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A different experience and feast for the intelligent minds
dmofffilmfestival16 February 2018
"Creation" is an experimental film which is about moving on from once past and facing the realities. It is abstract in nature and has no unidirectional narrative.

Directed, written and shot by Sara Eustáquio, the film successfully takes the audience to a different dimension, to a whole new space and time. We live and relive various dimensions physically and Meta physically at the same time. The past remains with us, at our present, and we live both the time frames simultaneously until we are stuck in an infinite time loop. "But now it's time to move on. I can't have you back, and you can't have me back. It is time to leave Neverland and start living in the grown-up world." are the lines from the film that creates a sensation for the audience and makes them wonder and wander in the multiple layers of their minds.

"Creation" is an extremely well-directed film. It brings out a powerful meaning in the most unique of the ways, yet does not confuse the audience. The film is open to a million perceptions and can be interpreted by every audience in their own way. The cinematography is at par with international standards and deserves applauding. The gaffers have done a great job in bringing out the perfect ambience as per the demands of the script. The editing is flawless, and the use of sharp cuts have been justly used to make the audience feel the conflict and sharp contrast that the director has tried to represent. The use of imagery to form visual metaphors in the film has been perfect. It has created a surreal feeling and an out of the world sensation. The powerful screen presence of Sabrina Zhang along with the spine chilling voice over by Gabi Galloway has made the film worth watching definitely more than once.

The 3 minutes watch is altogether a different experience and feast for the intelligent minds. It heightens ones understanding of the reality, questions the audiences' perception of time-space, past, present, love and life. It recreates in their minds a whole new world to explore once again.

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