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MPAA Rated R for strong violence and language throughout, and some sexual and drug material

Sex & Nudity

  • In an opening animation, a cartoon sperm is shown wiggling into an egg. (meant for laughs)
  • Roman humiliates a woman in front of his club by forcing her to dance on a table. Then he forces the man she is with to cut off her dress. She is shown in her bra and panties clutching her torn dress around her waist and crying in fear. This scene can be hard for those who are triggered by sexual assault.
  • Harley is punched in the breast and exclaims, "ow, my tit!"
  • Montoya wears a shirt that says, "I shaved my balls for this" for a large portion of the film.
  • In Roman's club there is a picture of a topless woman's lower back and shoulders. No nudity is shown as it is facing away from the viewer but it is featured prominently in the background. Also upstairs there's paintings of topless woman towards the end of the film.
  • No sex or nudity in this film and less sexual banter than in "Suicide Squad"
  • There is no sex or sexual act of any kind in this film. There is no nudity whatsoever.
  • Sometimes you can see a nude statue and a couple of nude paintings
  • When in roman's club roman pull a tampon out of harley's pocket

Violence & Gore

  • Bloody and graphic violence throughout
  • Huntress shoots many people in the throat with her arrows. The victims are shown choking/coughing on blood as it pours out of their mouths and throats. Graphic but not excessive.
  • Harley smashes one man's leg with a baseball bat. His leg is shown twisted at an opposite angle. Then she smashes his other leg and it twists the other way. A loud crunching noise is heard as well as his exclaims of pain in both instances. Then she smashes that leg the other way and he falls to the floor.
  • In an extended fight scene, Harley raids a police station and shoots many cops with a gun- however all of these blasts are non-lethal paintballs, confetti, gas canisters, and large marbles and nobody is killed.
  • Harley sets a man's beard on fire as he is choking her. He is then shown screaming and batting at the fire as it grows over his face.
  • Harley shoots a man in the head. A jet of blood is shown briefly out of his head.
  • In one of the more brutal kills, Huntress shoots a man in the neck with an arrow as he is struggling with another person. The person wrestles against his grip for a while after, pushing the arrow in his neck as he tries to stop her and strangle her. Huntress then shoots him in the head and he falls forward and dies.
  • A family is shown being gunned down by the mob. This is disturbing because it is in front of their little daughter. Their blood sprays over the furniture in the room.
  • Harley jumps on a man's outstretched legs and breaks his knees. The loud crunching of bones is heard as well as his scream of pain.
  • Harley fights several goons and caves-in one man's head with a baseball bat. Another man runs towards her but she throws the bat at him and he does a backflip, landing on his head. His head twists under his body and a loud crack is heard as his neck snaps.
  • Huntress tackles a man and the two slip down a slide. She lands on top of him and stabs him three times in the face. Some blood but it is shown from a distance.
  • Hyena is briefly seen eating a torn off limb
  • An intoxicated, half-asleep Harley is shown being carried to a van and it is alluded that they are doing so to rape her. Before she is put in the van, Dinah Lance steps in and a fight scene featuring kicks and punches ensues.
  • Sionis backhands Harley in the face twice and she has a split lip and bruise on her cheek.


  • 78 uses of "fuck", 25 uses of "shit", and around 5 each of "hell", "damn", "piss", "bastard" and one use of "slut"
  • The language is very strong with lots of profanities.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Harley is hiding behind a stack of kilos of cocaine as gang members shoot at her. The drug dust drifts all around her face and puts her in a hyper, crazed state.
  • Harley Quinn is drunk in multiple scenes.
  • Harley Quinn offers a teenage girl a margarita, but a cop takes it away from the girl.
  • Some drinking is shown. Characters are shown drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This movie is very intense and despite its black comedy, it has lots of graphic bloody violence. The film also tends to be dark at times due to its graphic violence and subject matter.
  • Huntress's origin story could be sad and disturbing for some viewers though most of it is handled in a sardonically humorous manner.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man cuts off another man's face. You see him start cutting it but it's pulled off offscreen. You see him holding the face from a distance and he drops it on the ground, making a splashing sound.
  • Harley pushes a man off of a bridge and pins a grenade on him. He falls off the pier and explodes. His limbs and organs are briefly shown being blown apart in the small explosion and the water below the pier turns red with his blood.
  • The main villian string henchman tells a woman to cut open a little girl to get a diamond that she swallowed near to the end of the movie.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Early in the movie, the main villain and his henchman cut off one person's face, slit another's throat, and it is implied they cut off one more face- that of a little girl.

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