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Space maggot trash
Leofwine_draca13 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
MAGGOTS is an example of the kind of trashy nonsense filling up the American indie scene. Directed by Bobby Bragg on the fly and with little enthusiasm, it has a bunch of woodland folk being terrorised by gigantic space maggots with a penchant for human flesh. The attempts at comedic acting really grate while the SFX are quite laughable. The whole thing is long-winded and dull, below the entertainment level of even a sub-par feature from The Asylum.
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Warning! Warning! Avoid! Avoid!
maarck67 April 2018
** The story of the microbudgeted movie "Maggots" starts off with a non-verbal narrative that states that in 1920 Earth fought a war with these scientifically created maggots, and after a vicious war that almost ended mankind, the people of Earth finally won. The surviving maggots were then store housed, and then later shot into space by the C. I. A. (?) to fight otherworldly lifeforms. Huh? We are told that the "false news networks" of ours then rewrote history and hid this vital historical fact from the public. Okay, but I guess that the almost extinction of mankind would seem to be a hard thing to hide, or forget.

** But our space war has backfired on us, and so, hitching a ride on a meteorite, the maggots are back, and they're not fooling around, and they're hungry. Oh yeah, and they're ugly. They initially look like big, segmented, and cackling penii with a headful of teeth. And the more that they eat, the more that they grow, and the more that they grow, the more that they eat, until they are the size of houses. Of course, we never find out what they eat as there aren't enough people to feed the horde of maggots that are running amok.

** Into this mess comes, amongst others, four way over-age jds and their sponsor, who looks like Henry Rollins' little brother, who have turned up for a camping trip, two scientists there to study the meteorite, a waitress, a moonshiner, and a bunch of assorted redshirts. The war of attrition starts immediately as all are there to continuously bite the dust. The story, such as it is, is pure drive-in fare, with the acting ranging from god-awful to fairly professional, with the best actors Catherine B. Johnson and Sarah Stringer, with Stringer being way too old to play a gothic teenager. By-the-way Catherine, I'm still single, give me a call sometime. Anyway, the dubbing looks and sounds terrible, and it's completely out of sync, the special effects are even worse, the green screening is mind-numbingly laughable, and let's not even mention the soundtrack, the visual and sound effects, and the god-awful editing, all of which equals a movie whose technical aspects are such, that Ed Wood would have blushed with embarrassment. But really, what else can you expect from Fred Olan Ray?

**Oh, and forget the review by firstaidflame on this movie. It seems that this person is a pseudonym of director Bob Bragg and his reviews consist of giving all of his movies tens. However, if released in the early seventies this movie would have been passible drive-in fare, but with today's tech there's just no call for this level of laziness. This is a movie only for Ray and micro-budget film fans. I've seen worse, but that's like stating that I've worse cases of dysentery.
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Ed Wood Eat Your Heart Out
discodirk-9088318 December 2017
So bad it's good! I couldn't stop watching! Just when you think it can't get any worse it does!
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Fun, Silly, and Different!
firstaidflame-4517916 February 2018
This movie is so off the wall that I laughed and laughed. First, you have giant puppet MAGGOTS! Then, there is the tongue and cheek antics. A great escape from the normal "follow the herd" fare that's available.
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