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16 Jan. 2019
Chapter One: Get Some Then
Wayne, a violent teenager from Brockton, MA, is immediately taken with Del, a girl who shows up on his doorstep selling cookies. When Wayne's father dies from cancer, Wayne and Del decide to drive to Florida to retrieve Wayne's father's Pontiac Trans Am.
16 Jan. 2019
Chapter Two: No Priests
Del starts to have doubts about Wayne when he reveals that he doesn't know where they're going. Meanwhile, Wayne's best friend, his principal, Del's father and brothers, and two Brockton police officers all set off to pursue Wayne and Del.
16 Jan. 2019
Chapter Three: The Goddamned Beacon of Truth
After Wayne and Del make an appearance on the local news, Del gives Wayne a lesson in lying in order to keep their new cool friends at bay. But it's not long before their lies are discovered and their cover is blown. Meanwhile, Orlando tries to convince Principal Cole to take a trip to save Wayne.
16 Jan. 2019
Chapter Four: Find Something Black To Wear
After being robbed, Wayne goes to work as a day laborer as Del becomes obsessed with a stranger's death. Meanwhile, Carl and Teddy celebrate their birthday on the road and come to terms with who their father really is.
16 Jan. 2019
Chapter Five: Del
A look back on a day long before Wayne met Del; a day that changed Del, Daddy, and the boys forever.
16 Jan. 2019
Chapter Six: Who Even Are We Now?
When Del is mistaken for a truant at a school in Georgia, she befriends some of the locals and considers staying. She and Wayne are invited to a dance, and while getting ready Wayne notices the bus ticket, and leaves Del at the dance. After some convincing, Wayne attends the dance, and the two reconcile. They share a tender moment, but are interrupted when Del's family catch up with them, ambushing the two. However, Wayne is saved by the locals, and drives Del away. Meanwhile, Orlando helps his principal do well on his speech in his conference.
16 Jan. 2019
Chapter Seven: It'll Last Forever
Wayne struggles with whether or not to tell Del that her dad is in the hospital, while Sergeant Geller lays a trap for Wayne and Del.
16 Jan. 2019
Chapter Eight: Musta Burned Like Hell
Wayne and Del finally reach Ocala, FL and find his father's car by chance at a gas station. Wayne tracks it down and is unexpectedly reunited with his mother. Wayne also meets his step brother, Reggie, and stepfather, Calvin. Wayne tries to bond with his mother while Del tries to warn him that she'll hurt him again. Wayne confronts Del about the bus ticket she bought earlier, and Del reveals that was her backup plan. Meanwhile, Orlando and Principal Cole get sidetracked at a strip club.
16 Jan. 2019
Chapter Nine: Thought We Was Friends
When things with both Del and his mom go south, Wayne turns this attention back to his dad's Trans Am. But he has to contend with Calvin and Reggie to get it. Meanwhile, Del learns a secret about Wayne that changes everything for her.
16 Jan. 2019
Chapter Ten: Buckle The Fuck Up
Wayne, now under arrest and on his own, must face off against Reggie in a brutal fight to settle their rivalry. Meanwhile, Del returns to Wayne's mom's house, determined to get her man back by any means necessary.


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