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Routine outdoor thriller
Leofwine_draca27 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Another day, another low budget action thriller, this time around made as a vehicle for former professional fighter Gina Carano. She's never been an actress but she does acquit herself well when it comes to physicality, although viewers hoping for lots of fight action will be slightly disappointed in this one as the focus is on physical hardship and guns for the most part. It's a small scale story about kidnapping and Carano's determination to tackle overwhelming odds, and it's set in the snowy wilderness. The presence of crazy old man Richard Dreyfuss and a wolf pack adds to the fun, and generally it's fast paced and incident packed, even if nothing about it is particularly special or memorable.
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Deserved a Better Screenplay
claudio_carvalho12 August 2019
"Daughter of the Wolf" is a film that deserved a better screenplay. The landscape and scenery are magnificent and the viewer sees the film expecting a better resolution of the story of a skilled military woman that has her teenage son abducted by criminals. Unfortunately the screenplay is very weak and confused, with poor character and situation development. Anyway it is not as bad as many reviews indicate and may be watched with low expectations. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): Not Available
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Where. . . is. . . my. . . son?
nogodnomasters22 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Richard Dreyfuss leads a group of kidnappers as they hold Charlie (Anton Gillis-Adelman) in the woods. Clair (Gina Carano) his mother and returning special ops has the money for the ransom. However, when the plan doesn't go as they stated, people die.

Seems Richard was back stabbed by Clair's father in circumstances not fully explained and believes he is owed the money and wants to take revenge on a dead man. Gina Carano doesn't use her MMA skills as much as she has in other films, just people shooting and fighting in the snow with wolves. Dreyfuss didn't fit the role. Even Tom Sizemore or Michael Madsen would have been better.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
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kosmasp29 September 2020
Really great seeing Richard Dreyfuss, even if it is in a very limited role (considering the range and all that). But if you don't mind the acting (most of the people involved actually know how to, it's just that the material given does not give them any opportunity to do so) and are here for the action and the thrill of it all, you will be entertained.

I reckon I gave this an extra point because I liked seeing Richard in front of the camera again. Not sure what he has been up to, didn't check, ut was a nice change of pace. Gina is the main character here and she takes names and kicks ... and also is all out of bubble gum. Movie quote reference aside, that also involves a wrestler/fighter, this really is a simple movie in a very straining context and enviroment. Nicely filmed and technically sound ...
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Gina Carano Kicks Butt Again!!!
zardoz-138 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Imagine "The Grey" (2011) crossed with "Furie"(2019), and you've got the basics of Gina Carano's latest straight-to-video actioneer "Daughter of the Wolf" (**1/2 OUT OF ****), an above-average, winter-time ransom thriller set in the icy, snow-swept north about a mom who risks her life to rescue her son from trigger-happy captors. Once an MMA cage fighter, Carano made her memorable debut as a dame who delivers herself from distress in Steven Soderbergh's slam-bang saga "Haywire" (2011) where she killed a succession of tough guys, among them Michael Fassbender, Antonio Banderas, and Ewan McGregor. Indeed, those dudes never knew they had it coming! Afterward, Carano landed prominent supporting roles in both "Fast & Furious 6" (2013) and "Deadpool" (2016). Between them, she played the lead in John Stockwell's "In the Blood" (2014) as well as Peter Howitt's bleak, post-apocalyptic western "Scorched Earth" (2018). Carano brings charisma and muscularity to her butt-kicking heroines, and she is nobody to be casually dismissed, as "Haywire" and "Scorched Earth" illustrate. Although she may not qualify as appropriate role model material for young women, Carano plays empowered broads who refuse to stay down after they've been knocked down.

In "Daughter of the Wolf," Carano is cast as a military veteran who survived two tours of duty in the Middle East, saw her husband blown to bits in an IED explosion, and now faces a rocky road back home with her estranged teenage son who wants nothing to do with her. Cue the kidnappers who conveniently abduct him for a high-dollar ransom demand. Carano goes into action with the same determination and 'special skills' that Liam Neeson mustered in "Taken" (2008). She doesn't cry over spilled milk.

"Daughter of the Wolf" deals with revenge as much as abduction. The head of the despicable gang that snatches her son is an infuriated old coot, Father (acclaimed Oscar-winning actor Richard Dreyfus of "The Goodbye Girl"), who abhorred our heroine's father and demands his pound of flesh from the daughter. Happily, "Saw V" director David Hackl doesn't make her mission to recover her son a stroll in the park. Obstacles in every shape and size keep getting in her path, whether it be either a lake covered with thin ice or a ravenous pack of wicked looking wolves that appear be able to distinguish between the virtuous and the villainous. Father shoots one wolf, and it look like the entire pack stalks him. Hackl never lets the action bog down in complications, apart from some mandatory exposition, and the sprawling, snowbound scenery adds to the enormity of the obstacle course that our heroine must cope with to save her son.

Hackl and scenarist Nika Agiashvili don't beat about the bush bringing "Daughter of the Wolf" up to speed. As the action unfolds, Clair Hamilton (Gina Carano of "Kickboxer: Vengeance") has just packed up a bag of loot to pay the low lives who abducted her son Charlie (Anton Gillis-Adelman of "Birthmarked") but have other plans for him which they haven't shared with our heroine. Things haven't been good for Claire. Not only did her husband die in the Middle East in combat, but she has also lost her father. Clair has alienated Charlie because she preferred combat to raising him. Consequently, when she arrives home for the funeral, her son gives her a chilly reception. As it turns out, the people who took Charlie have no intention of holding up their end of the bargain to exchange him for the ransom money. Oddly enough, neither Hackl nor Agiashvili ever reveal the monetary amount that the villains sought. Nevertheless, Clair is prepared to pay them.

At the rendezvous, Father's three sons hold her at gunpoint while they count the cash, and then they start shooting at her on the spot. Big mistake! She blasts one of them with a double-barreled shotgun, while the other two pile into their large SUV and careen off down slippery roads. Desperately, Clair pursues them, swerving recklessly along the road, sideswiping and swapping shots with them. She smashes into them and shoots the driver in the head. The two trucks skate uncontrollably on ice. Clair's massive vehicle flips upside-down in a spectacular crash and skids to a halt. The surviving kidnapper, Larsen (Brendan Fehr of "Final Destination"), inexplicably jogs off into the snow with the money. Clair manages to wound him in the thigh, and she catches up with him on a snow-covered lake. During their wrestling match, Clair shattered the thin ice, and Larsen saves her from drowning. She chases him down, and he reveals that he didn't know his brothers had planned to shoot her. They call a truce, and Larsen agrees to lead her to a shut-down ski lodge where Father is holding Charlie hostage.

During the action, wolves of every color and description emerge from the woods to menace heroes and villains alike. Father kills one of the wolves that fed on one of his sons, and the wolves mark him for dead-like in "They Grey," while they leave Clair alone to track down Father and his brood. Eventually, Clair finds the cabin, holds Larsen at gunpoint, with an empty pistol, and fools Father. Unfortunately, our heroine doesn't get far because one of Father's women rams her on a ski bike and sends her plunging into a huge lake beneath a waterfall. Gradually, Clair whittles the opposition down with help from the wolves. These wolves seem to know that she represents the good, while everybody else constitutes meat that they can munch.

Hackl and Agiashvili provide enough thrills and chills as well as a reversal or two to keep you interested. Our heroine refuses to back down, something her father instilled in her as well as Charlie. Richard Dreyfus has a field day as the dastardly, egotistical patriarch, and "Black Panther's" Sydelle Noel gives our heroine some competition. Clocking in at an agile 88-minutes, "Daughter of the Wolf" qualifies as an exciting but familiar R-rated, feminist action thriller.
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The Leader of the Pack
lavatch5 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
In the extras segment of the DVD of "Daughter of the Wolf," the film artists described their film as an action picture cut in the mold of the Liam Neeson thrillers. There is no doubt that there were some talented film people collaborating on this film, especially in the areas of photography and stunt choreography.

Unfortunately, the screenplay limited character development to stereotypes, and the narrative was no more than a long slog across the mountain wilderness. Conflicts of man vs. man and man vs. nature involved fending off wolves and the evil machinations of a man named "Father," who has kidnapped the young son of the heroine Clair Hamilton.

The film opened with a close-up on the Hamilton custom saw mill, and the background of that enterprise figures prominently in the past. The disgruntled Father figure felt betrayed by Clair's father. Years have passed since the death of Clair's dad, but the Father is now taking his vengeance. He aspires to be the leader of the pack like one of the fearsome wolves depicted in the film.

Much of the characterization seemed wooden, the exposition clumsy, and some of the action scenes so far-fetched that the film lapsed into unintended comedy. Richard Dreyfuss's portrayal of the Father was so over-the-top and he was portrayed in such intense, constipated close-ups that his character was impossible to believe. Clair's survival from a spectacular, 300-foot fall from a ledge into an icy river was the most preposterous moment to try to swallow.

There was good potential for a rousing story of strife on the frontier as in the classic film Westerns. There was also the possibility of developing a "call of the wild" theme with the struggle for survival in the forest. But "Daughter of the Wolf" failed to offer any depth portrayals of those themes. This was a one-note kidnapping melodrama dressed up in the guise of a story by Jack London.
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Not Well Thought Out
westsideschl6 October 2019
Mom's son is kidnapped for ransom somewhere in Canada. Unlike the usually intelligent, creative filming that comes out of Eastern Canada this, not well thought out, script out of Western Canada needs help & a bit of proofreading. Dressed in all black (stands out against the snow - smart!) mom goes after a half dozen fully armed men in the snowy winter backcountry & mountains. The most egregious film mistake was having mom get tossed into freezing water twice & seems unaffected. Ever hear of hypothermia? Despite being soaked she, in one case, magically builds a shelter with a huge fire. Finally, for no rational reason, a wild wolf gathers his/her pack to mysteriously appear every so often to protect moms.
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Heavily flawed & a little underwhelming but there's just about enough elements to hold it together
jimbo-53-18651111 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Clair Hamilton (Gina Carano) is an ex-military specialist whose son has been kidnapped. When Clair meets some of the kidnappers their plan is to take the money and kill her, but Clair manages to get the better of the kidnappers. Clair allows one of the kidnappers Larsen (Brendan Fehr) to live so that he can direct her to where her son is been held. However, the harsh weather, the long hike and a hungry group of wolves along the route make the journey perilous and challenging...

I liked the no nonsense start to Daughter of the Wolf; we go straight to the meeting with the kidnappers rather than having to endure a laborious and tedious build-up. There's a shootout and a car chase which gets the adrenalin pumping and then it kind of grinds to a halt...

What follows is an unwilling kidnapper assisting Mum in finding where her son is located. As they are spending a number of days together hiking to get to the location they get talking and start to learn more about each other (some of this exposition is used as a bridge between the kidnapper and the victim, but some of it is used as narrative development). We learn that Larsen is victim to the same thing that Clair's son has become victim to which I presume was intended to create a Stockholm Syndrome scenario, but oddly enough I wasn't entirely moved by it. I think part of the problem lies with the bare bones story - Father has some grievance with Clair's dad and decides to kidnap and sell his grandson as vengeance against him and did the same thing with Larsen with his parents. Sure Father has his grievances with these people, but we never quite get to the bottom of why he has his grievances meaning that for me there was a lack of emotional involvement in this film.

Daughter of the Wolf is also a little far-fetched at times and does seem to rely on ridiculous contrivances in order to allow the narrative to progress; Clair falling down a waterfall, getting washed up along the stream and yet still getting back to the lodge before Charlie and one of the kidnappers (despite them presumably heading back 'as the crow flies'). Also how does Clair manage to circle round and get behind someone with a sniper without being seen and what did she need Larsen's shoes for - that was never explained?? I've no doubt there are other examples, but that's all I can think of at the moment.

The only people I'd heard of in this film are Gina Carano and Richard Dreyfuss; the former is an ex MMA fighter so it's only natural to expect her to be excellent in the physical aspects of the film so why not exploit this and give Carano more to do in this aspect? To her credit Carano is actually quite good and handles some of the emotional scenes quite well. Dreyfuss is an actor I have a lot of respect for, but I have no clue what he was doing here or why he even signed on the dotted line? This is probably the worst performance I've seen from him - although to be fair he's still better than some of the other rather wooden cast members.

Daughter of the Wolf is a mixture of the bad, the OK and the could have been; after the car chase the film does take a ponderous, slightly sluggish turn and with a sketchily fleshed out story it's fair to say that Daughter of the Wolf is not the most compelling of offerings despite still having some positive elements.
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Gina Carano & Richard Dreyfuss are Excellent in this Awesome Winter Thriller!!!
lukem-5276021 June 2021
I love films set in the winter especially during the blizzard's of snow & i found this excellent Direct-to-dvd Thriller to be a nice companion piece to the excellent survival Thriller THE GREY!!! Both are set in the snowy wilderness with hungry wolves & both are about survival. The Grey & Daughter of the Wolf would make a perfect double bill for a cold winter night of movies.

I was pleasantly surprised by how good this film was, it doesn't feel cheap or low-budget & the winter setting is beautiful & we get an excellent performance from a lady action hero with Gina Carano (The Mandalorian, In the Blood) who is totally convincing as Claire a strong, smart & deadly ex-soldier who is trying to get her kidnapped son back from a gang of who is using her son for a big ransom. Gina makes such a tough & no-nonsense character as Claire, she's a mum & ex-soldier who basically has to use her skills to survive the mountain, the wolves & fight her way through the criminals to get to her son & Gina is also a very good actress to can act as well as kick-ass. Gina is also great in another Survival Thriller called IN THE BLOOD.

The leader of the criminal gang is that of an old man known as Father played by the legendary Richard Dreyfuss & oh my is it good to watch this veteran old school actor still on screen!!! Dreyfuss is one of the most important actors to me since little & growing up watching him in Classic movies such as JAWS & CLOSE ENCOUNTERS & STAKEOUT & WHAT ABOUT BOB? & DOWN & OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS among others, Dreyfuss is a true Movie star & here he steals every scene as the main villain of this exciting survival Thriller. Father is an angry old man with a big chip on his shoulder & a bitter past with Claire's recently dead father of which he was once a friend of but turned enemy over money. Dreyfuss gives a great rugged & viscous performance & is so engrossing on screen.

Another standout performance is from Brendan Fehr (In Hell) as one of Father's helpless sons pushed into this Kidnapping situation but he's not an evil guy & Brendan gives his character a sadness & a sympathetic side.

The action is bloody & raw & the scenes of the Wolves savagely attacking people are ridiculously realistic looking & adds to the tension of the story.

Daughter of the Wolf is part action film, part Survival Thriller & part Mystery drama & all done well.

For a Direct-to-dvd film "Daughter" is Excellent & way above what most of these types of low-budget flicks usually are!!!!

A Excellent Survival Thriller with a good solid story & great performances.
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What did I watch?
ks-605009 April 2020
Chasing, killing, wolf hunting summarized it all. It's not exciting at all for everything I seen, storyline is weak too.
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VIEWS ON FILM review of Daughter of the Wolf
burlesonjesse526 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
"Where is my son?" "WHERE IS MY SON?!" That question and many others get asked a lot by Gina Carano via 2019's Daughter of the Wolf. Carano as Clair Hamilton proves she can headline a movie and not always a caged, MMA fight. "Wolf" has her in heavy-duty, female Haywire mode.

Anyway, Daughter of the Wolf at eighty-eight long minutes (that's an oxymoron), is like a version of The Grey with less nasty wolves, more ransom remnants, less terrain-ed obstacles, and weaker production values. It also feels like every cold weather/Internet thriller made in the last seven years despite some pretty nifty overhead shots.

The director of "Wolf" (Canadian David Hackl) stages a terrific shootout and chase sequence at the beginning. It gets your ears and eyes to perk up. The rest of the flick although steadfast, becomes uneven and tedious as it runs out of perpetual steam. Joe Carnahan would have looked around and said, "hey I can set up that shot a heck of a lot better".

Filmed in British Columbia, helmed by the guy who made Saw V, and showcasing scruffy Richard Dreyfuss in a rare, sort of villainous role, Daughter of the Wolf is about a military veteran (played by Carano) who tries to track down some ruffians responsible for kidnapping her teenage son.

Look for characters repeating the same dialogue in numerous scenes (see first paragraph), look for characters falling and drowning yet recovering very quickly, and look for Gina Carano emoting more as an actress as opposed to being just a bone-crunching, butt kicker.

Yup, Carano can act. Yup, Carano has some searing screen presence, and yup, Carano can sure as heck make loading a firearm seem coldly badass. Unfortunately the movie around her is wolves symbolism hooey. It doesn't quite measure up as this "wolf" is kept at bay. Rating: 2 stars.
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She's gonna alter the deal further.
athies16 November 2019
That was a needless plow through some junk.

Geez, I thought we were not gonna have a car explosion for once.

Brush your teeth idiot.

Idiot old man. I'll be glad when he dies.

Back to the kicking game. Kick him in the wound.

"Daughter of the Wolf" is kind of degrading isn't it? I suppose "She-Wolf" is worse or at least stupid.

He wakes up with a nice wet stone as a pillow. At least it's smooth.

She is too nice to this guy.

"Is this necessary"? That is the dumbest line.

What a lame last sentence.

Suddenly he does what he know's he's not supposed to do... Dumb script.

Please. The would would have caught up to him so fast.

This idiot son is following in his father's damaged leg. Clearly a proud family tradition.

What a stupid reaction for the kid in the room after an old man's tirade... Stupid script.

Gina deserves a better movie than this.

Insert drone footage.

Why does everyone get needlessly close to the edge before stopping?

That is a cool fireplace in the lodge.

Needless "some time later" scene.
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Absolutely horrendous
latinfineart10 August 2020
This was one of the most horrendous pieces of garbage I've seen in years. If completely lacked direction, it was a terrible story and it required enormous leaps of faith every 10 minutes, which were completely implausible, completely unbelievable and completely ridiculous.

Does Hollywood think that we are all absolute idiots, don't they ever give us any credibility? Richard Dreyfuss has sunk to new lows a d there is nothing left of his career, he's taking anything they'll give him at this point. Good idea to skip this one, and save yourself 90 minutes of your life.
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i wish it could been a better movie but this film really deserve's a lot better
nikola1711 November 2019
I am huge fan of Gina Carano i really loved Gina Carano one of my favorite girls of all time she is one of my favorite Strikeforce, EliteXC MMA fighters as well i remember seeing her movies like Haywire, in the blood, Heist, Extraction,Scorched Earth one of her great lead role movies so as this one as well. i thought this movie was pretty good, i thought Gina Carano did fine in this movie i wished it could been a lot things in movie like better script for Gina Carano, needs more fun

kicking ass action, needs better prop guns, needed a better screenplay, and the budget needed better budget film but in sametime i thought this was good action-thriller film worth watching, i don't call this a great movie i call this more one of those movies that are bit of time waster not mediocre it's not average but i thought it's one of those movies i can watch when i ever i feel like because if your curious about action, their is but the movie slowed too much to thrilling then to less action. i wanted to see Gina Carano to do martial arts in this movie as well Instead, simply isn't enough action as a whole there is much more drama and story line which is okay too. Now this film's biggest crime isn't that it is boring as it is but at least it's watchable.

because she doesn't have enough fight scenes sadly in this movie she has some bits and pieces of scenes but not much like Haywire, In The Blood. but it's like you see her more performance and acting and being in action but it sucks without the director or writers or someone give her fight scenes. Now i didn't have any problems with the movie or story but the problem is if you gonna hire With a former Mixed Martial Arts star like Gina Carano to be in action movies then give them, you would expect the movie to be action-packed from start to finish. story follows Clair Hamilton (Gina Carano) was a skilled military woman veteran that has her teenage son Charlie (Anton Gillis-Adelman) abducted by criminals by the father (Richard Dreyfuss) known for Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. after that criminals wanted Claire the money she has it then she wants deal for money for kid then things go wrong, and action is good. Larsen (Brendan Fehr) known for Roswell, Final Desalination. he was Captive by Clair so she wanted to know who toke her son. so he ended up helping her to find his boss the father. i thought Richard Dreyfuss had alright role he is doing what he can do, but he wasn't best villain in film his performance was good but not great but he did fine in film as villain. you do have The Grey with less nasty wolves in film but they weren't shown as much. movie feels like they kinda copyed 2 Liam Nesson films Imagine "The Grey" (2011) crossed with ''Taken'' but in a female film like "Furie"(2019) and Acceleration (2019) because her son gets kidnapped by criminals then she has to come after them and get her son back and reason of grey is because it's in snow with wolves but they weren't much in movie but it's in snow and their are wolves. Acceleration and Furie is like this because you have a lead action female star. and rest of film is just Claire and Larsen going after the father to get her son back, the action did fine with Gina Carano and Sydelle Noel fight scene could been better but eh could done better, the final action did good but not much to say. director David Hackl who made Saw V, Life on the Line, Into the Grizzly Maze. but i reckon he can't direct a action movie because the action wasn't much didn't even give Gina Carano fight scenes to do, didn't add more action in film but maybe because of budget, David Hackl is just terrible director i wished this was different director for film but i like film all over it's Gina Carano i have been waiting for this movie for longtime for a year now it got delayed because snow melted.

you would think that Gina would have been plenty of great fight scenes but there isn't anything great. Still i like Gina Carano, and with her presence, and her fist-fighting credentials. this could done better i wish it could off been a better movie, different director and writers to it i hope i will see Gina Carano landing more action movies but with a bigger budget films she needs to escape B Class low budgeted films like this, because sadly nowadays directors with bigger movies are hiring females in action Deserves it a lot more with her career hoping i will see her landing more bigger role, bigger action films, bigger budget. with this film it's enjoyable to watch, it wasn't boring or anything like that it's like one of those movies that is just fun to watch, and for Gina carano fans only that's how i would recommended the film.
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So I take it no one on set has ever heard of Hyperthermia?
stevenrotherforth27 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Daughter Of The Wolf

Often when a retired mixed martial artist turns to acting as a career their efforts end up in the DVD bargain bin at the local supermarket. 'Daughter Of The Wolf' stars pioneer of female MMA Gina Carano and sadly I believe that her efforts here will also end up in that bin. This movie starts out promisingly but soon descends into the hum drum norm of straight to DVD actioners. Carano does have a surprising amount of range as an actor and is certainly much better than most of her peers. However her acting chops can't elevate this movie as it becomes tedious and predictable. Even with the help of a seasoned old pro such as Richard Dreyfuss this film just frolics around in the snow. The plot is not so much tried but a tired and tested one. Ex-Military Operative Clair Hamilton (Carano) must rescue her kidnapped son from the baddies as Dreyfuss's character has beef with Hamilton's family for something her father did years ago. It's all been done before and much better but that doesn't stop Director David Hackl trying to present an engaging action movie. Sadly we're missing a set piece or two and this action movie becomes a little static. We are graced with some nice cinematography and the outside filming locations look wonderful enough. It's a testament to all those involved for braving the cold just to make this lacklustre piece of entertainment.

Sadly 'Daughter Of The Wolf' is a slow burn movie but not in a good way. This isn't really entertaining at all! The entire 1hr 28mins runtime seems to be filled with Carano in a tussle of some sort in to which she usually falls into ice cold water and then wakes up several hours later. The possibility of hyperthermia is never explored as Carano lets the sodden clothes on her back dry naturally in the frozen wilderness. As you've guessed this movie is slightly removed from reality. As is the climatic fight between the MMA legend and a geriatric Dreyfuss. The poor old guy looks like he'd struggle getting the lid off his Arthritis meds let alone take Carano on in a fist fight! By this point my interest had waned and I couldn't make it to the end credits.

In terms of audio and visual quality. This is a good looking movie. Detail is fine and precise. The texture of bark on surrounding trees is sharp. Colours and contrast are vivid allowing the wilderness to escape from your display screen. Skin tones look natural and even the bad guys yellow stained teeth are disgustingly clear. The basic Dolby Digital sound mix gave good atmospherics. The few and far between action set pieces had real impact with clean and crisp dialogue audible through the centre channel. Picture and sound quality are the highlight of this dull and boring movie. It is obvious that Gina Carano can mix it up with the best female and male action heroes of her generation but with a vehicle such as this she's not doing her career any real favours.
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This movie really surprised me and I enjoyed it alot more then I thought I would.
Brooklynsmagicmike17 July 2020
Honestly I believe if this movie wasn't a b-movie and it had better cast it seriously could of won an award. The premise and pacing were both very good. The movie kept you pretty engaged throughout. The visuals were excellent and the movie diddn't look cheaply made by any means. Decent amount of action that I found entertaining. Also enjoyed some of the suspense this movie had built up at times kept me on the edge of my seat.

The only thing I honestly diddn't love about the movie was the cast. While this was most likely Gina Caranos best work. She isn't a good actress by any means. Shes too wooden and sluggish for me. The believability is just not there which is important especially in movie like this. Also Richard Dreyfuss while I love him overall as an actor in general. In this he was just heavily out shape and mumbling through most his dialogue. Its almost like he diddn't care and he was just in it for quick pay day.

Besides for that this is definitely pretty good movie. I would highly recommend as weekend flick if you're into these type of films.
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Fancy B movie
mike-c-b30 November 2020
The hostage negotiations at the start of the movie was enough to make me quit. Typical cliche half acted "act tough" drama. They should have at least done some exercise before hand, then they would be acting in a "stay calm" way, which is 90-99% of the way to realistic acting for this scene.

Every shot before hand was mindless as well. Tracking a car that drove behind a semi-truck, so for a good 5 seconds you're looking at zoomed in, out of focus semi truck - with quiet doom music. After that watching a guy working in slow motion, like it's natural.
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Needed More Story
itsbobr7 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Army Veteran Clair (Gina Carano) comes back from the Army to bury her father and discovers her estranged son Charlie (Anton Gillis-Adelman) has been kidnapped and she goes to make the payment, but things go wrong. There is a shoot-out and she goes after Larson (Brendan Fehr) as the other kidnappers escape. Larson has the money.

The reason for all this wasn't too clear. It seems her father and grandfather ran a mine and didn't treat the employees right; and now that both her grandfather and her father are deceased, the workers led by Father (Richard Dreyfess) go after what they think they are owed. If there is another reason I missed it, but I think that was it. Oh, Father says if the money isn't paid he will sell Charlie.

There are wolves around, of course, in this mountainous snowy area. A Black Wolf stalks Clair when she is down, but does nothing to her and walks away. Clair fights off other wolves who went after Larson. Later Larson rescues Clair who falls in the lake when the Ice cracks.

There is a big shoot-out near the end and we see Father act cruelly towards his men who are also his sons. There are some disturbing scenes with wolves going after humans. Don't let children watch this.

The title here is a mystery. We thought we would see a reason the Black Wolf seems to guard or protect Clair, but that was never shown. So we don't really know the reason for the seemingly close relationship between Clair and the Black Wolf. (maybe some scenes were cut?)

The acting is okay, and the fight scenes are kind of brutal. I am sure Richard Dreyfess enjoyed being the bad guy in here as he hammed it up pretty good. The action scenes are good all around, and the snowy landscapes helped show it would be an uphill battle for Clair.

Notable: Sydelle Noel as Hobbs, and we don't know why she was part of Father's team. Maybe she was in the movie to fight Clair and she did.

I liked Gina Carano as a female action hero and hope we see more of her in similar action movies. Kudos.

There is a feeling that many scenes were rushed a bit too much. Had more time been given to many scenes, this could have been a better movie, but.................didn't happen. We felt much of the story wasn't complete. (5/10)

Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Disturbing Images Yes, wolves against humans and some bloody scenes. Humor: No. Language: Only one F-bomb, and brief soft stuff at times. Rating: C
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Bloody pursuit
imursel19 July 2019
Acting: 7 Story: 6 Production values: 7 Suspence - thriller level: 8 Action: 6 Mystery - unknown: 5 Romance level: none... Comedy elements: none... Overall: 6
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Richard Dreyfuss upstaged a Pack of Wolves. Literally.
MinistryofDoom21 July 2019
This movie was so bad. I watched it because I was bored and it was the only new film that was short in length (at 89 minutes) and I didn't feel like watching 120+minute film. I thought it was going to be more action packed. Something like Liam Neeson's "The Grey" (the one where he runs through snow and fights wolves) but boy was I wrong.

The cinematography was great...mostly because it took place in a snow covered wilderness at night but it felt really low-budget. Not something I would expect from a film involving a veteran actor like Richard Dreyfuss. I mean, this is the guy that did really great films like Jaws, Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, American Graffiti, and Stand by Me. Really legendary stuff. Yet, now he's in this film. I don't get it. I feel like he just coasted through it to get paid because overall from the main cast, there was no real exemplary acting on display; not even from Dreyfuss. I would even bet that most of the film's budget didn't go towards the A-lister himself but perhaps to cover the cost of hiring trained wolves for the film. They interested me much more than the cast and characters, to be honest.

As stories go, this one was pretty loose and not at all defined. The film immediately starts with a woman who is meeting kidnappers to pay ransom and get her son, who they apparently kidnapped for some reason. It goes wrong, there's a shoot out, and then she spends the rest of the film hunting down kidnappers. By "hunting", I mean that she mostly spends her time trekking through snow, looking at wolves who show up every now and then to stalk her, and starring off into the distance to contemplate something or other. Dreyfuss is the bad guy. He's the head kidnapper that runs a gang of outcast hoodlums who kidnapped a kid for money, but it was never about the money, but about something else that happened or didn't happen in the past. We're not really sure what the situation is and the film doesn't do a good job at all to explain who all these people are, and how they are connected.

To be quite honest, the film was really boring. The setting was gorgeous but I could have been far more entertained by watching a national geographic documentary about wolves in stead. I wouldn't waste my time on this film.
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Canine vengeance
TheRadiobox31 July 2020
Daughter of the Wolf was directed by David Hackl, written by Nika Agiashvili, and stars Gina Carano, Brendan Fehr, Anton Gillis-Adelman, Sydelle Noel, and Richard Dreyfuss. It is about a mother trying to get her child back after he is kidnapped, teaming up with wolves (huh?) along the way.

The plot: It's an old chestnut, the revenge-thriller plot line being done before. Clair's (Carano) son, Charlie (Adelman), has been kidnapped. She scrounges up a bag of cash to pay the ransom but is double crossed. During a firefight she kills some of the assailants, but not Larsen (Fehr), who helps Clair out of a river, apologizing for the violence; Clair tries to shoot him for it (?!?!?) and he knocks her out. Clair befriends a wolf (somehow) and forces Larsen to take her to where Charlie is being held. After failing to negotiate with Father (Dreyfuss), the man holding her son, and Hobbs (Noel), the righthand woman; Clair recruits (for lack of a better word) two more wolves and does things the violent way to get Charlie back.

The characters: Characters in the movie are bland and make little sense. Clair is ex-military, which explains her skills and disconnection from her son. Her father recently died which caused Charlie not to like her, for some reason. Other than that she holds little weight. Larsen is alright, being somewhere between a good guy and a bad guy, but definitely no anti-hero. Father is a subpar villain on paper, but good in execution; although his decision to use Larsen, a man who he did not know well, to play an important role in a kidnapping situation is baffling. Carano has never been a compelling performer and this stays the case here. She gets through her lines competently but rarely intimidates or emotes in the role; the wolves are more menacing. Fehr is fine and Dreyfuss is good as always, bringing his usual snark and mannerisms to the role.

The action: Hackl's action is fine, but again makes little sense in many situations. The car chase in the beginning of the movie is the high point, with the stunt work on display being fantastic and for a second, even compelling. Everything else becomes a blur consisting of shot-reverse-shot and little investment. Wolves take part of the action in the form of semi-sidekicks for Clair. This aspect is never explained or provided even a hint of reasoning, but the encounters that stem from their presence are entertaining enough. What does not make sense are some of the decisions Clair makes; such as her eagerness to shoot Larsen, the man who did not shoot at her, saved her from drowning, knows where her son is being held. However, she is more than willing to try and save a man who shot at her multiple times and tried to kill her before. 200 IQ stuff here.

The technics: Technically the movie is somewhere in between mediocre and merely competent. Hackl uses an ugly, annoying blur effect on the screen when Clair is remembering things from her past, which are very clearly in the past. No one was going to mistake a sudden change of scenery, characters, and color palette for the present. Cinematography is beautiful and takes full advantage of the shooting locations. Everything does feel appropriately frigid, including Carano's acting. The whole wolf thing? Entirely stupid and out of place in a thriller about a damaged woman trying to save her son from kidnappers. Thinking about why it was there in the first place is more entertaining than most of the movie.

The movie is rarely entertaining and only provokes fonder memories of the Liam Neeson vehicle: The Grey. Fehr gives an acceptable performance and Dreyfuss is fun to watch in a movie that does not deserve his name or image.

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Worst stinker ever
psxexperten25 June 2019
One of the worst movies I have seen in a long time. I won't waste many words on this review, as the poor production, camerawork, sound, and acting in this film does not warrant it.
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I liked it...
caelum-natura7 March 2020
First thing first - Gina is a hot, sexy lady. About the movie: it is actualy not bad. Feels like 80's action thriller with modernday sceenery (drones above mountains and valleys). I don't mind special effects not being super perfect or actora not being well known. The story was chewn many times before, but I watched it and it is ok movie. Nothing special but far from being bad or not watchable.
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This film isn't that great, but it's not as bad as they make it out to be either..
HarryLags20 June 2019
Daughter of the Wolf is a new action-thriller film, that stars Gina Carano and Richard Dreyfuss.

Now i didn't have any problem with the movie and it's story, and scenery and cinematography and all that, i thought it was all great. So i don't understand all the negative reviews with all these people, i don't think they have anything better to do with themselves but be negative.

But anyway the only problem i had is that there simply isn't enough action as a whole. With a former Mixed Martial Arts star in the lead role, you would expect the movie to be action-packed from start to finish. Instead, there is much more drama and story line which is okay too. Now this film's biggest crime isn't that it is boring - it's that it just doesn't take full advantage of the situation it's in.

Richard Dreyfuss's performance - is the movie's biggest highlight. Dreyfuss, really hams it up in his role here. Additionally, the film looks very impressive on a technical level, so it would have been a major disappointment had the movie not at least looked nice

And starring Gina Carano, you would think that there would have been plenty of great fight scenes but there isn't anything great. Still i like Gina Carano, and with her presence, and her fist-fighting credentials, hopefully she will land some good action film roles soon.

Overall, Daughter of the Wolf isn't that great, Apart from a crazy wacky performance from Richard Dreyfuss as the villain, but it's not as bad as these negative reviewers make it out to be either..

Conclusion - If your a fan of Gina Carano like i am, then i suggest you watch the movie anyway!

Rated this 6/10
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Didn't mind it !
lizxypopcornkid20 June 2019
I'll admit I had such high hope for this movie and was kind of disappointed by the slow Plot line which made it fairly boring however at the end the movie really redeemed itself and I loved it ! "Where is my son" sent shivers down my spine the final time gina's Character "Clair" said it and I genuinely got goosebumps , there is no greater power on earth than a parent for child am I right !
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