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He's Not Here To Save The World
ymyuseda30 May 2019
Rating 10/10 He's Not Here To Save The World !! Surprisingly entertaining. This movie is just amazing and the acting from everyone was great. Excellent acting performance by Jackson A.Dunn a.k.a Brandon Breyer & Elizabeth Banks a.k.a Tori Breyer !! Brightburn is a strong proof that even during the crappy horror times, there comes a film to scare the hell out of you. It definitely worth to watch !!
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Interesting concept hurt by poor execution
cardsrock30 May 2019
This felt like a stripped down, summarized version of this story. No time is really invested into characters, so you don't really feel anything for them. The concept, while fascinating, is never fully explored. The actors all do their best though and are solid throughout. The film is also surprisingly gore-filled and there were some genuinely queasy moments. Everything just chugs along at a breakneck pace and it plays out as you'd expect. There was an opportunity to take a lot of chances with this story, but it decides to settle for being a mildly entertaining flick.
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An evil Clark Kent
FrenchEddieFelson2 July 2019
The film is strangely similar to Superman, Brandon Breyer having many similarities with Clark Kent: a staggering arrival on earth of an alien with a human appearance within a kind of meteorite, a secret adoption by a couple in the countryside, the famous red cape (obviously!) and a metal from the meteorite that seems to be the equivalent of kryptonite. But, if Clark strives to 'protect' the world, Brandon should all just 'take' the world! Jackson A. Dunn flawlessly interprets this enigmatic character.

6.4 of 10 on IMDb? Clearly underrated!
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Wasted potential
deandsouza1589225 May 2019
This film pitched a very simple question - 'What if Superman was evil?'. After watching it, I feel like this was a marketing ploy used to sell the script and bring audiences to the door. Honestly, if you take the Superman aspect out of it, this is really just your generic low-budget horror flick. The gist of it is a kid wants to be evil one day and just goes ahead killing people. That's really it.

This is one of those rare stories,that I feel could really benefit from an additional 30 minutes. The fact that the runtime is limited to 90 minutes, results in a lot of rushed scenes, which are consequenced by my biggest complaint, the editing. It feels like they shot all the scenes individually,but had no idea how to transition, so they stitched them together. You're just bouncing from scene-to-scene-to-scene and it's incredibly jarring. There are several moments when I thought, yes, this is interesting,but please slow down so I can marinate in it. Nope,next scene.

There are,however, a few redeeming aspects. The actors do a really good job, and I really wish they had more time to sell us on the material. The gore,is actually quite good; there are some really brutal, bloody moments that I enjoyed. And finally, the creative decision to add Billie Eillish' 'bad guy' was genius.

Overall,I don't really know what you're looking for in this story. If it's a dark Superman twist, you won't get it. If it's horror, it's mediocre. As a slasher gore film, not bad at all. I'd classify this as wasted potential.
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Kid with superpowers kills people... that's all!
cedricktattoo25 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I went to this movie expecting to be entertained by a "What if Superman were a troubled teenager?" premise, but simply got some angry kid with superpowers killing people. That's it. There's nothing deeper than that. The first half is *decent* (I say that with great reservations), as they are setting up the premise and world building, but the second half is just--well--a kid with superpowers killing people. Don't bother looking for a twist, there isn't one. You will see the end coming a mile away. Is this a horror/thriller commentary on the difficulties of puberty in which superpowers are a metaphor for the changes undergone in the adolescent body gone awry? Nope! Go watch "Carrie" for that. "Brightburn" is a movie about a kid with superpowers who kills people. Snore!
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Had potential. But, ultimately was squandered.
axess68-9-49702312 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The movie suffers from poor writing and pacing. The concept is great. But, WAY too much time is spent on the build up and there is very little done in coming up with a solution to the problem. Most of the movie is spent on exposition.

What could have been done is that he started his killing spree earlier on, was discovered, and somehow, a solution was formed or attempts at a solution were implemented. There was no foil to evil 'super-kid'. All it ended up being was a big exposition and then the typical late-into-the-movie mounting body count.

The movie feels incomplete - like half a movie.
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rheyareggie12 May 2019
Great Movie with a Great Story.. if you're tired like I am of watching Superheroe movies already knowing the good guy is always going to win, you'll love this..
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What utter rubbish
boydpeters24 June 2019
So much potential. And what do we get? Some teen angst about as meaningful as a bad episode of Charmed.

Truly Hollywood, give it up
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He's not the hero we need or deserve
ksgillihan12 May 2019
I was waiting for this movie after seeing the very interesting trailers for it a few months ago. I was hoping for something new and fresh in an area flooded with do-gooders and the upright. Thankfully this movie delivers on this and more. The premise of this film is not one we have seen before in the "superhero" genre. What would the world do if a super-powered life form came to Earth and realized that we were all just insects to it? It starts out very "Clark Kent" like with the couple who have no children happening upon a child falling from the heavens. The parents see this as a blessing. As if the universe heard their cries for a child and answered them. Soon though, this Smallville scene takes a turn towards absolute terror. This "child" isn't what he seems to be. He isn't a boy, or a human. He's something altogether different. I was very pleased at the difference in the normal storytelling we see from Hollywood. Very entertaining and very interesting.
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Remember thinking "What if..."
adal2012312 May 2019
Won't spoil the fun, recommend if at some point in life you wondered about Superman turning into Super Sayan conquerer. Well done.
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One timer
MooWoolf126 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The story is what you would expect. The kid is Superman as a villain. That's an interesting and cool idea. It's a sci-fi in first place. It was fine anyway. It had it's moments, it does something that you don't see often in movies and I think it works out great, even tho you wouldn't expect it. But as the title says, it is a one timer.

Beside the good things in the movie, there are bad things also.

The story did not include parts that we should have seen. We don't get to see what's happening inside the head of the boy. Almost at all! This is a big problem. We see him what he does, but we don't know why he does those things (only in basics).

In every movie there's a motivation. Here we don't have that.
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I believed the reviews, unfortunately
fecaspan19 May 2019
It wasn't good. I had somewhat high hopes, considering the Gunns being involved in this film. I either expected it to be slow, dark and just terrifying, or a brutal, gory, fun movie. It was neither. The characters were written dumb, the scares were just.. scares, plain and simple. You know, the usual cheap stuff. Loud noises, big bad wolf appearing behind the characters, blabla. And the gore was basically non-existent, so there's that. I love a good horror, i love being truly scared, i love when i can't help myself and just feel the need to cover my eyes. This movie had no effect on me whatsoever. And it's not a fun turn-off-your-brain joyride, it isn't fun at all. It's just cheap. However if you're the casual movie goer, you might have a good time. I heard people saying they liked it, so, good for them. But if you expect a good horror. It is not that.
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Dull and Generic
celestine130719 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Whether you like Zack Snyder's controversial, grittier take on Superman in "Man Of Steel" or felt that it was a complete butchery of the character, I assure you that whatever was done in this film makes what Snyder did look great. "Brightburn" tells a 'what if' tale about an evil Superman, or in this case, Superboy. It is a horror take on the classic mythos with Superman now being a 12-year-old boy who turns out to be evil.

On paper, that sounds amazing. A deconstruction of the iconic character that has actually worked surprisingly well in it's original medium- the comics. Furthermore, it is produced by James Gunn and written by his brothers, Brian and Mark. With Gunn being so closely attached to this project, how could it possibly fail? After all this is James Gunn we are talking about, the man who is responsible for bringing the d-list "Guardians of the Galaxy" to the big screen. Gunn's 2010 film, "Super" was also a deconstruction of the superhero genre by itself and "Slither" was an excellent homage to old school horror films. Looking back at his past filmography, "Brightburn" seems to be a sure fire culmination of them all. Unfortunately, this is not directed nor written by him.

As mentioned, the script was written by his brothers, who previously worked on "Journey 2", the one with The Rock. Director David Yarovesky who has done nothing really notable, other than a music video for "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" and some horror feature no one's heard before, helms this. Boy, does it really show. For a film that aims to subvert the superhero genre or the mythos, it does nothing new. Instead, the end product is bleak and dire that even out matches the dark DC Snyder-verse, in that area. However, it is also bland and dull.

For some reason, this film has no comedic elements or even fun at all. Although I appreciate it being in full horror territory, the lack of James Gunn's signature tongue in cheek tone is infuriating. It's as if "Brightburn" tries so hard to make fun of and criticize "Man of Steel" but becomes the worse version of it. There are so many elements that Yarovesky and his writers directly lift from "Man of Steel". Heck, even the score sounds similar to Hans Zimmer's epic. However, all these elements felt watered down and it is not way as glorious as it's predecessor.

"Brightburn" feels unusually cheap and I don't mean as a low budget film only. The script is weak and the narrative feels incomplete. Scenes felt like they have not enough shot coverage or footage available. The entire film feels too rushed as a whole. I can't believe that I missed the slower pace of "Man of Steel". There are also weird character decisions that don't make any sense and only seemed to be made for moving on the plot.

Despite the acting being mostly competent, I could not care less about the characters. There is zero character development whatsoever, especially for the evil kid and weirdly enough, there is also no mythology fleshed out at all which leaves a ton of unanswered questions by the end. Additionally, "Brightburn" suffers from most of the same pitfalls of being formulaic and generic as any other modern day horror film. There is an over-reliance on jump scares and cut away from as much from the gore as possible.

Overall, it is really maddening how the film never reached a bit of it's creative potential. What we have got is a bare minimum of a movie that is so subpar to even call it a deconstruction of anything. It should have been over the top, satirical or at least scary. It's funny as an over the top character, played by one of James Gunn's commonly worked with actors, showed up when the credits rolled, leaving you to realise this should have been the tone of the film.

For a better deconstruction of the genre, audiences might want to watch Josh Trank's "Chronicle" instead. Despite my hatred of found footage, I appreciate what Trank was trying to do and it is a proper way to look at the genre differently. Or audiences can just go and watch "Man of Steel" again as flawed as it maybe; Snyder did fleshed out a unique perspective of the character. This on the other hand, is I quote from another reviewer, a cheap one-night-stand that takes all your money and leaves you unsatisfied.
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A really scary movie
JoeYabuki18 May 2019
I loved it. How they manage the tension is EXCELLENT. Having this child on earth must be very scary. The plot is "what if Superman was bad". Warner and DC Comics have nothing to do with this project, they just based on that character to create this one. If you do not know anything about Sups mythology it will seem like a good movie, but if you know even the actors who have played it and much more you will understand every tribute. 100% recommended.
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Super Blood !!
cvtehnikdamai10 May 2019
You just have to watch this movie. Best horror.. Good Job Gunn's Generation !!
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It wasn't like the expectation from the trailer 👎
buingoclinhchi25 May 2019
Although the idea of this movie is awesome, but the way the director put the plot into this movie is terrible!! Character's interactions and dialogues are already 60 minutes of the movie. The action scene isn't good enough, and the scenes just rushing up each other.
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Way better than i expected
miho-dae10 May 2019
It is suprise me a lot. I watched the trailer, i think it will fun, it will be just fun. But i'm wrong, this movie is more than i expected. James gunn bring the new taste of horror movie. A good combination between horror and superpower. This is darker than we need talk about kevin. With gore scenes everywhere, people around me got stunned. Because this movie give us something that we didn't ask...shocked!!! This is so good...
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Needed work
zac_g1220 May 2019
The kids acting was subpar and at times the adults seemed more of a comedic aspect. The outlier is Elizabeth Banks. She doesn't fit the role and when it comes to a desperate mother it is anything but believable. The story was dragged out and it was the vibe of 'Superman meets the Omen'
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Save your money
garycofield21 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is a really bad movie. Save your money and just go watch something name-brand, I promise literally any iteration of Superman is better than this.

I really wanted to like this movie. It was off to a quick start, but sadly. That isn't always a good thing. There are seemingly no segway between scenes in the opening act, all the scenes just seem random and pieced together. I'm not sure if there were scenes that got cut or what, but there's practically no depth. The lack of depth extends from the scenes to the characters. I don't ever see the motive behind his anger. He's just a psychopath kid that wants to kill anyone that tells him no "yawn". This movie is incredibly boring and for a 7 million dollar budget, it really should not be this way.

For a movie that sells itself as "if Superman wasn't a good guy" there's also literally no buildup to the kid being normal to figuring out his abilities. He puts his hand in a lawnmower and next thing you know he's using his laser vision to slice through doors. I guess invulnerability and laser vision go hand in hand? I'm not saying he's kryptonian, but I can't imagine these are the kinda things one would pick up overnight, the kid didn't exactly sell himself as a genius.

His parents act completely clueless halfway through the movie. Talking about him when he's literally in the next room (guess he doesn't have super hearing, how convenient). Still pretending he's a child when they've seen the things he can do.

It's like they wrote this movie to suit a bad plot and not minds or hearts. The writers insult the viewers intelligence by just ignoring general logic. This could have and should have been a drastically different film. This is what happens with three Gunns, evidently.
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Don't Piss Off the Quiet Kid
bluesunflowersb19 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers

The list of Cardinal Rules broken by the players in this tale of horror are too many to count. But I'm going to have a whack at most of them. ***These people should have watched Ryan Higa's "How to Survive A Horror Movie." (See it on YouTube.)***

First of all: You don't go out into the woods and pick up some stray baby from an alien spacecraft, keep the kid, and think things are going to be sweet and rosy.

Second: You don't stash the spacecraft out in the barn and think things are going to be A-okay.

Third: When your quiet little sweetheart of a kid crushes his classmate's hand into pulp, you don't brush it off as childhood shenanigans.

Fourth: When you find blood and guts photos secreted amongst your pubescent 12-year-old male kid's trash stash, you don't brush it off as saying maybe he's just boning up (har, har) for his bio class or whatever.

This movie made me think of Stephen King. Kind of his genre of thing.

What I liked most about the movie was the cast. The Dad, played by David Denman, is awesome in his role. Elizabeth Banks is okay. The kid with the laser eyes is highly watchable and believeable.

I had a bit of a hard time seeing Banks as a Kansas housewife, stuck out on a farm, denim overalls and all. What were they farming, anyway? A dozen chickens? And since when are there wolves in Kansas? There haven't been wolves in Kansas since they were "extirpated" (euphemism for completely wiped out) in the early 1900s. (I know, I looked it up.)

Okay. So many plot holes and trite goings on. But there are some GOTCHA! moments when you may leap up in surprise, too. There's definitely some nasty gory stomach-churning bits for those of you who enjoy that type of stuff. I'm gonna have a hard time wiping that guy in his truck scene out of my mind any time soon.

I gave this movie 7 stars. Watching David Denman is what made this a fun movie for me.
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Hollywood Studios have jumped the shark.
MongoLloyd18 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The craft of film storytelling has degenerated into vague, unformed gobbledygook, dressed up with production value and VFX, and THIS is a prime example of the uninspired nonsense that audiences are left with. This film gives us a child-as-villain who seemingly does the things he does with no purpose or underlying reason. Even movie monsters have motives directly influenced by... something. Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Lee Woo-jin, Terminator, etc., all had *reasons* for the mayhem they unleashed on the people around them.

Having a character do things for seemingly no reason is the result of lazy storytelling. The kid came from space? OK, so what? The kid has superpowers? OK, why? Because he's from space? The kid takes a liking to a female classmate? OK, why? The kid is intent on killing people? OK, why? "Take world?" OK, why? Killing his Earth mother? OK, why? She was the only person in his life who wouldn't stop loving him. Is he going to (in subsequent sequels) just keep killing his guardians?

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Different than what I expected
marceberlein13 May 2019
No spoilers here. Definitely alot different from what I expected but definitely worth it the story is well told the visual effects are good and some good bloody images and wounds
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Lame, predictable and no end
edin0119 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
After watching this movie I wanted my money back. The story is just about the kid with superpowers killing people one by one and that is it. He can fly above clouds at airplane altitudes and fly through building walls. At moments it is embarrassing lame. There is no twist, no thriller. Also there the movie doesn't have an end, they left it to trick you into buying another ticket.
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Save your money and your time....
malcolmwrites4 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
If you're like me, you can't resist a good superhero or quality, high-concept horror story. This is neither. It is, instead, a repetitively pieced together series of cliched wanna-be horror moments sprinkled with about three minutes of gratuitous torture porn and a dead-eyed flying murderer.

Every scene is exactly the same: things look normal, something upsets the kid, the kid's glowing red eyes appear ominously in the dark and/or rainy background, the person he's stalking turns around to see...nothing...and then the kid indulges in some pointlessly violent act of murder. I'm serious about this. Every scene follows the exact...same...pattern. (Each scene would have been fine on its own as the first five minutes of a different, more well-developed movie. But this effort just never moves past the idea of an introductory scene and, therefore, never develops any kind of plot or story arc.)

The boy's origins aren't explained. His motives aren't explained. His parents' obliviousness isn't explained. His powers aren't explained. Unlike its infinitely superior origin films such as Superman and Chronicle, there is no narrative story arc to this movie. There are no romantic interests, no friendships, no plot twists, no charm, no inspiration, and no point.

The Brightburn pitch seems to have gone something like this: Pitch-person: "Okay, so this baby crash lands on a farm just like in Superman only this kid is a sadistic, unempathetic sociopath who kills everyone he meets at the slightest provocation." Producer: "Sounds intriguing! Then what?" Pitch-person (looking at his watch and darting toward the door): "Oh, shoot. I have to go floss my cat's toes. But don't worry, I'm sure we'll figure out the plot as we go!"

I saw this movie with my wife and our two teenage boys. We all love the kind of movie we thought this was going to be. We all left the theatre, compared notes, and we all emphatically agreed that we should have walked out after the first five minutes. The upshot: This is not the movie you think it's going to be, and, as a fan of either the superhero or horror genre, you deserve much, much better.
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What a wasted opportunity
adityangm416 May 2019
The trailer looked damn cool. Very interesting concept. I am a big fan of Superman and seeing how this movie was based on that alien kid with superpowers basically being a God among men Superman trope, needless to say, I was pretty excited. It was also interesting how this movie took that concept and tried to make it into a horror/monster movie. But if you forget the cool concept and the gimmick, the movie is bad. It's just bad and so very boring. It's not even a good horror movie. One of the major issues I had with this movie was the decision of the writers to make the alien boy act, not on his own will but as something that just doesn't have a mind of its own and is just sent to Earth to take over the planet. I know it's the writers' decision but I thought it would have been more interesting if the kid acted on his own will and did bad things just because he could without any repercussions. Any kid who would have such powers would do whatever he wants and some of the things he may want may not be innocent but be very cruel. The decision to make him a mindless killing machine didn't work for me. They made him just another generic monster. And as a horror/monster movie, the film just doesn't work. Even the modern horror movies are trying so hard to stand out by not falling into cliches and the overused horror tropes. But this movie didn't make any such effort. I was really bored most of the time. The acting sucks. Writing sucks. There are some cool moments but I wouldn't watch this movie again. 3/10
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