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Winstead makes you believe, however improbably, that if a woman like Kate actually existed outside a screenwriter’s imagination, she wouldn’t be far off from this portrayal: isolated, mule-headed and ready for a change.
It would be a stretch to call Kate a modern Western, but it has a certain gunslinger sensibility that mitigates any self-conscious edginess. There’s even a modicum of poignancy as Winstead fights her personal battle through increasing bodily disrepair. Despite the existence of so many movies like it, Kate tires you out on its own terms.
A to-the-point two-hour slab of pulp that slickly glides above a very low bar.
Winstead may be a bonafide action hero, but the world around her just isn't interesting enough.
The film’s mimicry might be deft enough to pass muster here and there. But it doesn’t take an eagle eye to notice that Kate‘s got few ideas of its own.
Screen Rant
Like many of Netflix's original movies, Kate feels like another release that had potential to be good, but falls well short of the mark.
Slant Magazine
Kate will leave you wishing that its narrative possessed the same attention to detail as its elaborately violent action set pieces.
Even if the combat choreography that made this vein of cinema so popular is up to snuff, and Winstead does handle her steps ably even as her character breaks down, this film should aspire to be more than a delivery system for a few solid shootouts.
The movie presents an eye-catching fantasy of a candy-colored Japanese underworld. But the exoticism feels as cheap as a whiff of a green tea and musk cologne called Tokyo wafting over a department store counter. Even Winstead, stoic in her fashionably boyish haircut, looks bored.
Kate is a bland and unoriginal action movie that fails to make us care about its title character.

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