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26 Oct. 2018
Chapter One: October Country
While Greendale readies for a Halloween eclipse, Sabrina faces a crucial decision and Harvey makes an unexpected declaration.
26 Oct. 2018
Chapter Two: The Dark Baptism
A legendary guest visits Spellman Mortuary, Ambrose explores a grim revelation, and Sabrina stuns the coven with a shocking announcement.
26 Oct. 2018
Chapter Three: The Trial of Sabrina Spellman
As Sabrina confronts a long line of family secrets, Harvey faces turmoil at home - and shares a secret of his own.
26 Oct. 2018
Chapter Four: Witch Academy
Sabrina takes a weekend trip. Father Blackwood poses a pivotal question, Roz and Susie stage an impromptu - and unnerving - sleepover.
26 Oct. 2018
Chapter Five: Dreams in a Witch House
A mysterious demon wreaks havoc on Spellman Mortuary. Sabrina goes rogue and puts her own powers to the test.
26 Oct. 2018
Chapter Six: An Exorcism in Greendale
Harvey, Roz and Susie explore a mysterious force of evil. Sabrina digs deeper into Ms. Wardwell's intentions. Hilda pursues a new beginning.
26 Oct. 2018
Chapter Seven: Feast of Feasts
The coven prepares for an annual ritual as Harvey takes part in a Kinkle family tradition. Sabrina grows suspicious of lady Blackwood.
26 Oct. 2018
Chapter Eight: The Burial
A disaster rattles the Greendale community. Desperate to help, Sabrina attempts a new kind of dark magic - with the assistance of an unusual ally.
26 Oct. 2018
Chapter Nine: The Returned Man
Sabrina recruits Roz for a crucial mission. Susie reconnects with her past. Lord Blackwood challenges Aunt Zelda's authority.
26 Oct. 2018
Chapter Ten: The Witching Hour
A revolutionary attack divides the witches and mortals of Greendale, and Sabrina braces for a life-changing choice.
14 Dec. 2018
Chapter Eleven: A Midwinter's Tale
As the winter solstice approaches, Sabrina orchestrates an emotional seance with serious consequences, and Susie's merry plans turn menacing.

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