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Sex & Nudity

  • A rape is mentioned.
  • Sex right at the start of Episode 1. No visual, only noises. A man is seen fixing his trousers after.
  • Multiple references to prostitutes
  • Men are seen flirting and following women, presumably to have sex
  • In Episode 1, a man touchs a woman under her skirt in a pub. She is moaning. Happens for about 10-20 seconds
  • A character says he doesn't sleep with prostitutes to avoid STDs
  • The cabin boy sees the surgeon about a stomach issue. It transpires that the boy was raped. The boy cries and is generally avoidant of the topic The surgeon is disturbed about it and later tells the Captain. The Captain asks the boy who did this, but the boy refuses to say. It's clear that the boy is distressed

Violence & Gore

  • A scene involves killing seals. Another scene has a man cut open a bear and go inside it for warmth.
  • Some violent shootouts.
  • Multiple scenes of Seals being killed and cut up.
  • A bar fight happens in Episode 1. A man is kicked in the head and he passes out.
  • Animal killings.


  • While actual profanity is scarce, the discussion of a brutal assault created quite a startling visualization.
  • Infrequent uses of "fuck" and "cunt" each episode.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Constant drinking and smoking in almost every scene with every character.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A seal is beaten to death and carved up for its skin.
  • Multiple scenes of Seals being shot, dead seals, and seal blood
  • A man slips between the ice while shouting for help


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A young man is murdered offscreen, the boys tooth is found in a mans arm.
  • A mans head is caved in.
  • Patrick stabs Henry to death.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In Episode 1, a drunk man hits another drunk over the head, possibly killing him.

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