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Season 3 = Cringey Mess
chadmq25 January 2020
I really enjoyed season 1 and season 2 was watchable and fun at times... but season 3 is like a bad high school play written by the students. I feel bad for the adult actors in this show.
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Season 3 ruined the series
katharineacuff-7997625 January 2020
Season 3 is Scooby Doo meets Highs School Musical. The musical numbers that are jammed into the episodes make no sense
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So much wasted potential.
teiixeiral4 January 2021
In the beginning this show was a breath of fresh air. The sets and overall visual style of the show created such a rich atmosphere and the story was enthralling to watch. Witch shows are rarely this dark and satanic but it worked.

Unfortunately, each season the writing/story got worse, not better. In the end, season 4 was an empty, boring mess. I actually get why Netflix cancelled it because the quality of the writing had drastically decreased with every season and the expensive budget surely wasn't feasible any longer considering people have definitely stopped watching.

This is the second show that Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has now destroyed with his horrible writing/pacing. He's quickly becoming one of those showrunners who cannot sustain good storytelling throughout a series run.
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Did the same persons Who wrote the last season for GoT write season 4?
trottnasa3 January 2021
I really liked the First two seasons of this show and then I hoped it would Come back and finish strong in season four. Because season three was a big disapointment. But for every episode i watched in season four my disapointment just grew and grew. And dont get me started about the ending...No, The show should have ended after season two. I was close to give the show one star but i give it four because of the two first seasons.
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What's wrong with season 3?
faewithpowers25 January 2020
Why Sabrina is a musical now? I am very disappointed.
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Started out great, got worse and worse
ffaf4230 December 2018
This series had a strong start but the more I watched it the worse it became. The dialogue and storyline just got more hoakey and tacky, to the point where it was cringe worthy. At some points it got so bad I yelled out give me a break!

I would not recommend this show, it's like a dark-updated version of the original but with rip-offs from Harry Potter and twilight. Basically it's a train wreck. And there a lot of holes in the plot. I'm not going to reveal them but they just don't make sense or add up.

Great show for a teenager going thru a phase, horrible for a 29 year old looking for quality entertainment (me).
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Entertaining enough, but a tonal mess and even managed to annoy this lefty liberal
samuellickiss16 December 2018
I'm exactly who this show is aimed at. I'm a 20-something who grew up watching the original, and now quite happy to enjoy a bit of nostalgia!

As everyone has noted, the similarities to the original exist with proper nouns and little more. This is a much darker take on it, and that's fine by me.

What I did find disconcerting is just how overtly Satanic it is ('Satanism' here refers to an odd mix of Wicca, various pagan belief systems and theistic Satanism). I don't have any strongly held religious views of my own, but I found this rather tasteless and the writers seemed to deliberately want to cause offence.

This clashed terribly with the characterisation, which is cutesy and oddball. Zelda and Hilda ooze with personality with great performances by Miranda Otto and Lucy Davis. Richard Coyle is sufficiently sinister as Father Blackwood, the Satanic high priest, and Michelle Gomez is excellent in everything she's in.

The younger performers do my head in. Ross Lynch plays Sabrina's boyfriend Harvey, and it's not really Lynch's fault, but boy is Harvey is a complete waste of space - you have to wonder what Sabrina sees in him beyond his looks and endless stream of cheesy dialogue which could only be the result of a screenwriter's first draft. Kiernan Shipka is a great actress, and she's perfect for the role of Sabrina, but she's so righteous it's annoying.

The show's political agenda is cloying and watching it has made me realise why conservatives hate us lefty-liberal millennial snowflake types (use whatever terms you like). Their attitude is so holier-than-thou in the face of Hollywood clichés (because we've never seen bullying jocks on screen before) and they're quite keen to advertise how enlightened they are, which only causes division, entrench views and inhibit constructive dialogue. It's unhelpful.

I long for the day when we can watch a film or TV show and see diversity on screen without having it telegraphed at us. Producers and screenwriters seem to struggle with 'naturalistic' diversity and instead like to draw attention to it rather than simply have actors and characters that fit the narrative. The best show I've seen on this recently is Thirteen Reasons Why, and while I have mixed views about the show itself, the characterisation was excellent and the diversity never felt shoe-horned, but natural.

In Sabrina, this detracts from the narrative as we flip between the interesting horror elements and the rather dull real-world storylines. Plot threads come and go, and the pacing is all over the place. At one point, Sabrina gets tasked with solving a puzzle that people have spent years attempting to crack. We know she's going to solve it eventually, but rather than see her work and study at it - unravelling a mystery and having an adventure on the way - she just solves it. Blink and you'll miss it. You're left thinking: oh.

The show is well-made enough. There are some odd editing choices and filming style that will irk some people, but it didn't really bother me. It looks really good.

Otherwise, I really just wish they'd made a solid fantasy/horror show for adults - something in a similar vein to Buffy or even Stranger Things. It didn't need all the extra clutter.

P.S. Oh yeah, and Salem...beloved Salem. He's there, only now he's just a cat who doesn't do a whole lot. His character has been replaced by a guy called Ambrose whose narrative role is to dish out the occasional bit of sage advice and be gay.
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The hype was bigger than the end product
tweedledumbass12 December 2018
For a show that was hyped by Netflix heavily in the run up to its release, the final product lacked considerably in appeal.

The season was finished largely by the viewer on Autopilot almost a "I've started this so I'll finish it" objective rather than enjoyment.

The episodes themselves felt drawn out and lack lustre and often times disjointed. If you're in to the supernatural, you could most likely do better than this. Perhaps season two might deliver better but between over acting on some parts and under acting on others, it would take magic to breath life into this dead witches tale.
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So much potential
williamkeen-519344 November 2018
So much potential in this show but it doesn't have a sense of direction and it's onviously wrote to cater to the "progressive" tumblr teenagers. Garbage.
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Show for little girls?
raenko_dojd29 October 2018
I really want to see the second part of this show and I hope it will not dissapoint me as this first part. I see potential and beauty of main heroine, but also see all this blurry effects, plot holes, propaganda, etc. Maybe I'm just too old and 15-years old girls would love it, but they also deserves better shows...
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mackenzierobinson-4157019 December 2018
The writing was cheesy and lazy, I watched the whole thing and I regret it. They super overdid it with the Satanism stuff. Sabrina's character is so problematic and I kept thinking "why is she doing that?". She's supposed to be incredibly bright and gifted but she does things every episode that are obviously stupid decisions. I didn't understand what their audience was supposed to be. I thought the dialogue was rather dumbed-down and childish which was strange. There were lots of little things that bugged me, like how they are CONSTANTLY talking about Sabrina and her dead parents but never address where Ambrose came from. And Harvey. I'm sure Ross Lynch is a great actor but Harvey is just so boring. Everyone is trying to kill each other for no reason and the sex scenes feel randomly thrown in. I could go on but I think I'll end my review here. I didn't enjoy it
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pustam14 November 2018
Why every show nowadays needs to force political propagan on regular viewers Story is mess, Shipka is bad actress, blur movie effects are awful and Social Justice Political Propaganda completely made Sabrina reboot one of the worst tv show this year This is awful mess. I wouldn't recommend this even to my worst enemy
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A Watered-down Version of a Stellar Horror Comic
scarlettyforest26 October 2018
IMDb crashed and deleted my long review, so :'''))) I'm going to keep this short: I understand why fans of "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" are rating this series so highly, because they think it's a fresh and exciting take, however, this is a poor adaptation of the actual comic this is based on, a horror comic titled "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Moving past the fresh and exciting ideas of the comic, it's not a compelling representation of them.

  • This series waters down SO much. In the original comic, there was a heavy emphasis on Sabrina's aunts being cannibals, graphic scenes of Hell and Satanic rituals, nudity and gore were EVERYWHERE. It immediately set a legitimate horror tone for the comic, whereas you never get the feeling in this tv show like something bad might happen to the characters. It feels too "nice" and like an obvious tv production, like Riverdale. There's not the same standard of narrative tension.

-They also jumble up the story wildly (and remove some of the best aspects) from the comic - I assume to stretch it out so they can add them in later. And while you can argue that this is an adaptation and it doesn't need to be the same, the point is that it's not better - in fact, it's less interesting. For an example - this isn't even a spoiler because its not in the show - in the comic, Harvey follows Sabrina to her dark baptism and get murdered/eaten by witches (and then brought back to life through necromancy). But the point of him being there was incredibly important to **certain** decisions for Sabrina, and it's exciting (hello!! murdering the love interest and then necromancy? awesome). But they just cut it out. And the resulting scene is just, less important for her as a character, and its duller

-There are storylines inserted (mainly high school drama ones) that add nothing to the show other than confusing its tone.

-Netflix shows should have the luxury of "showing" not "telling" and allowing for a more cinematic experience. I couldn't count the number of times that people's backstories and personalities were just explained through dialogue instead of showing us.

  • There's a couple of problems with continuity, jarring edits and an overuse of short focal length and blur in the cinematography. To me, this plays like something which should have been picked up on in the edit, and been fixed during reshoots (which is a professional standard) but it wasn't.

Overall, there are positives about this series (set design is good, it is also atmospheric in places, and I don't mind the actors), but when you really look at this series, it plays like Riverdale, which is ""okay"" if they're pandering to a younger audience, but this series could have been something GREAT in the vein of more serious adaptations like the Haunting of Hill House. I highly recommend that if you're unsure about what I'm talking about, read the comic series "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina", because it's definitely more arresting than this.
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Constantly Feel Pissed
stuartalowe17 November 2018
The blurry shots trying to be edgy completely ruins the series. I felt like I'd drank 10 pints 90% of the time trying to watch it. Inconsistent accents are a big no from me, yanks trying on an English accent is nearly as bad as a brummy pretending to talk posh. With purely terrible acting, mixed with an awful script 👎🏻 Overall...don't waste your time
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Shameless pandering to the target audience
alfapagal28 October 2018
The show is overtly political and cringe inducing. The show-makers are unable to create a consistent feel to the show. It seems that they were more focussed on unnecessary aspects like rhyming spells, awful blurry effect and making political statements rather than actually making a good show whose premise held a lot of potential. Why does it have to be political? I don't get it. The only explanation I can think of is that they know their target audience and are playing a strategic move, which seems to be working since it has somehow managed a rating of 8.
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The last season was BAD
idemisanada5 January 2021
First 2 seasons were amazing, third season was meh, but the last season was horrible, specially the ending :(
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borinborini10 December 2018
For someone who enjoys supernatural and magical shows, this series is extremely flawed. The plot for example felt weak. Going to a magical school and studying magic sounds awesome and exciting until you see that the only thing they seem to be doing there are choir practice and bullying. Not a lot actually happens in this show even though the episodes are hour long. A lot of teen drama, with little significance. The characters for the most part felt weak as well. Aunt Zelda was the only high point of this series. We see her growing and eventually the Zelda we saw at the beginning of the series is completely different to the Zelda we see at the end of the series. Her love for her family grows stronger than her love for the dark lord. The show did include some bizarre choices, like the blurring effect which I guess was supposed to create some sort of atmosphere, but failed miserably.
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Long episodes and preachy
ecarg01274 November 2018
I don't like shows that push political ideologies down my throat and vilify people who disagree. I watch tv shows to try to get away from politics and this show seems to only promote extreme feminism, stereotypical sexist football players, daughters of the black panthers, and victim mentality. Kill the preachiness and the show might be ok. Kind of weird having so much satanism in a show too.
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Chilling Adventures of Mary Sue
wriveravb7 November 2018
There's much to says here that others have beaten me to, but one thing has not. This show takes a unique and compelling approach to a world of witchcraft and occultism -- a world that is fascinating, mysterious, and begs more exploration -- then plagues it by a self-centered protagonist who defies, disrupts, and resists it at every turn.

The writing is dreadfully predictable and the teenage angle is weakened by a dirge of cardboard characters, including a bland boyfriend with a backstory so thin it makes you wonder why its on-screen. These individuals are sometimes shoehorned as a means to propel the plot, but fail as anything more than filler because they're only exist in half of Sabrina's world -- the human half. The boring half. And they're gated from the witching world, which is all we actually care to see.

In lieu of a lack of witching friends in her age and circumstance, the entire plot centers around a no-less Harry Potter knock-off who can do and accomplish all better than anyone else on the show. Sabrina needs only a quantum of help at any given time so that she can turn and save the day yet again, sometimes twice an episode. She's perfect at everything and never fails and is never bested. She can sing perfectly for no reason and it never comes up again. She can overcome pranks AND pranksters. She can master puzzles. And she has the nerve to stand up to teachers in class. And she heads a rebellious school club. Oh and two boys lust after her, because this needed a love triangle. (Gag.)

Sabrina is written with no weaknesses or bad qualities, and most obnoxious of all, her teenage mindset is constantly catered to. She is the center of the world in this show and she knows it. All of her problems are the most critical and important and must be addressed immediately. No one has a life outside of hers and if they do, it has no impact on the larger story, so we don't care.

7 episodes in, I stopped caring about the show entirely.
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Teen Drama - not what I expected
luckynicgrl19 November 2018
Like many reviews that have been posted, I was disappointed with this series. I knew the tv show and liked it but Netflix presented this as a more adult darker version. The adult actors and storyline were the only thing that kept me interested in viewing until the end. The social justice and extreme feminist messages are very off putting and caused me to lose interest a few episodes in. I thought that Netflix would have avoided the "teenage" feel and made a more true to life feeling show(like Sabrina signing the book the first time as an acceptance of adulthood and understanding life isn't always about getting what u want) I understand Sabrina is a teenager and she's essentially "growing up" thru the first season. However, the messages of female superiority and warriors of social justice is being forced down the viewer's throats. I will be the first to admit that I'm just too mature for the subject matter, it doesn't land well.
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Too much politics.
geru1 November 2018
Expected entertainment, got propaganda. Why nowadays almost impossible to find not politicised show?
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Tried to like it. Can't.
tinamarieneely29 October 2018
From beginning to end, the tone is so violently inconsistent I never know how to feel. The rules of the universe are also inconsistent, which makes for a plot puzzle unable to be untangled.

The visuals are refreshingly unique. The themes are... there if deeply searched for? The acting can't make up for the cheesy dialogue. It's campy, which is good for some viewers and annoying for others.

Overall, it's a confusing ride with more painful squinting than focused enjoyment.
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It's okay.
Lamborghini_Mercy22 November 2018
I was actually very excited when I saw that there was a new version on Netflix of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I grew up watching the sitcom version and loved it. I was really into this new idea of making Sabrina darker and much more serious. Within the first episode, I was a bit bored by it. But I figured it might be a slow start off and will get better as it goes on. To my surprise, it just kind of stayed the same. The more I got to know the characters, the less I liked them. Sabrina seemed too bland and calm about everything. Harvey was too nice and perfect that it just made him uninteresting. Sabrina's friends and foes in her high school were too over the top, there was never a middle ground for them. Some of the witches were okay, Prudence was a good character. In fact, there really wasn't any character that I could call my favorite, except maybe for Salem, and he didn't even speak a word. Although the characters were no help to make this enjoyable, I did like the cinematography and feel of the show. The music was good as well. My only complaint about part of the story telling is the weird glossy look they do on scenes whenever they are in the witches realm/presence. It made me feel like my glasses were smudged with oil. And like some other reviewers have stated, I wasn't into the underlying strong feminist message. It just didn't do anything for me. Parts of the story seemed too forced to make things dramatic and as it gets to the end, sooo many things have happened. I can see why some people would like this show, it's not absolutely terrible. But all in all, I think it's an okay watch. I'm hoping the second season does a lot better.
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Contrived SJW narratives are so many it is cringey
Brianknowsmovies29 October 2018
I'm sure there are a lot of things in this show that people will be offended by if they do not identify as a leftist/progressive. I wasn't offended but the show gets tiresome trying way too hard to go down the SJW checklist and cram so many feminist/minority/non standard sexual social topics in there as well as making the lead yet another mary sue cliche. For all of its progressive preachings, I was surprised the show stoops to cultural appropriation of christians and applies that same structure to a witch run church of satan, it just doesn't work for a logical setup even in a fantasy show. The show would be a whole lot better if it focused more on a convincing plot and coming up with original ideas rather than recycled and plagarised stories. I liked Keirnan Shipka and her aunts as well as a few other characters in this, they did the best with what they were given I suppose. The overreaching social agenda and dumbing down of the story makes this mostly just an echo chamber for NPCs rather than anything cerebral or captivating.
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Not that good.
seymourgerald2 November 2018
Should've been titled Sabrina the Feminist, because that's what it basically is.

It's not like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which was great show. But this isn't bad either, it's just meh. Like imagine a Sabrina the Teenage Witch AU that takes place in Supernatural. That's what this is. I'm not saying it's horrible, but I'm not saying it's great either.
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