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Stephen Amell: Oliver Queen, Green Arrow



  • Oliver Queen : We need to talk about this.

    Felicity Smoak : No. We need to be safe. This security system was supposed to bring peace of mind.

    Oliver Queen : You mean like owning a gun?

    Felicity Smoak : Yeah.

    Oliver Queen : Where'd you even get a gun? You're new best friend Laurel?

    Felicity Smoak : Of course not. I got it from your ex-best friend, Anatoloy.

    Oliver Queen : You what? I've been barely been gone for 7 months, and you've aligned yourself with two of the most immoral people we know?

    Felicity Smoak : Oliver, you don't get to judge me.

    Oliver Queen : You just shot a man in our living room.

    Felicity Smoak : Something you've done a million times.

    Oliver Queen : Hey, this isn't you. You don't obsess over security. You certainly don't carry a gun.

    Felicity Smoak : This is me, Oliver, not because I was influenced by Laurel or Anatoly. This is me because of you. You were the one that decided all on your own that you were going to sacrifice yourself, leaving your son and your wife alone at home as sitting ducks for Diaz. And the best part of the whole thing is that you didn't even ask how you felt about it.

    Oliver Queen : I've already apologized for this. I don't know how many times you need me to apologize.

    Felicity Smoak : What am I supposed to do with an apology, Oliver? I'm just supposed to move on? While you were gone, I had to figure out how to survive. And I am glad that I did because the old me, she was weak.

    Oliver Queen : How could you possibly think that? The old you was the person I feel in love with.

    Felicity Smoak : Well... she's gone. And she's not coming back.

  • Oliver Queen : It says here the SCPD nearly arrested him last month. But he had an accomplice?

    Rene Ramirez : Uh, yeah, that - that was me. I, um, I didn't want Diana to lock him up.

    Oliver Queen : Oh, I bet she really appreciated that.

    Rene Ramirez : She threw my ass in jail.

    Oliver Queen : I'm really sorry I missed that.

  • Green Arrow : I said, come alone.

    Rene Ramirez : These are my friends. You already met Captain Drake. You can trust them.

    Dinah Drake : We only want to talk.

    Green Arrow : I'll pass.

    Oliver Queen : A piece of advice from one Green Arrow to another: cooperate. Because of right now, must of the people of Star City think you're a killer. Are you?

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