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Season 1

8 Feb. 2019
Episode #1.1
When his wife is killed in a car crash in Hong Kong, Professor Jonah Murray must overcome his fear of flying to go to the Chinese territory. He then discovers that she had been leading a secret double life.
8 Feb. 2019
Episode #1.2
After Megan's final heartbreaking phone message, Jonah tries to convince David that she was killed. But his search for proof uncovers further secrets that force him to question whether he ever truly knew his wife at all.
8 Feb. 2019
Episode #1.3
David tells Jonah that Megan was shot and the police suppressed the evidence. On Megan's computer they find photos taken before her death, including that of the rubbish truck with which she supposedly collided - as well as two forged passports. They visit the refuse depot but are stone-walled. Sally is approached by a man who tells her that her boyfriend Ben was murdered whilst Jonah tells her he believes David was complicit in Megan's death.
8 Feb. 2019
Episode #1.4
Jonah searches for an increasingly suspicious David, Lau receives a gift from her mother and Sally decides to dig into Ben's death.
8 Feb. 2019
Episode #1.5
Jonah goes undercover to find out more about the man he believes to have killed his wife, while the true motivations of certain people begin to reveal themselves.
8 Feb. 2019
Episode #1.6
David and Jonah work together to investigate Megan's fishy finances.
8 Feb. 2019
Episode #1.7
Blindsided by Lau's abduction, David and Jonah embark on a desperate and frantic search that leads them to the devastating truth about Megan's past.
8 Feb. 2019
Episode #1.8
The one question Jonah never thought he'd answer is finally resolved: did his marriage to Megan ever amount to anything more than a lie? And is the truth enough to lay his grief to rest?

 Season 1 

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