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(2015– )

Episode List


Season 1

30 Oct. 2015
When Zak visits his bug-scientist (entomologist) grandpa he inadvertently activates the experimental Shrinkinator and wakes up bug- sized in a human-sized world.
6 Nov. 2015
Size Matters
Zak trains to be an "Insectible" and goes on his first hunt for a lost Shrinkinator part -- which results in his falling into Adilla's trap.
13 Nov. 2015
Height of the Living Dread
Willow has to overcome her fear of heights, when she gets snatched by a magpie and taken to its nest. The rest of the Insectibles will have to find a way to rescue her and to get an important Shrinkinator's part.
20 Nov. 2015
All Day Suckers
When Adilla tricks a human kid into dropping a giant lollipop in the yard, the Insectibles have to stop the onslaught of sugar-crazed ants getting themselves stuck to it -- without getting caught themselves.
27 Nov. 2015
The Show Must Go On
The Insectibles pretend to be a group of actors in order to gain entrance to the roach's base camp and retrieve a Shrinkinator part. But Zak's delusions of acting grandeur - and a surprise visit from Adilla - ends up turning all of their plans into an off-Broadway blunder.
4 Dec. 2015
Zak and Lidia explore new challenges in coexistence when when they find themselves physically stuck together by some sticky tree sap.
11 Dec. 2015
The Rules of Attraction
The Insectibles are thrown for a loop when they encounter a bar magnet in the yard - set as a trap for them by Adilla. Thanks to Grampa's tinkering, the magnet causes some unexpected chaos as they're carted to Adilla's tower by Hye and Lo.
18 Dec. 2015
Enter the Mantis
Separated from his team when they are captured by Hye and Lo, Zak turns to help from a praying mantis kung-fu master... who harbors a big secret.
25 Dec. 2015
The Roach Infiltration
Zak goes on a daring but comically misguided mission to disguise himself as a roach and go undercover. Things take a turn for the worse when he finds he has to go through Roach Boot Camp.
1 Jan. 2015
Pink Menace
Willow, determined to prove she can take care of herself, gets trapped under a glass still bearing traces of pink lemonade. High on sugar and running out of time as the glass heats up, she finds she needs the help of her friends... just as they need her quick thinking to get her out in time.
8 Jan. 2015
Tale of the Headless Zombie
When Chowser tries to convince the team he's seen a giant decapitated zombie, the gang is dragged in to a harrowing adventure that almost makes them lose their own heads.
15 Jan. 2016
The Old Switcheroo
Grampa's invention of a growth formula turns out to be a brain-switching potion instead! Adilla steals the formula after Zak and Grampa have already switched bodies and, not realizing its true effects, ends up switching bodies with her henchmen! A problem like this will require a lot more brain-switching before everything's sorted out!
22 Jan. 2016
Hail the Great Glow
A primitive tribe of flies is discovered by the Insectibles. They welcome Willow, to be the guest of honor. Little do we realize it's to become a sacred sacrifice to their god -- a big backyard bug zapper.
29 Jan. 2016
Ronin Roaches
Adilla has had it with Hye's and Lo's bumbling and fires them. Unfortunately, the roaches seek new jobs as "good guys" with The Insectibles.
5 Feb. 2016
Queen Lidia
Adilla is called away and leaves her daughter Lidia in charge. The Roach camp is soon thrown into anarchy, until Lidia finally settles on a mission for her minions: kidnap Zak and make him fall in love with her. What could possibly go wrong?
12 Feb. 2016
Last Ant
An insane black ant is sure that an ant armageddon has taken place and red ants are after him -- and he thinks Zak and the Insectibles are red ants.
19 Feb. 2016
Warranty Void
When all of the team's bionics go on the fritz, Gramps has to race to find a solution before their off-brand controller chips go boom!
26 Feb. 2016
Night of the Spore
Zak is faced with an apocalyptic problem as his team turns into brainless zombies during their trek through the mushroom patch. Zak is forced to team up with Adilla to find a solution to the strange plague, all while defending themselves against the approaching horde inside an old water pistol.
4 Mar. 2016
24 Hour Party Pupas
Spring has sprung, and with it the sudden appearance - and disappearance - of countless butterfly cocoons! Where did they all go? Chowser is determined to find his pupa brethren and leads a daring rescue once he discovers that they were taken by Adilla's goons for brainwashing. Will Chowser be as determined, though, once he finds out that he's incapable of becoming a butterfly himself?
11 Mar. 2016
Syd finds himself under the spell of an enchanting lady snail - who's using a Shrinkinator part as her shell. Syd has to juggle his loyalty to his team with his new lady love.
18 Mar. 2016
It's My Party
Prisoners Zak and Willow are put to the ultimate task... forced attendance at Lidia's birthday party.
25 Mar. 2016
Bad Vibrations
The shed is threatened by a mysterious worm with a metal jaw, forcing the team to try and ward it off with special sonic stakes. But when the worm breaches the perimeter, will they be able to save their home?
1 Apr. 2016
Pleasure to Serve You
When Zak takes advantage Chowser's admiration he gets a taste of his own medicine when some ants make him Chowser's Hand Maiden. When Zak fears the ants plan to eat Chowser he has to save his best bud from the lap of luxury.
8 Apr. 2016
Moby Koi
Gramps and Zak are swallowed by the koi in Gramps' koi pond.
15 Apr. 2016
The Defraudibles Part 1
The Insectibles name is being sullied across the yard as a group of lame knockoffs travel from village to village committing crimes while pretending to be Zak, Willow, Syd and Chowser. The team has to find these felonious fakes and put an end to their reign of slander.
22 Apr. 2016
The Defraudibles Part 2
Zak, Willow, Chowser and Syd are challenged to a race against the Defraudables. They will not only have to prove they are the real Insectibles, but to save the termite village. ..
29 Apr. 2016
Happy Snails
Zak learns why Syd is so cynical when he meets the snail's childhood friends - or is that bullies? Zak wants to prove Syd's worth by challenging the head bully to a race.
6 May 2016
The Mighty Mites
When Zak gets an entire family of microscopic dust mites to do his bidding, he convinces his friends that he has "magic powers." But when he tries to use his MAGIC against Adilla, his invisible army gets scared and takes off - leaving Zak and Willow in the lurch!
13 May 2016
Panic in Pizzaville
When Zak's mother sends a pizza to Zak andGramps, The Insectibles and every bug in the yard race to claim it first.
20 May 2016
Chowser the Changed
The team awakens to find that Chowser has changed into a butterfly! But with his new body has come a new attitude - rude, selfish and demanding.
27 May 2016
Willow P.I.
Willow starts up her own detective agency helping bugs solve mysteries all over the yard, but she has to keep it a secret from her friends. All is going great until he friends hire the "famous detective" to find out what Willow is doing all the time. Now, Willow is stuck playing both herself and the detective until her friends confront her for a big crazy finish.
3 Jun. 2016
Pants of Doom
A small lens trapped in the waistband of Gramps' full-sized underwear hanging on the clothesline becomes a destruction ray when the sun hits it.
10 Jun. 2016
After finding a pair of Ant babies on their doorstep, the team is faced with the toughest challenge of their careers - babysitting.
17 Jun. 2016
The Nut House
Zak, Willow and Gramps' search for a shrinkinator part leads them into a 'nut house' for ants. There they must creatively out crazy the crazies to escape with the part.
24 Jun. 2016
The Charm Offensive
Upon realizing her abrasive personality is making it harder to negotiate with other bugs, Adilla "recruits" Syd to help her work on her people skills.
1 Jul. 2016
Arm and Hammer
After Zak's arm starts going through a series of bizarre malfunctions, the team discovers that Gramps is "sleep-tinkering" and has to find the cure before it's too late - or Gramps may lose his memory forever!
8 Jul. 2016
Gramps Camps
Gramps orchestrates a camping trip with Zak in order to get a deep, dark secret off his chest. But his efforts to bare his soul are continuously interrupted by the Roaches, sent to spy on the pair by Adilla.
15 Jul. 2016
King of the Anthill
When Zak gets an amnesia-inducing shock, he wanders off to join a tribe of primitive ants where he soon becomes their leader and tries to have the Insectibles tossed.
22 Jul. 2016
Flight Risk
When Zak finds a prototype jetpack in Gramps' lab, he can't resist strapping it on and taking flight. It soon becomes evident, though, that he's not as skilled a flier as he thinks he is. Can Willow help Zak learn to fly, or will his recklessness blow their chances at getting a Shrinkinator part?
29 Jul. 2016
Chowser's Girl Friend
Nothing is as it seems when a beautiful lady caterpillar falls madly in love with Chowser.
5 Aug. 2016
Syd Express
Syd gets more than be bargained for when he takes over as the yard's mail carrier and starts mixing up packages while hitting on his customers. Things get messy when he makes a date with three women in the same night.
12 Aug. 2016
Big Time
When Zak is temporarily enlarged to about 3 times his normal size, he discovers that bigger isn't always better.
19 Aug. 2016
Going Through a Phase
When Gramps' test of the Shrinkinator goes wrong and turns Zak and Gramps invisible, Zak has to find a missing part to fix everything -- unfortunately, the missing part is on Chowser who's the prisoner of the roaches.
26 Aug. 2016
Rainy Day
Zak gives Chowser a "lucky locket," which backfires when Chowser decides to confront a rampaging spider.
2 Sep. 2016
Brains and Brawn
When Hye and Lo get zapped with a ray that makes them smart, Gramps discovers that their newfound brilliance could be the key to fixing the Shrinkinator. They agree to help, and everything goes smoothly until Zak arrives and mistakes the Roaches helping for them harming his team.
9 Sep. 2016
Backseat Driver
Gramps devises a helmet cam for Zak to wear on the team's missions, so he can offer his advice and wisdom as he watches from the shed. But Gramps' meddling soon causes the team problems in the field.
16 Sep. 2016
Gnat in the Hat
The team brings Gnat back to the shed after finding him unconscious by a blown fuse box. As Gnat is nursed back to health while Gramps works on the Shrinkinator, the team investigates a mysterious wire leading into the yard. But what does it lead to?
23 Sep. 2016
Ask Again Later
When the roaches find a magic 8-ball keychain in the yard, they welcome it as their wise new leader - abandoning Adilla in the process. Adilla has to team with Zak so they won't destroy the Shrinkinator at the 8-ball's behest.
30 Sep. 2016
You Know the Drill
Willow's drill motor was taken from an old remote control car. Unfortunately Adilla just got the remote control and, with it, control of Willow.
7 Oct. 2016
Zak and the Holograms
When Zak's arm is upgraded with the ability to project a hologram of himself, Willow convinces him to prank Syd and Chowser. But when Zak gets into some real trouble, his friends don't believe it's for real!