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Sex & Nudity

  • During a musical number, the protagonist is shown dancing shirtless while the female lead is shown wearing modest, but somewhat revealing outfits
  • Some mild flirting between the protagonist and the heroine.

Violence & Gore

  • There is some strong violence
  • During the opening scene, a cab driver intentionally hits a man on the street causing him to fall into the air and onto the ground; blood is shown around his face following this
  • There is a scene of implied sexual violence, in which a male taxi-driver grabs a female passenger and pushes her down in the backseat of the car she then pleads with him to stop; the scene cuts away before anything further occurs. Immediately following this she is shown lying in the car seat looking upset while the man is order to kill her. The murder is implied.
  • A taxi driver stangles a passenger to death in the front seat while attempting to obtain jewellery from him. His family watch in horror behind him it's then suggested that he goes on to kill them afterwards although this is not shown
  • A villainous character drives a truck into a car, causing the car and it's passengers to crash onto the road; in the aftermath of the crash some deep cuts are visible on the protagonists arm. An antagonistic character then appears striking one injured passenger repeatedly as he emerges from the car; the blows themselves are undetailed.
  • A fight breaks out between the protagonist and an antagonistic side character in which blows are delivered and a character is thrown into a TV. As the protagonist takes part in a lengthy chase he then discovers his bloodied corpse with some blood dripping down from it
  • During a flashback scene, a woman is hit three times with a sledgehammer while each of the blows are either obscured or implied: some blood is shown immediately following this and the scene is quite impactful
  • The protagonist fights a taxi driver with bad intentions, striking him with a pole a couple times; some blood is shown on his face afterwards
  • The protagonist then attack's an antagonist character, again striking him with a pole leaving some blood on his face before he flees
  • In one of the strongest scenes, the main antagonist is shown stabbing a man repeatedly in the chest with a knife; spurts of blood are shown following this and his corpse is then shown with bloody stab marks
  • During the climatic showdown, a series of heavy and impactful kicks and punches are delivered alongside a headbutt. Bloody cut marks are visible on characters faces and at one point the protagonist ties his belt around his arm so he can punch him without him fighting back
  • In addition to this, there is also some mild sporting violence (I.E boxing) in which blows are delivered without injury


  • There is some mild bad language ('bloody', 'damn', 'hell', 'shit', 'piss').

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A character's death may upset some viewers, the protagonist is left with an eye injury following a car collision that only gives him minimal vision
  • A woman is threatened with a small knife
  • Some themes and action sequences may be intense for some viewers

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