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Isabela Merced: Dora



  • Dora : This is a golden poison tree frog! Can YOU say 'extreme neurotoxicity'?

  • Sammy : There's nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal.

    Dora : There are a lot of things more dangerous than a wounded animal. A healthy animal, for starters.

  • Cole : Why are you wearing a snake?

    Dora : It's a boa as a boa!

    Cole : Very clever.

    [Elana glares] 

    Cole : Take it off.

  • Dora : So what if he's a double-crossing mercenary treasure hunter? My parents are gonna show him the treasure and he's gonna let us all go!... He's gonna kill them, isn't he? He's gonna kill all of us. Oh, no. I can't save them. Not by myself. I'm just a kid.

    Boots : [speaks]  You're not a kid. But you're not a grown-up either, Dora. You're a teenager. It's a super-confusing time. But the fact is, you're right. You can't do it by yourself. Good news is, you have friends now, and together anything is possible.

    Dora : Boots, you can talk?

    [Boots looks at Dora] 

  • Dora : [to Sammy, who must poop in a hole]  You can do this. And medically, you have to.

  • Backpack : Hi, Dora!

    Dora : Backpack!

    Backpack : My mouth is a zipper!

  • Dora : You lied to me!

    Alejandro : No, I just outwitted you. As I've outwitted every adversary that came before you. The greatest investigative minds of the century have failed to thwart my heists! The crown jewels of the Ivory Coast, the Comtesse de Vendome necklace and now the Gold of Parapata! Who would've believed that my greatest achievement - the final act of a prosperous treasure hunting career - would find me squaring off against a socially inept jungle nerd and three high school losers! I almost wish you'd made it more of a challenge!

  • Map : Hi, Dora!

    Dora : Hi there, Map! Oh, I thought I'd lost you!

    Map : You can never lose me, I'm always with you!

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