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A pathetic stupid farce, period.
BasicLogic11 March 2019
This is one of the worst B Western movies in its worst form. Don't even know how this screenplay got approved into production. Such ridiculousness is beyond my comprehension and only the worst Chinese movies could be matched. Very childish and shallow. This kind of bad Western genre horrible movies only further deteriorated the survival of the public interest for any future Western movies. Besides, any movie with Danny Trejo in it will be definitely a lousy B movie. Danny Trejo is one of the brand names of bad movies. So if you see his name appeared in the cast, just don't bother.

I don't even know how to describe this "Big Kill" farce.
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For BasicLogic
dlbott17 March 2019
First, a b movie is just that, of any genre. If you go into a b movie expecting an academy award winning film then you are just a dumb critic who knows nothing to begin with. You don't watch a b movie expecting much but to be entertained. By bad acting, low budget's with even worse special effects. A jolly good laugh and good time if you have it to waste lol.

As for Danny T, well, you don't seem to know much lol. Has he played his B actor role well, yep he has.. but, along the way he has a few fantastic performance and actually very good movies... you would know that if you were a real movie watcher and not some hack.

Fact is, not much else to say. You know a movie is low budget and b before you watch. So why watch if your expectations don't match reality lol...

Basic, you need to come back to reality, or just go to theater and watch block busters lol.... seriously dude,,, get a grip lol....
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Talk to the mayor
nogodnomasters17 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Big Kill is the name of a silver mining boom town in Arizona. Jim Andrews of Philadelphia (Christoph Sanders) is on his way there to meet his brother Grant (K.C. Clyde) who owns the town saloon, "The Easy Lady." He ends up traveling with two rascals Travis (Clint Hummel) and Jake (Scott Martin) who have a propensity for trouble.

When they get to town, no one seems to know his brother and it is not booming. There are some shady dealings going on.

I am judging this is supposed to be a spoof. The opening fonts and soundtrack would indicate this as well as the frequent killings and showdowns. The film had good characters and plot, it just fell short of a good parody, such as "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs." Danny Trejo had a small role. Got to love the name "Felicia Stiletto."

Guide: Caught one F-word. Brief sex and nudity.
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An enjoyable and funny movie
hifrmny16 March 2019
PLEASE pay no attention to the first reviewer here. Watch the movie and decide for yourself whether you enjoyed it or not. I found this movie to be quite good. I am keeping it as will watch again in future.

The movie has several funny parts and I mean I had several lol chuckles throughout watching it. You can't help but laugh at the "Never heard of it" line used frequently. And the one guy during the last shootout that was so fast, you never saw him draw. That was hilarious.

If you do like westerns, at least give this one a chance and you may end up having an enjoyable evening.
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