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Not so funny
achim-216 March 2020
There are 3-4 good laughs and that's it. The script is weak, the directing much more (the film does not find his rhythm in the first half an hour, almost every scene is with music that pushes itself into the foreground, the style of this movie resembles a children's film), the only good thing is the look and movement of the kangaroo.

The director Dani Levy, who is repeatedly overrated as a comedy director, did not understand what is so funny about the chronicles. The kangaroo's absurdity only works when the rest of the world seems normal. But when the whole world goes crazy, like in Levy's film, a kangaroo with communist statements doesn't stand out anymore.

And you don't have to be a communist or a kangaroo or both to demonstrate against the insane demolition and high-rise plans - the main drama in the film.

All in all a nice film for children and teenagers. As an adult you look in vain for the wit of the story that the books by Marc-Uwe Kling definitely have.
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It's Ok-ish
antialias112 April 2020
If you know and love the books you may come away a bit disappointed. Most of the humor which relies on the reader/listener having some familiarity with literature, philosphy, history is missing. All the more complicated or self-referential bits of humor are missing. It basically feels like a dumbed down version with some unneccesseary additions (e.g. a love story). Forcing the episodic nature of the book(s) into a coherent story was certainly not easy and it shows in the weak cookie-cutter plot. Actor quality is also a mixed bag. Especially the protagonist and main antagonist aren't cast particularly well or just weren't given enough to work with by the script.

That said the kangaroo CGI is good quality, the interaction between it and the other characters feel natural. The movie starts off funny and the pacing works for the most part. Some signature jokes were also incorporated well into the story.

If they take the criticisms to heart I feel they could crank out another one or two of these movies with better quality. There's certainly more than enough source material to draw from.
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What a pity.
koderone27 April 2020
The movie is everything I hoped it wouldn't be and I can't believe the author gave his blessings. It's a typical german comedy. In a bad way. Which means the humor is very silly. Which doesn't do the ingenious novels by Marc-Uwe Kling any justice, because the humor there is witty and more on the dry side. What made me cringe the most was what I'm sure will be sold off as movie "citations". Which even if you know they are meant like that just come off as blatant and shameless stealing. As a viewer I felt insulted. A citation has to do bring in new elements. It has to hint at the original just to show the appreciation for it. Put it in another context. Not stealing entire scenes and dialogues and even end with the same punchline. If you're outright stealing at least have the modesty not to copycat material that everyone and his grandmother has seen hundreds of times. The interaction between the kangaroo and the main character is unconvincing and weak. It looks like he acts to thin air. Which is made worse by the fact that the kangaroo's voice is coming from the off and doesn't fit in with the ambient sound. There's no reverb, no nothing. But you can see it's lips move, so it feels just awkward. The animation is not the best either. All the punchlines that put me to tears while listening to the audio books just don't fire because the timing is off. The story they've build around the source material is plainly dumb and uninspired tv-quality stuff. As is the cinematography, if you wanna call it that. German telenovela level. There's nothing I like about the movie which the books didn't do better.
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German Movie with good animation
play-566-30669731 March 2020
3 stars are awarded for the kangaroo animation. Otherwise, the question is why you have to produce such a film at all. One would have "simply" used a drawing style to take out the actor discussion and to put the quick, precise jokes on point.

So it's just a normal German movie and in international comparison it's just 3 Imdb stars. Does money eat your brain here, Mr.Kling?
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Terrible, terrible
tammoseppelt1 April 2020
I am totally disappointed. Given the good quality books of Kling it is hard to imagine that anyone could produce a worse movie than this. 25 years ago, the Berlin dialogues would at least be kind of original, today it is full old cliché and this world is obviously long gone as well. What is even worse, the movie has not one likeable character in it. Always a very bad sign. Avoid.
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"You love it or you hate it - or you will find it mediocre"
imdb-mawadre9 March 2020
2 Kids and 2 Adults disappointed.

The 2 Kids (7 and 10) were missing all their long term jokes and were terrified by all the visible violence. In the books the Nazis always lose against the Kangaru. But in the movie the Nazis suddenly look and behave dangerous in a non-bud-spencer-realistic-way and Marc gets hurt with real blood visible. We two adults were missing all the jokes and the fun and the nagging of Marc and his Kanguru. In our audition director Dany Levy was available for questions. He told about its own kids being long term hard core fans and warning him not to ruin the (audio)books for his kids for all time by making a bad movie. But he did unfortunately.

"Some will find it mediocre"
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Very boring and stupid - don't watch if you liked the (audible) books
mmabln12 October 2020
This movie is even worse than I expected. Even with *no* expectations this movie isn't any fun.

In contrast to the (audio) books which *are* funny, the movie is not because of the stupid story and very silly jokes. The situational comic from the books is not transported to the movie.

The movie looks like it has been written by a child without understanding the philosophy behind the Kangaroo Chronicles.

It is so boring, I fell asleep while watching. The only thing I could like in this movie is the animation of the Kangaroo which is quite good.
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So disappointing
freakuence27 September 2020
If you're expecting any new comedy in this movie: no, there isn't. If you're expecting the movie is at least made in the same dry comedy way like the books: nope, it's made in a comedian way maybe even Till Schweiger would be embarrassed of. The film maker took all of the book jokes and put them into slapstick contexts that it's just cringy.

And then these quotations of Pulp Fiction or The big Lebowski. The movie quoted it. But no further jokes / extension. It just took the same dialogs. Like you didn't see those movies.

Super bad movie, although the the novels are great. Made for an audience without a brain. Sad :(
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hannesmeck7 April 2020
No fun, no plot. That's all I have to say. Didn't laugh, didn't sweep away.
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Could have been worse, could have been better
sabrina_rahn2 April 2020
All in all an entertaining movie. I'm a huge fan of the books and was very curious about the movie adaption. I kept my expectations low, so I wasn't disappointed, as many of the other fans seem to be.

To start of, just because there is a speaking animal in it, doesn't mean this is a movie for children (what also applies to the books). Of course you can watch it with your kids,I don't think that there's content in it which could disturb them, but I don't think they would enjoy it very much. The humour is based on political an social topics and I don't think that little children will get that.

I really liked the actors especially Dimitrij Schaad and Rosalie Thomass did a good job and the other ones weren't disappointing. The kangaroo is stunning, the emotions were very good captured and the look of it really merged in the whole look of the movie. Also I think, that it was a great choice that it was synchronize by Mark-Uwe Kling himself. I feel that many fans just wanted a strait copy from the books what the movie is not. Although there are many insiders, and situations you may really get when you know the books. But for me the new, slight changes weren't bad, I really liked seeing something more of the kanguru universe than just the book plot. I really appriciate the details and references in the bacgrounds of the locations, especially the shared flat. One other thing I really like is the allusive narrative.

Unfortunate the timing of some jokes isn't as good as it could be and some are just set bad. The plot isn't as mature as I wished it to be. I mean the focus here is led on the gags and the critic mesage but a little more justification or character motivations wouldn't have been bad. Especially the political attitudes of the characters, which lead to a lot of funny moments in the books weren't played out so well. In the books intresting discussions and conflicts grow out of the different opinions and attitudes, in the movie not so much. The same applies to the friendships beneath the main characters, here they're very superficial, sometimes seem even forced or none existent, in the books you have different dynamics, with small preferences in interest, which both leads to more conflict, fun and subplot, what makes it feel real. One big point I have trouble with is this Nazi gang. At first I don't understand there costumes. Why do they look like scavengers or steampunks in some scence? I mean I get the intention, but wouldn't it be much more scary when they just look normal, like most nazis do? I also don't always get their motivation and drawing them just as gawky, dumb, punchers is a little to easy for my opinion. That for example was also much better in the books and one thing I really, really missed here.

There was the chance to create something unconventional new. I think the fanbase would have appreciated that attempt. Now it's a a bit better than mediocre movie with a slight negative "German-movie" undertone and wasted potential. Though, as fan I really enjoyed watching it anyway.
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With friends and Fun!
pimy-639507 March 2020
I am a great Fan of the original Triology and I went into this movie being afraid of nobody can reach the books level in a film. I was surprised very positively and me and my friends were laughing a lot! The story is subtitled by new and old jokes, so both fans and all the others can enjoy it!
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Weak script, weak acting and full blown dumb story
der-Daniel7 March 2020
Nothing of this film made fun or any sense. All characters were completely over the top and totally unbelievable in their role.
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Finally a funny German comedy movie again!
furryasyr12 September 2020
Four people thoroughly entertained here! The writing was witty and funny, with biting satirical comedy and the right amount of slapstick. I had never heard of the book before seeing the trailer to this movie, and the animated kangaroo intrigued me. The movie didn't disappoint. The special effects for the kangaroo are perfect and his attitude his hilarious. The story was an affectionate hommage to the "Kiez" culture in Berlin and the political humour consisted of well-placed blows against right-wing parties and extremists in Germany. We haven't laughed this much since "Der Schuh des Manitu" - if only German cinema would produce more comedy movies with this quality.
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knowing german culture helps
v-5628930 January 2021
I have been living for almost 4 years in Germany... and Im still not fully understanding the culture... I also read the first part of the book... Well the humor for me is not so great (in general german humor...), but the movie isn't complete rubbish either... I think germans may find it really funny... I probably have prejudices and am tired of the cliques at the moment, so I am biased to judge.. The movie is also pretty political. Connotation to AfD (the right extremist party) etc. which is for me not were interesting.. Also the Kreuzberg multi culti, the späti etc. for many non-german viewers may be "lost in translation". I was deciding between 6 and 7.. the ending was quiet weird...
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Good, if you know the books.
isihdko26 March 2020
The movie is great, but it's only half as good if you don't know the books. It's the best German film I've ever seen, and I don't mean that in a derogatory way at all. The SFX are extremely good considering the fact that the movie probably didn't have the budget of a Hollywood blockbuster.
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Waiting for part 2
roaa-acc20 April 2020
Well done 👍🏼 I loved it and I would be happy to hear the news about part 2 😎
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