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A pleasant surprise
bugger-1707123 September 2020
The first thing we need to get out of the way is: even though this movie is categorized as a comedy, it does not really try to be funny. That does not mean it is bad, however. It's more of a slice-of-life character exploration with a very interesting subject matter. The film is devoid of clichée's, which I appreciated, and shows a woman making her way through an European book tour while having minimal resources and an out of reach husband. The film takes place in many different countries, and I liked how it treated each country that appeared, with respect. There were no cheap jokes at the expense of a certain culture or custom.

The cinematography was well-done, there are some beautiful shots, and the accents of the characters were adorable. The one frustrating part of the movie was how multi-lingual it was. This itself would not be a problem, but the movie did not come with subtitles to assist in understanding all the languages that appeared, which became bothersome after a while.

My favorite scene was when our main character gave a reading to the one french lady in a book store, which went as you would expect, but it was still entertaining.

Overall, this movie was relaxing, peaceful, and relatable. I am glad I watched it, because of how unique it was. If you want a simple movie that doesn't challenge you too much, but still holds your attention, this one might just be perfect.
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made on a penny in a pandemic europe
ops-5253523 September 2020
Is my first response to this flick. its a flight and road trip story about a young female writer, doing a booktour through europe, starting in venice, she find her hotel reservation not excisting. talking to her publisher at home she gets to know that the company is bankrupt, and the author has to make her way on her own, pennyless, the only thing that is for sure is that all her plane tickets has been prepaid, so the travel can be done anyway.

so if you like a life travelling europe, with your books in your bag and the bookworms crawling in and out of your ears this maybe a good flick for you.

productionwise, its colourfilled and with beautiful scenic views, its filmographic impression seems to me a bit colourenhanced, but well put together. the score varies a lot, starting of in a strange adventourous tone but turns over to a more cheap standard as the film develops. the outdoor shoots seems very pandemic in its surroundings, at places where you'd expect to see lots of people its deserted, and pretty calm

the acting are average, the main female caracter does a very nice job, acting wice and looking extremely good, a bit sexy you might say, and is in a good companionship with the contents of very sexually written nature of the book she's touring with, with the title'' dont read this on a plane''.

so if you need to switch of your daily stress, then this is a fun little romp of caracter development, and touring europe on a empty wallet for dummies, then the grumpy old man recommends
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Roguemisty2 October 2020
The coin was wrong but I had to flip it to find out
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Nice one, This movie is like almost reading a book.
surkant07-122-17961730 September 2020
The movie: Don't Read This on a Plane.

Isn't a movie that you will regret that you have wasted your time. Try to enjoy it like reading book, a movie that you will enjoy.

It was boring when I was watching it like a movie when I understood that I had to enjoy it like a reading a book it was very nice.

I did not regret after watching this move I hope you willl also find it interesting.
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Beautiful scenery, nice little story
stefanmarianatalia28 September 2020
Very nicely shot travel movie with a touch of comedy. You will get nostalgic about traveling in some of the most beautiful places in Europe. At some point of the movie I really felt that I want the main character to succeed. Really had my fingers crossed for her. What I missed was maybe more pictures of the places where the movie takes place but I understand that it did not want to steal the story and the character development with "travel channel' like pictures.

Over all after seeing this you start looking for the book and wonder if the book exists or not.

Whenever we will be able to travel again I plan to visit some of those bookstores.

Really recommend watching this movie with a glass of wine and nice company.

Well done guys.
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adamwest-7865128 September 2020
10/10! Must see! Don't listen or pay attention to the trolls!
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Starts out well but it goes down fairly quickly
sambhrantabashyal16 October 2020
This movie follows a novelist on a book tour around Europe. Unfortunately, the book tour doesn't go as planned as her publisher goes bankrupt the day the novel comes out. I want to start out by saying this movie had a lot of potential. It starts out pretty well too but it all goes downhill from there. The acting is not necessarily bad but it's average at best. The music choices in this movie however totally ruined it for me. It was great at the start but then the music turns into really mediocre second-rate Hollywood romance movie music. The humor is dry if there is any. The ending/big climax of the movie was totally underwhelming as well. On the plus side, however, there are some really beautiful scenic shots of European cities but that's about it. However, if you are a writer yourself or you're a big reader, you may enjoy parts of the movie.
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A cute story
jamonitmack26 February 2021
I loved this movie. I thought it had a nice traveling charm and left me wanting to travel more. She is such a cute personality and the story overall is good. The ending isn't a home run but overall a great movie and definitely worth the time.
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I'm a novelist - this film hit the spot!
Sasha_Lauren8 February 2021
Jovanna Fey (played with a wonderful, coy, dry humor by Sophie Desmarais), is a struggling novelist who is about to embark on a book tour in Europe. One small problem though; her publisher alerts her by phone at the last minute before the tour launch that he's gone bankrupt. The plane tickets are paid for, but financially challenged Jovanna, (who now must cover the tax, food, accommodations, promotions, insurance, communications, and miscellaneous expenses), takes off anyway.

After staying for a mostly sleepless first night in a youth hostel, (been there, done that), she discovers the MOAF, Mattress on a Floor, organization. We follow Jovanna as she hitchhikes and wheels her bag over bumpy roads physically and metaphorically in this funny, provocative, imperfect slice-of-life film. We trail along as she makes her way from town to town, reading from her strange and alluring book in various bookshops from Venice, Porto, Burgandy, Budapest, Santorini, and Romania. These readings grew on me as the narrative unfolded like a slightly askew origami swan.

Jovanna gets no help from her husband who works as a cook on an off-shore oil rig with crackling, unfeasible phone reception at best. His job is twenty-eight days on, twenty-eight days off, which suits their marriage perfectly as they jump each other after their time apart and then are happy for their independence.

Australian filmmaker Stuart McBratney took risks that worked beautifully for me, and will not work for others, as is clear by the wide range of ratings. There is charming scene where Jovanna and a new friend talk about their favorite words. I could hug the writer for this spot on conversation. I highly recommend Don't Read This On A Plane for people like me who love quirky, slow burn, indie films, aren't expecting the norm, and enjoy a light, offbeat, character rich, meandering travel romp.

Classic quotable line, "The coin was wrong. But I had to flip it to find out."
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A common debate on a man wrote a woman's point of view
kmusic116 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Let me start by it is a common debate on the title. I do understand what the writer is trying to show but there was a flaw. Everyone's not perfect and this movie shows. The trailer shows exactly what I was expecting but instead of adventure as a backpacker, it was more about a story of a lack common sense woman. I was about to leave on the day three scene as it was repetitive. The ending should've just stopped at the part where she's done with the flashbacks. It is more memorable that way. The part where she answered the trick question... it was a man's perspective.

Next issue I have, are the locations, music choice and the main actress. I do agree the travel around Europe is fun but the publisher is all the way from Newcastle was all over the place. There was no character development on how she got a publisher from Newcastle other than the stories she have in her book. Music choices. Oh, where should I start? It was messy. I liked the second half of the music in the movie but the first half was so messy that I don't understand the relation between the scene and the music. It was well-done, yes. But not in that tone. Main actress. I understand that she's hired for her accent and her emotion delivery. However, it was hard for me to hear her act. Her emotions delivery was great but her enunciation need more work. The writer... tend to insert more Australian slurs in the script. Made the movie purely suitable for Australians. That's one of the confusion I have when trying to make sense of the storytelling.

However, the movie is definitely not my cup of tea. Because I did try to see the goodness over the flaws but there were so many flaws. Overall, thank you to everyone who put an effort for this movie and good luck for many projects to come.
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How I miss flying...
authenticnuna28 September 2020
Love this cinematic movie. Also made me feel as though I was traveling vicariously ( and I miss being in planes in a normal world like in this movie! )

A literate movie that has a mixture of witty elements and realistic moments for anyone who's aspired to keep going with their dreams despite a rough journey to make that come true. This movie clearly shows what's the real definition of success - you should watch it to interpret it yourself.

Interestingly, the daring director approaches an uncommon direction unlike other super-dramatic movies which could be challenging, nevertheless I admire that boldness as I love this type of movie; it reminds me of Richard Linklater movies, and 'Lost In Translation'.

We need more movies like this!
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I see what you did there
dazzylila26 October 2020
If you think that this'll be some uplifting travel story well.. you're wrong. I get it though, it's a reality check. Nobody can afford to dream :)
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