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Kacey Rohl: Alena



  • Felicity Smoak : Alena, hi.

    Alena : [hugging]  Hi.

    Felicity Smoak : Hi. Oh, it's been so long. How have you been?

    Alena : When you're the known associate of the evil and murder genius Cayden James, it's good to keep a low profile.

    Felicity Smoak : Yeah.

    Alena : So I'm working at Tech Village.

    Felicity Smoak : Oh, no. Oh, I have been there, literally. I know your pain. The... the vests.

  • [knock on door] 

    Archer : DNA complete. Identity confirmed. Alena Whitlock.

    Alena : [to Felicity]  Well, that is ingenious. Was not expecting an entrance or that you knew my last name.

  • Alena : So, um, how did you find me, actually?

    Felicity Smoak : It's part of a new project I have been working on. It started off as, like, a home-based security system, and it's turned into, like, a DNA-tracking-based surveillance system. Meet Archer.

    Alena : Sorry. So you located me using my DNA? When did you collect my DNA?

    Felicity Smoak : I know it's a little creepy.

    Alena : It's more than a little, but it's also impressive.

    Felicity Smoak : I've been using it for Team Arrow, but I think if we scaled it up, it could be so much more than that. I mean, we could find missing persons, we could track terrorists, we could do crowd control, we could do anything! I just, I can't do it alone.

    Alena : I mean, whatever you need, I am game. I am so done telling customers to use the chip in their card when they insist on swiping.

    Felicity Smoak : Great! How does CTO of Smoak Technologies sound?

  • Felicity Smoak : Good, you're still here. I'm sorry. It's been a day.

    Alena : I assume that's always the case. Honestly, going over Archer has made me happier than I've been in months. The algorithms you programmed are like this beatifully composed Rondo finale.

    Felicity Smoak : A Rondo what now?

    Alena : Not into opera. Got it.

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