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MPAA Rated PG-13 for terror, violence, disturbing images, brief strong language and some suggestive content

Sex & Nudity

  • Kate is seen in the bathtub nude. Nothing explicit is shown below the shoulders.
  • a teenage boy makes unwanted moves on an adult woman. He caresses her face in her sleep and kisses her cheek without her consent.
  • At one point in the film Kate is shown in bed wearing only a long shirt and undies. She is then grabbed under the covers by a set of detached hands which grab her and crawl all over her. One crawls across her leg and another down her stomach and towards her lower region, but she swats it away and struggles frantically to escape them.
  • Miles tells Kate that Quint likes her tattoo and thinks it is sexy.
  • There are a few paintings of nude women seen around the house.

Violence & Gore

  • Kate is struck by a dummy in the face causing her nose to bleed.
  • A koi fish is seen on land with its inside being pecked out by a crow. Miles violently steps on its head three times each shown on screen.
  • Kate's head is hit against a mirror by Miles. This is shown to be a vision however.
  • Miles feeds a tarantula with a smaller spider. Scene is played as a jump scare with the tarantula popping from a small hatch.
  • Miles crushes a spider in his hand. The crushing is heard.
  • Miles has a photo of a murder victim on his wall. It is featured in the background.


  • One use of f**k. Miles yells, "Stop the car or I'll f**king kill you!"
  • One use of f*ck
  • a few uses of sh*t. in a very intense scene, miles shouts the f-bomb.
  • One loud use of the F word. (It happens when Kate tries to drive Flora and Miles off the estate for a getaway. Flora starts panicking and crying and when Kate hesitates in stopping the car, Mile screams "Stop the car or I will F*cking kill you!")
  • Shit is said once but is hard to hear

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Almost none. Alcoholic beverages are seen in the background of a few shots.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Plenty of jump scares throughout. Almost all are cheap however and ineffective.
  • Ghosts are frequently seen in mirrors, windows, and in the background.
  • A ghost hand is seen crawling on Kate.
  • The entire movie is dark not only in tone but lighting.
  • A mannequin made up to resemble a dead woman scares Kate. When she removes it to the sewing room and turns its head, the head is seen to turn back.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Throughout the movie, Miles flirts with Kate. This may seem weird because Miles is a teenaged boy making sexual remarks toward his caretaker.
  • Kate stumbles across some photos which show the former horse trainer Quint lying in bed with the former nanny Ms. Jessel against Jessel's consent as she was asleep at this time.
  • It is implied that Quint performed several sexual misconducts including sexually harassing Miss Jessel. Kate witnesses audio hallucinations of Quint sexually assaulting Jessel before strangling her to death.
  • Prior to his death, Quint and Miles often spent hours alone together. In the novel it is implied that Quint molested Miles.
  • Photos showing a Person with bruises on her butt Suggesting they had been beaten, and another showing the top of breasts taken without consent.
  • Noises of what can be assumed are "adult activities" can be heard while a bed shakes and squeaks but with no one on it.

Violence & Gore

  • An old caretaker is pushed over a railing by a ghost falling down two stories. The impact is only heard but later shown to be a vision.
  • The dead body of the former housekeeper is shown in the bottom of a lake. Its face is bloated and pale. Hard to see however due to the dark lighting.
  • The ghost of the former housekeeper is shown under Kate's bed convulsing. It is then seen being choked to death by Miles' horse trainer Quint.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Kate attempts to drive Flora off the property and she begins freaking out. The scene can be quite uncomfortable.
  • Flora fakes drowning in a pond prompting Kate to jump in after her. The fake doll attacks Kate grabbing her neck.
  • Kate gets lost in the east wing of the house seeing ghosts and lights.
  • When Kate closes a window in Flora's room, there is a sudden ghost that appears in the window. This is an effective jump scare.

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