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The survivors of a plane crash try to solve the mystery of why their plane went down.

Director: Noah Hawley
Crime | Drama

An in-depth look at the criminal exploits of Paul Le Roux, a brilliant programmer who became a cartel boss.

Adventure | Comedy | Drama

A dangerous substance known as Ice-Nine threatens life on Earth as we know it.


A former journalist, now successful headhunter with a complicated personal life, is contacted by the 85 year-old CEO of a major corporation, who hires the headhunter to find an alternative heir to the firm instead of his son.


A billionaire develops a way to preserve dead people until cures are found for the diseases that killed them.

Director: Charlie McDowell

"The Body" is a thriller set in a small town revolving around dark secrets among a group of girls at a Catholic high school.


In the French Alps around Chamonix, a young married couple is buried under a flash avalanche while skiing. Miraculously, Jake and Zoe dig their way out from under the snow-only to discover ... See full summary »

Director: Charlie McDowell

Based on the short story "The Transition" by Matthew Baker published in 2016.


A woman plans her 30th birthday by organizing a "double quinceñera" because she never had one when she turned 15 years old.

Action | Drama | Sci-Fi

(2019) Marvel's Doctor Doom tells the origin story of Victor Von Doom and how he becomes the infamous Dr. Doom.

Director: Noah Hawley

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