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Boring Ugly Film with HORRENDOUS Animation
MinistryofDoom6 September 2018
OK, first of all this is based on a comic book series of the same name. Now there difference is that while the comic book contains fantastic illustrations and art-style, this film opts to uses horrendous CGI that looks like a series of cut scenes stitched together from a bargain bin Playstation game in the 90s. There are barely any textures or proper lighting used in the animation and the characters move very awkwardly, and to be honest, even the character designs themselves are ridiculously ugly. I get that they tried to make this cuter than the comic book so that it attracts a younger audience but it reflects no artistic skills, attention to detail, or even creativity and imagination. It's like they just slapped this project together with the goal of making money. It looks and feels so uninspired. It's quite sad and pathetic. Even the storyline is boring and uneventful. The saddest part is that this film was produced by Arcana Studio, the company that makes the comics...and the writers and artists were totally on board for it. How they agreed to release this abomination is beyond me. In conclusion: Sit this one out; it's not worth your precious time.
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Worst animation EVER
wimgielenglas26 February 2019
Even the worst zombie movie I was forced to watch had more life in it. Brain dead and simply a waste of time. There are not enough words to express how bad this dribble is.
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Below mediocre
Snootz23 September 2018
As mentioned in other reviews, amateurish animation, but not so nearly amateurish as the script. The saving grace of the film was making the point "War is not the solution to our problems". Beyond that the concept was bland, characters cliche, and voice acting only as good as the script allowed. It's not a "bad" movie, just not good enough to call tolerable. Not even good as a children's film, as much of the morality-play aspect will be beyond their understanding. The ending (just after the credits start to roll) is incomprehensible and without point.

Basically, this is an unbelievable tale that really seems to make no point other than "Don't be the bad guy". Yeah, we get that much. How about the point, "If you're going to make a movie, make a good one"?
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interesting world
SnoopyStyle26 December 2019
It's 100 years after The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Victoria Wright works endlessly to keep the steam engines under Emerald City working. The Witch of the North, Locasta, with her flying monkeys warns Victoria that Tin Man who now runs Emerald City is pushing the world to war as the city keeps expanding its destructive influence. Victoria helps Oscar 'Oz' Diggs escape who turns out to be the Wizard's brother. They meet Magnus, the son of the cowardly lion. They're joined by munchkins.

The animation is low grade CG. The story is a generally flat road movie. The most interesting part is the world construction itself. It's fascinating to see Oz 100 years later. The Tin Man story is intriguing. This does need a better road trip. The quest needs a different starting point. It should start with a munchkin losing its home due to Tin Man's Emerald City and the munchkin would head off to the city. The group would arrive at the city like traveling to the Heart of Darkness. This world is a wonderful world to play in. It just needs some better writing and more grown up CGI.
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Can be better
edgy-827-48696517 September 2018
I watched all O'Reilly's animations and its like he go from better to worse, and I mean MUCH worse. Pixies was not bad looking easy pass for DTV title, than was Howard Lovecraft two movies... well... I think its like fan-made, also very obscure material so I was like ooookay. But now THIS. Its OZ for god sake! Can you even try? Why bother with Shatner and Perlman, when my eyes actually bleed from animation. And visuals concept... why Tin Man looks like gorilla? And why... WHY some lions like furries, and some - not. Do the Brave Lion have sex with humans? And yes backgrounds... like in Howard Lovecraft its just desert. I know 3D models cost money, but... its like 2018 now, not 2004. Setting was interesting, though. Idiea of stempunk in Oz is good.
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Kids should be entertained for a while at least
tin-B6 September 2018
Good animation!! Ignore the post about it being bad and clumsy. It is a 3D cartoon. They aren't supposed to look like real live people. Take anime, which I personally loathe, it is an art form which, to me, is ridiculously repulsive, but how wildly popular it is. The main character's face and entire head/body is designed to look like a barbie type doll, and it is not stiffly animated at all. The characters have good body movements, facial expressions, etc. Background artistry is very good as well

With that said, there are two unfortunate things. Many of the voice overs (outside of the main 3 characters) are dull and uninspired. There should be some emotion or excitement of some kind behind many of the deliveries, but they are often deadpan

The story is a good one, but the lackluster voice overs prevent attachment and attention to the story, and there is also slow delivery of the plot. Not enough awe-inspiring side quests to keep you interested during the wait.

Not sure how the children will like it. I think it may be a little too slow for them as well but may be entertaining for awhile at least.
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