fact of diversity being represented on tv, but that was too much. With Jackson's two mums, there are 8 homosexual characters in town and 5 interracial couples. That melting pot doesn't feel realistic to me in a Welsh small village.

Eric, the flamboyant gay sidekick, belongs to a religious, traditional African family, but his parents are supportive of him even though he ends up wearing RuPaul-like outfits and make-up... to school. Seriously!

Finally, Otis' sex therapist mum, goes way too far beyond the mother and son relationship boundaries. As a mother of two kids, I'm sure I would never let my multiple one-night standings meet my son every morning, especially if they're just wearing underpants and my dressing gown. Needless to say, children don't need to hear their mother's moaning during intercourse. It just doesn't feel right.

There are many other characters that don't represent reality as it should be, but it would take me ages to go one by one.

Watch the show if you like, but don't take it too seriously.
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Pretty good acting and solid storyline, but come on Netflix..
jadeddee12 January 2019
Everyone has said this, but I also think most of the commenters below are Brits. As an American, I really don't think this show needed to be so 80s American high school. I would have much rather watched a more authentic portrayal of a British college.

I feel like as Netflix is broadening their international shows, its kinda counter-productive to produce international shows that are Americanized. Then what's even the point of a non-American show? I feel like this is one of the reasons why Americans are so culturally ignorant. Counter to one commenter below, even if one 6th form school in England is like this show, the vast majority aren't. And counter to another commenter that said this is how to reach a global audience...since when is the U.S. a global audience? Like come on. I think this should be an opportunity for Netflix to give Americans what we don't already see all the time.

That aside, good acting and just interesting to see a more complex conversation around sex and teens especially with young guys. You just never see anything other than guys constantly wanting to have sex. This show paints a different picture.
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A fun must watch show for every teen!!
bettttycooper11 January 2019
Well Well Well ... absolutely love it so far! The story The laugh The underneath massage! It's just lovely! It's one of those shows that you watch and be like I never knew I needed this! Asa Butterfield is an amazing young actor! Hope to see more of him in the future because boy I'm telling you that kid is GOOD! Hugo sure grew up to be fabulous 10/10 for Asa but 9/10 because I'm only two episodes in! Again so far so delightful and fun! I'm sure the rest is just as good if not better!
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A great new show, that has a deep meaning
XxxDaniel9417 January 2019
Sex Education is one of those rare comedy TV shows, that also includes heavy dramatic moments, without feeling bizarre. Usually TV shows try this and fail miserably, but this new Netflix comedy is a fantastically written teen TV show, that deals with a ton of adult and human problems as well. We follow a now older Asa Butterfield, and Christ has he grown, I remember him as a tiny child in the TV show Merlin, now he towers over most of the cast. His character suffers from sexual problems, which is every teen boys worst nightmare, and he uses his knowledge of sex to his advantage to give advice to his peers, giving that his mother (played amazingly by Gillian Anderson), is a sex therapist. And please tell me I am not the only one that thought Jean, was played by Emma Thompson, Gillian looks exactly like her. While Asa's Otis is our main character, he isn't the sole holder of the show, he is surrounded by an amazing and diverse cast of characters, the stand out being his best friend Eric. Ncuti Gatwa gives us a heartwarming, and sometimes heartbreaking performance of a gay teen not only coming to terms with himself, but also embracing who he is. Not many TV shows can pull this off without going over the top. Another main character, Maeve, played by Margot Robbie look-alike Emma Mackey is another compelling and interesting character, who has been living a trashy life, but is secretly smart. She is like if Hermione from Harry Potter was raised by junkies.

It is not only the fantastic cast of characters that drive this show, but also the story. We follow young Otis as he tries to follow in his mother's footsteps and give advice to young teen, on how to not only embrace who they are, but help them sexually in the bedroom, and this helps to provide some hilarious interactions. But these scenes don't feel far fetched or cheesy, they well done, and given help by the amazing acting of the cast. The style of the show is also fantastic, being in the UK myself, it feels like they have given us an 80s American TV show, set in Britain, but feels American at the same time. But this show isn't set in the 80s and it isn't set in America. And this helps the show greatly. I often got a Stranger Things vibe from it.

Sex Education is a great new TV show, but it also has problems, but these can easily be ignored, as it doesn't take from the show. One being, it is quiet predictable, and cliche at times. You will know where the story will end up around half-way through the show. There is also a few cheesy moments, that feel straight out of an 80s romantic comedy, like the guy making a big speech to get the girl, or embarrassing themselves in front of tons of people. But some of you may like this kind of humour, but for me, it's not my style. But it isn't enough to ruin the show. The other is at times it feels very progressive and feminist it times, and it get's distracting when a character is trying to shove some sort of message down your throat, but that is to be expected from a TV show nowadays. They did however handle entire homosexuality message perfectly, and I can see it inspiring a lot of young people who watch the show.

This is a great new show, and I can see it running for a good few seasons, if the quality holds up. It is one of the better Netflix shows, and now that most of the great ones have been cancelled, (goodbye Daredevil), Sex Education, along with "You" are hopeful new shows that will keep us interested.
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Binge worthy, funny, great acting
beamarina12 January 2019
I've never actually been really hooked to a show in my life, sex education is binge worthy, funny, relatable and the acting of these actors are mind blowing. I made an imdb account just to make this review. If youre a teenager this show is perfect for when youre exploring the sex world.. answers all your curiousty and ever episode will make you die of laughter. EVERY. EPISODE. trust me!
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A series that will get you hooked the minute you click on it
muttatab14 January 2019
I have immensely appreciated the release of this series, I must say it has broadened my vision on many aspects of life, such as the desire for human contact, solid relationships, more acceptance of the LGBTQ community etc. I thought the title was just there to generate more clicks resulting in more viewers, but I was completely mistaken, the plot is really solid, extremely well acted out (the three main characters are exceptionally talented!) and the location where this was filmed looks very appealing. Overall an unexpected brilliant series!
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Just watch it
deepcontractor11 January 2019
Just finished watching it and I must say it is a very entertaining Netflix series. I loved all the episodes. Season 2 will be happening for sure. Enjoy the show!
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Refreshing, funny and accurate
jaylouise2712 January 2019
Loads more to cover here so fingers crossed for a season 2!! Very relatable and not over the top, would let my kids watch when over 16 because it's very well done, informative and normalises a lot of what isn't talked about even in 2019.
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An Honest Review
generationofswine30 January 2019
I gave it a shot and it did start off fairly well.

But as it went along it kind of fell straight down hill.

It seemed like is stopped trying to follow a basic plot and started checking off stereotypes. They tried to hit at least one an episode.

It got tiresome fast. They would have done a lot better trying to make their own story rather than making sure that they hit every mark they could.

The soundtrack, on the other hand, is awesome in every imaginable way from the actual songs played to the bands talked about.
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