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Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • The first 30 mins of the film has strong graphic violence. People get hacked with blades and sickles, two men get hit on their faces with a stone weight (graphic), people get their throats slit. There is an extended fight sequence which features graphic violence. A man gets shot in the face with a shot gun, bloody. People get hacked to death with bloody results, people are beaten to death on the head with heavy rocks resulting in blood spurts, the protagonist takes an axe in his back, a man gets his arm hacked off resulting in a heavy blood spurt, multiple people are hacked and throats slit, a man gets his fingers chopped off (graphic), a man is stabbed in his throat with a rough blade, blood spurts out of the wound, very graphic! He has that wound throughout the film with blood oozing out of it. Some hand to hand fight sequences. A man gets suffocated under water in an aquarium until he almost loses his breath. People are beaten with sticks in a fight sequence, people are nailed in the ankles with a nail gun. A man is stabbed to death by his father, though most of it happens off screen the scene is intense. A woman gets her wrist cut and a man gets stabbed in the chest. A man gets stabbed and slashed in the guts with a blade, the slashing is shown in close detail with blood oozing out, later he is burnt (happens off screen).
  • A lot of stylized yet intense action sequences throughout. Blood is shown gushing out when a character's hand is chopped off and blood spurts are also shown when other characters are attacked with sharp, bladed weapons. There are also some fights in which no blood or injury is present.
  • There are scenes of strong violence, including an extended fight sequence involving the use of bladed weapons. There are also bloody shootings and a scene in which a man attacks his enemies with a nail gun.


  • Contains mild swearing in telugu. Nothing too explicit.
  • Subtitles: Bad language includes 'bloody', 'shit' and 'crappy', and an unsubtitled use of 'lamdikodaka'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The theme of the movie revolves around violence and when the violence occurs on screen it is graphic and intense.

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