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You have an imaginary friend whereas I have a god...
papelindholm29 August 2022
...or alternatively "I abide anyone adhearing to some other religion, but boy are they in for a surprise when finding out they were wrong"; these are the most common implications believers assert their conceived humble and modest ideology, seemingly or even obviously whithout having contemplated whether they are in any position to make a noteworthy distinction regarding the truthfullness of any religion, denomination or congregation, regardless are they in particular a member of it or not.

Before they make the effort of thinking for themselves instead of reiterating what somebody apparently as uninitiated in sound epistemology has coaxed them into, there's really no point in taking any of these so called "documentaries" for anything but as disingenuous attempts of the already convinced gullible to convince the gullible.
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Nothing new here
rcepe15 April 2021
Just drivelong Christian propaganda. We don't know who God is because humans wrote the Bible. Not God himself. And if you're self aware and you know how human beings can be through our nature of lying and controlling each other--you suddenly realize that you really just can't believe the words written down thousands of years ago by a bunch of men and their persecuted religious cult.
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Have you read the Word of God?
turgon-7623520 October 2021
This film is one of the most comprehensive works of compilation I have ever been privy to view. For all of us who believe in God, the film hammers home the point that the 1st Century A. D. followers of Jesus the Messiah did not even identify themselves as "Christians" - rather, they were followers of the "Way and the Truth and the Life". For all those who deny arrogantly even the possibility of an omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent life starting intelligence albeit an ineffable pure light and energy being, as one of the commentators offered, those cynical, doubtful deniers of God should wish fervently that they're never introduced to such an entity. The fact that there are over 60,000 extant copies of the New Testament books surviving from the 1st century A. D. compared to the barely 1,800 plus copies of the most influential secular work of the day, Homer's Iliad, speaks volumes. Watch this film.
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Articulate and entertaining
dstilt0730 August 2022
I was skeptical, watching this and some soul searching has led me from being an A-Theist (I am my own god) to deciding to give the real God of the bible a chance.

Some of the presenters were entertaining in their own right. The interviews were fast paced and filled with well referenced research. I found the historical commentary very enlightening, so different from my "woke" professors at university with their narrow minded bigotry. I recommend, The historical exposition presented is worth the view even if you are uninterested in a challenge to your world view. I would like to see more on this topic and feel it might be a good view for audiences of all ages.
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