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Just funny
Mjradio14 May 2019
This is a funny Boston comedy flick. Loved Steve Sweeney and all the cameos from some Boston legends.
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Missing Boston
careyproduction10 May 2019
This movie was funny and felt like putting on a warm blanket for this former Boston area resident. This was a truly unique movie in the sense that I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. It also got better the second time I watched it. Loved the cameos from all of those Boston comedy legends. Steve Sweeney was great!
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If you're searching for a dumb movie with bad actors don't search much longer, here it is.
deloudelouvain13 June 2020
There are so much negative things about this movie it's difficult to know where to start with. The first half hour I wondered where this story was going, it wasn't already great but one of my policies is to watch a movie until the end no matter how bad it is, so I hoped it would get better but instead it got even more ridiculous. To me it's almost unwatchable, the stupidity of this story is just difficult to discribe. Not only the story was dumb, that's an understatement, but also the acting of some characters was cringing to watch. I was surprised to see Steve Sweeney was in a couple good movies, I don't remember him in those movies so he must have had a small part in those. But in this movie he's the main character and it's just bad. Not only is he the main character but he also plays three or four other characters that are even worse to watch. I can honestly say I can't stand seeing his face anymore after this stinker. I see there are only two other reviews, extremely positive ones, so I assume they had something to do with this piece of garbage they call a comedy. The amount of times I laughed you can count on my two fingerless hands, in other words not once. I think I checked about five times during this movie how much longer I had to endure this, it was just painful to see it was such a long movie. I couldn't be more happy when I saw the end credits appear, that was such a relief.
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